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Not losing enought weight

Dear everyone, but especially LauraCox,

PLEASE help! I did this for 90 days April-June but only lost about 8 lbs, some body fat, but I need to lost more weight. I've had 3 kids and have been doing boot camp/weight training for 1 hour 3 x per week for a year, plus some jogging (maybe 30 min 3 times a week also). I really need to lose at least 10 more lbs...and am at about 20-22% fat, so need to lose some of that too.

I follow the eating plan pretty well--eating 2 eggs plus beans and salsa in the morning, lunch and dinner are chicken, beans, brocolli and a few baby tomatoes--or a similar salad. The only other things I add in are vanilla stevia (and cinnamon) and a little sugar free coffee creamer to my coffee in the morning (I realize these could be taken out, but i LOVE coffee and I feel like this is the only treat I get all day), a little organic peanut butter or nuts each day, or maybe a diet drink every few days, or a few baby carrots at dinner. I don't do the supplements, but do take a multivitamin, probiotic and calcium everyday, plus sometimes 2000 mg acai.

Do you think it could be too much working out? I hate to stop the boot camps because it helped me get about 30 lbs off. I would try the last mile, but it's just very hard to do that with 3 kids and working full time, plus I really do enjoy food.

I go all out on cheat days and really don't implement any of the "damage control" except lots of water and maybe some grapefruit juice and I eat my regular breakfast too. I usually gain 3 lbs or so that day and don't lose it until 2-4 days later.

Thanks for your help!


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Ok, one question, how old are you?

As far as I can tell, you don't seem to be getting enough protein in the morning. 2 whole large eggs is about 7-8g of protein, beans(depending on what you choose is anywhere form 7-9g of protein. So, it looks like you are falling short about 5g at breakfast.

And I'll have to agree with Christian...if you already know the little cheats you do, then, you know why your results have not been the way they have been.

ALL sweeteners, artificial or natural are not allowed on SCD. I think except for PURE 100% Stevia, which Tim mentions if you MUST have, is allowed, in moderation. (Don't quote me on this though!)

Also, all those nuts and peanut butter are "domino foods" plus I have seen MANY MANY people either not lose weight or gain weight because of the overconsumption of nuts/nut butters. Cut those out OR if you would rather not, LIMIT it to 1 serving per DAY. Like 5-6 almonds...PER DAY. Same with the nut butters 1 tbl PER DAY.

Diet drinks, have artificial sweeteners....not allowed, it will stall your fat loss as aspartame likes to hang onto fat cells and not let go of them.

The fact you LIVE for Cheat Days tells me you are taking the rest of the week for granted. You are already have multiple cheats throughout the week.

Ok, lecture over....

Now, 8 lbs is NOT something to think lightly of...I bet you can lose that last 10lb if you just sacrifice your stevia/coffee/nuts/nut butters for six days and be strict with yourself. Do you want this weight to come off or not? Time to do more work in the diet department(since you have the exercise department down pat) I LOVED CHEESE....I LOVED SNACKS.....I gave those up because I am 42, 5'2" female, WAS 247 lbs when I started, and tired of being on the rollercoaster of dieting. Until the Slow Carb Diet....

This plan works if you really work on it..plan...prepare your meals....and really perservere through it those six days where you have to be good.

I've not cheated in the 15 weeks I've been on the plan....my results? You ask?

38 lbs lost, 20" not very much exercising. I do the cold showers and ice packs and ice water techniques dilligently everyday. 94 lbs to go! :) I am determined to succeed this time and you can do it too! I've lost consistently(cept one week cause I went on vacation, BUT stuck to the diet still gained like .2 lbs) EVEN through the monthly visitor weeks too.

Yes, it works! Get to it! Burn that fat off! Good Luck to you, Jenny!

  • celesteron commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    Awesome answer Jenny! very motivating to a newbie like myself!

  • jitkajulie commented Sep 20th 2011:

    Gosh, Akane, you really made me think of my little daily cheat-milk in my coffee :) starting tomorrow-no milk... as Tim says-this diet is not ment to be fun,it´s ment to work :D ... but you know what?!That milk coffee will taste sooooo good on my binge day..can´t wait !!!

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 20th 2011:

    YAY There ya go Jitkajulie! :) It's the LITTLE sacrifices you do that will make this plan work. And think of it only being for 5-6 days...then it isn't so bad. Then you can have a coffee with all the milk and sugar you want on your Cheat Days. Be REALLY good during the week follow 100% to a T and you WILL lose weight. And EXACTLY, not meant to be fun, but meant to WORK. And it does, seriously! Been on it for 22 weeks now....if it didn't work, would I still be going? ;)

  • Maria Rider commented Sep 20th 2011:

    Oh, Jitkajulie, As of last week, I've lost 55 lbs....so, yeah it is STILL working! :)

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I found this great post recently about the Paleo diet:


"The first of these common problems is denial. If you cheat every couple of days, you can not expect amazing results. You are also remiss if you are in denial over one thing, as if it isn’t cheating if you only overlook one specific cheat. If your diet is perfect except for that Starbucks Carmel Macchiato that you absolutely must suck down in order to make it to work in the morning, then you already know why you aren’t getting results. No matter how loud you cry, “I don’t like black coffee!”, you will never get your fat cells to feel sorry for you, and insulin will not take the morning off. Yes, I understand some things are REALLY hard to give up, but I can’t change biochemistry for you. If this is you, you just need to come to terms with the cold hard fact and stop trying to pretend that you will get the results you want as long as your intentions are good. I don’t mean to sound cold hearted – I definitely have my own temptations – but cheating is cheating.

The second common problem is a lack of information. You may be assuming you’re doing everything correctly when you haven’t really looked close enough at all the inputs. For example, when I get emails from people who swear they are in complete compliance with perfect paleo and not getting anywhere, the first thing I always do is ask for a 3 day food log, a list of all liquids consumed other than water, sleep patterns, workout schedule and type of exercise performed, perceived stress level, all medications including birth control, all supplements, and anything else they put in their mouth, even gum and mints. Most people never respond. If I do hear from them again, they usually explain that they weren’t quite as compliant as they thought they were. There’s always a chance that this could be you. Sit down and write out all the information I listed here and take a long hard look to see if there is something you have been missing. And remember, for all of human history except the last few hundred years exercise has been inextricably linked to eating, and therefore surviving. In my opinion, if you aren’t exercising in a manner befitting your species, you aren’t compliant."

My personal thoughts are to cut anything you might even think is hindering your results for awhile. And then add it back in later.

  • yuriythebest commented Jul 29th 2011:

    Excellent post! It's very important to keep a mental image of what you ate today and will eat tomorrow. I currently do cheat a bit by eating a small piece of chocolate every now and again but so far my weight loss is more than 1kg per week and that suits me. Of course, it's all about finding that golden middle.


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I'd snip out the peanut butter, nuts and carrots. I drink my coffee black and I'm pretty neolithic when it comes to modifying coffee so I can't comment on what you put in to that. To be honest, you may just not be eating enough during the day (eat moar beans!).How's the water intake?Describe the weight training/camp more if you could.

  • jennyncampbell commented Jul 28th 2011:

    Yes, I know I could cut those out...but at some point if it's too boring I will just give up...I just live for the cheat day now! I'm afraid I don't get the full 30g protein per meal but am afraid to add in protein shakes. I'm already eating enough chicken to make me want to choke! More water, I'm trying to drink like 16 glasses per day already. Group training is cardio plus weights, some weeks heavy weights some weeks light with lots of reps--with the texas heat, we are pouring with sweat by the end. I'm thinking of stopping the jogging for now and see if that actually helps or not...I hate running anyway. Thanks!


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I am more concerned with your exercise. If you have been doing any exercise 3 times a week for a year, your body won't consider that exercise anymore. It is just normal and your body has adapted. Pick something else that is different. I usually recommend changing it every 60 days. Use the precor for the next 60 days and see if that makes a difference. I agree with the peanut butter and nuts. Cut them out. More importantly, I would like to see you take photos of all your food for this week and post them some place we can see them. Add more smaller meals. Change from 3 to 5-6 per day and cut your normal meal in half.Add a probiotic. Drink more water. Add PAGG. These may help you out a lot. Then again, they may not. Your body is unique. Change your cheat day to a sensaible cheat meal or a couple cheat snacks.It is experimentation time. More precise meals and exercise info may also help.

  • jennyncampbell commented Aug 1st 2011:

    Well the classes are led by a trainer and are NEVER the same, always working different muscle groups, light weights or heavy, it changes up quite a bit to keep the body guessing...pics of the food is just too much for me (don't have the time), but i will re-analyze the meals and i'm not eating every 4 hours but more like every 5-6 (maybe that could make a difference?). already take a probiotic--will add more water too and try to up the protein to over 30g per meal--is there a max on that? like if i eat 4 meals is 120g too much? i've gotten a few recipes off this site that will help with the protein, trying to add in "snacks" during the day like bean dip and bell peppers.

  • jennyncampbell commented Aug 1st 2011:

    The reason i LIVE for cheat day is b/c that's the only way I can make it all week without sweets/carbs! thanks everyone!

  • jennyncampbell commented Aug 1st 2011:

    oh, and i'm 34 and have 3 kids, 7, 3 and 18 mo.


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Plenty of people have mentioned that you're probably not getting enough protein, so I won't harp on that. If you're getting sick of chicken, try something else. Beef? Tuna? I find that a can of tuna with a big mixed greens salad, some black beans and olive oil & balsamic vinegar fills me up and keeps me going for quite a while...and makes a nice change from chicken.

As far as your coffee goes, try getting rid of the stevia and the "sugar-free creamer". If it's the coffee you love, instead just use the cinnamon and a little cream. Actual cream. You'll find that you won't need much. If it's actually the taste of sweet that you love, you'll have a much bigger battle on your hands. I suspect that keeping that little bit of sweet in your every day diet is why you "LIVE for cheat day," so that you can satisfy the craving you're creating every time you have that stevia-sweetened coffee.

  • jennyncampbell commented Aug 2nd 2011:

    Yeah, I'm really trying to cut the coffee additives, but it's a challenge. I think I love the taste of the coffee with the stevia ( little bit sweet )--I make a large espresso every morning and just the cinnamon is way too bitter. I switched to 2 TBL unsweetened almond milk (vanilla) this week and with that, I can at least cut back to like 5-7 drops of stevia/day. Adding in more protein as well but still wondering if there is a max on protein for the day? Any way to add more protein to breakfast without adding more quantity? It's hard to choke down a full plate of eggs/beans! Maybe adding some ham? I'm now doing egg whites (like 1/4 cup)+1egg+1/2 cup beans+salsa+1TBL flaxseed. Thanks!


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I have been on SCD for 12 weeks now and I've lost 9 lbs. This is quite a disappointing number, but there are reasons I still stay on the diet. My body has be reconstructed and I feel much better. I don't really worry too much about what to eat because I pre-cook breakfast and lunch. For the first 8 weeks I only lost 5 lbs. I know there must be something I can do to get better results.

I typically eat 10-15 g or cottage cheese & 2 whole eggs or 2 sausages, 1/2 can of beans and green beans or salad for breakfast. Lunch is chicken breast, salad, and 1/2 beans. Sometimes I am not hungry enough to eat after 4 hours, but after my period I am starving after 4 hours. Lemon water makes my teeth sensitive so I stopped that. During the work week it does take me about 1-1.5 to finish my breakfast. I finally saw how Tim does his so I'm going to try it for the next two weeks. Once a week I do 20 minutes of kettlebell swings followed by 20 minutes of stairclimbing. I don't have much fat in my diet, so I am eating about 3 tblsp of almond butter. I started drinking 12-16 oz of diet Pepsi for my sweet tooth. I do not gain weight on my binge day either. I ice the back on my neck about 3-4x a week and drink at least 64 oz of water a day.

Even though the weight is slow to come off, I have great energy and feel much better and my cravings are mostly gone. I sometimes have a hard time going crazy on my binge day so I wonder if that may be a problem. My face is the first place I loose weight and everyone has noticed that. The way I ate got me to this point so I cannot go back to that.

Anybody have any suggestions?

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 5th 2011:

    Hmm, How much do you have to lose total? How close are you to your goal?

    As far as cottage cheese, it's dairy and not allowed on SCD, BUT but but I know that it is allowed on the diet per Tim. So, I'm not poo-pooing it entirely. Personally, I think it is mostly a "last resort" type thing. If you MUST have some dairy, cottage cheese is "ok". I just do away with dairy altogether, no mini-temptation of cottage cheese, no cheat in eating a ton of it or going for the cheese in the fridge. Get rid of the dairy, you won't really miss it after a while.

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 5th 2011:

    You seem to be eating an awful lot at breakfast, perhaps omitting the cottage cheese, putting a few more egg whites in there to make-up for the protein loss and omitting the green beans and going for some chopped spinach instead, about 1/3 cup. What type of sausages are you eating? If they are pork sausages there will be lots of fat in there and also probably added sugar. Turkey sausages are a slightly better alternative.

    To give you an idea of what I eat, 4 egg whites poached, 1/2 cup of steamed lentils, and 1/4 cup of spinach. That's it. :) I wouldn't be hungry in 4-5 hours if I ate what you ate in the morning. O_o

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 5th 2011:

    3 tbls of almond butter, per day seems quite a lot...perhaps lowering it to 2 tbls or even 1 tbl? I've seen lots of people stall their weight loss on nut butters, but a few tbls is fine, but probably not 3....try omitting nut butters one week and see where it goes. perhaps upping your protein at lunch and dinner a bit.

    Also, 64 oz of water is too low, you should be drinking more like 101.4oz a day. Up your water intake....sometimes maybe THAT is all you need to get your weight going down again.

    Also, it is important to drink a lot of water throughout your cheat day...also drinking the diet pepsi is also probably stalling your progress. Aspartame is known to hold onto fat cells and promote weight gain. Get rid of that and stick with just water. Good Luck!

  • BobbyBigGuns commented Aug 5th 2011:

    You don't need almond butter if you are using coconut oil or macadamia n ut oil to cook your eggs in. Add a little extra if for that Omega boost. Are you saying it is taking you 1.5 hours to eat breakfast? Really? Your metabolism is probably super slow. Eat more often and eat faster. Take a probiotic. Eat every 2.5 hours. No exceptions. On binge days eat fruit instead of crap food for an insulin boost. Do more cardio 4-5 times a week. Maybe the precor for 45 minutes (on interval) trying to get your heart rate up to 85% max heart rate (MHR) at the top of your interval. Putting it on resistance 3 and doing it for 45 minutes isn't acceptable in my opinion.

  • BobbyBigGuns commented Aug 5th 2011:

    Stop eating cottage cheese for a week and see what happens. I can't lose weight with cottage cheese period. No sausage at breakfast unless it is organic grass fed pork and beef with no filler (you know what is in that stuff)? Take a picture of everything you eat for the next week and put in online. If you don't have anyplace to put it, open a hotmail account and use the skydrive feature.


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You haven't mentioned changes in your measurements, and that might be more important at this point than the last ten pounds. I also exercise every day, and I won't give that up. I say cut out the beans at dinner. In addition, try using 1 whole egg and two egg whites at breakfast. Avoid diet drinks. Use real cream instead of the fake stuff.

You also said your youngest is 18 months. I found that my body changed for two years after having kids, particularly since I nursed for about a year with each one (the youngest is almost 18, so that was a long time ago!). So, maybe you should cut yourself a bit of a break.

I find when I need to lose weight that increasing weight training is always better than cardio.

Since I only had about 4-6 lbs. to lose, I really have had to pay attention to measurements. My weight has stalled, but I've lost 1" in my waist and about 1/2 " in each thigh, which is thrilling.

Unfortunately some of this requires experimentation, so just keep a list of what you eat each day and try swapping things out and see what works. Particularly the beans at dinner. Add some turkey bacon or chicken sausage in the morning.

Let us know your progress!


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i am exactly in the same boat --

but i lost 4lbs in 4 weeks and 1%BF.. But i am looking to lose atleast another 20 lbs. this is pretty slow for me.

  • jennyncampbell commented Aug 10th 2011:

    Yes, and it takes me till Wed or Thurs to lose the 4-5 cheat day lbs I gain each week...then i get back down to the -7 lbs but don't lose anymore...then it's cheat day again.


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What is often omitted is that apart from eating the correct things, one shouldn't eat too much. I plan what and how much I'm going to eat one day in advance. currently for the past few days my diet has been 4 plums, a tomato/cucumber/onion salad, half a marrow (the vegetable)- cooked in 1cm of water till it's nice, and then a bit later a small chocolate treat. I consistently loose like 600grams to 1kg on days like these. currently I'm around 77kg and planning to loose 5-10more

  • yuriythebest commented Jul 28th 2011:

    also I eat everything in the morning as soon as possible (the 30min thing)- except for the chocolate which is a bit later

  • jennyncampbell commented Aug 1st 2011:

    ;) trying to ignore that...;)

  • Dominique Martin commented Jul 29th 2011:

    I dont know why you're posting that on here; its not 4 hour body at all.

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