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shoulder injury because of kettlebell ?

Hi !

I'm doing kettlebell swing since few weeks now. This last week I hurted my shoulder very much but i don't know how...I was thinking that hte kettlebell could be the ther anything to be look after in order not to hurt the shoulders when doing kettlebells ?

somebody experiences shoulders injury with kettlebells ?

thanks for advices !



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You can definitely hurt yourself working with kettlebells, just as you can with any other piece of exercise equipment if used improperly. To minimize upper body strain while doing the swing, it's important to avoid excessive rounding and/or hunching of the shoulders. Rounded or hunched shoulders are more forward in the shoulder capsule which is NOT a stable position from which to perform any exercise, let alone a ballistic, dynamic lift like the swing. It's very important that you keep your shoulders and arms retracted. This position is much more stable and prevents excessive stress and strain from being passed on to the relatively weak rotator cuff muscles. I think it's in the "Building the Perfect Posterior" section where Tim describes how to keep the arm and shoulders retracted and I know there's a photo section where the female model is being pulled up from the ground with a properly retracted arm/shoulder and without.

When doing the swing, you should mainly feel the stress in your hamstrings and glutes. If you feel it in your lower back, it's probably because you have insufficient bracing tension in the glutes and abs. If you feel it in the back of your shoulders, it's probably because you are not pulling the shoulder blades back and keeping the arms retracted in the sockets (like you're pushing your chest up and out!).

Look at the photos in the book for a clearer picture of what I'm trying to describe. If the pain continues, discontinue the exercise and get checked out by an M.D., P.T. or D.C. who is familiar with sports injuries.

Best of luck with your training.


  • kcsportsdoc commented Aug 3rd 2011:

    Actually, the photos are found in the Occam's Protocol I Chapter!

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