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This might be a stupid tip

Since I started drinking at least one gallon of water i notice that i need to pee pretty often, maybe ten times a day, so I decided to use that time to my advantege.

What I do with my free arm is a single hand wall push ups, I obvusly alternate arm everytime i go to the bathroom, I can squeeze around 10-12 reps each set, I know it might be stupid but some exercise is better than nothing.

I forgot to say that this is a men only tip, but gals are welcome to try. =)

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LOL. How convenient...

I must admit I pee just as often at work too. I actually go to the second level of our office where no one is working to do wall pushups, cat vomits, regular push ups, and sometimes air squats.

Nothing like putting in some resistance or training throughout the day :)


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No man that's great! There's got to be like millions of things you can sneak exercise into!

Do push ups between commercial breaks while watching tv etc.

Innovation. Oh man.

  • Ruby commented Jul 29th 2011:

    I do the stair challenge during ad breaks, wall push ups while I'm cooking, and if I have to go upstairs I will go up and down 5 times (4 steps at a time - my legs are pretty long, lol!)


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Has your aim also improved? lol


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I gotta second that question. We're not exactly marksmen at the toilet bowl, so I have to wonder how much of the toilet you're hosing during your "workouts".. :-S

  • willydogusa commented Oct 20th 2011:

    I consider myself a sniper of the toilet!! :-)

  • justin commented Oct 20th 2011:


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HAHA!!! LOL wow...that might be tough for us ladies but I am up for the challenge! HA! Thanks for the laugh :D

  • Ruby commented Jul 29th 2011:

    If you try it TeaLove make sure your loo seat is secure, hehehe!

  • TeaLove commented Jul 29th 2011:

    Heehee right! Will keep you posted ;)

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