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Ladies, have you tried it on yourself?

I saw a Tweet yesterday from a female who said the technique 'worked' on her, so I tried it on myself, but I honestly can't handle any direct pressure at all on that 'area'. It's way too sensitive, especially for a fingertip, even 2 sheets of paper's worth. If a guy tried this on me, I might dropkick him out of my bed. It's probably just me though, but it does have me wondering though, have any of you ladies tried this method on yourself? Did it work?


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Yes, but you can't do it dry though. I'm surprised the book doesn't mention anything about that (just that latex gloves were used, so I'm almost certain they used some kind of lubricant). Also about the direct pressure, it's actually not direct pressure, it's off to the side, around 1'oclock, remember? Try those 2 things and it should help a LOT!

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I've tried it and it worked. I had great success with it for a few consecutive days (I'm trying to treat it as a yoga practice and do it daily). I agree- lots of lube. I'm easily overstimulated in this area and I found that keeping things well lubricated and playing with pressure/sensation had done a world of good. Though I tried to have my boyfriend follow the instructions hoping that it would spice things up a bit... it was a disaster. I think I need to spend some more time getting to know my own body before I try and educate him further about it. Remember that it's all about experimentation and getting to know your body.

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    I have a question...what was it that your partner was missing? I have a gf who has a lot of trouble orgasming (I, fortunately, am a multiple o girl) and I would love to be able to pass on some helpful tips. All the usual tricks seem not to work so was just wondering what from your perspective was different..if you feel comfortable sharing, that is :)

    Thanks either way!


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Definitely use lubricant! And with lubricant you can try rubbing on your hood (through your hood) and along your shaft - experiment!


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My wife and I were lucky enough to attend a couple's session in San Francisco with Nciole Daedone and the people of Onetaste (this is the organization in the book).

Anyway, during the sessions we learned so much more about the whole process of OMing, not only how to do it better but how it really does work to connect you and your partner. The first day the women and men were asked to go back to their rooms and "study" their genitals with a mirror. At first I thought this was kind of weird, but later understood the reason behind this. A lot of the essence of OMing is learning about your body.

I could talk all day about this, but now that we have been Oming more I have found that my wife as well has very certain areas (about a mm apart from each other) where she too is very sensitive, she guides me during the process and I try to remain focused. And yes as people have also commented lube is important, the lube that one taste gave us is wonderful and is very waxy, not at all like the lubes we think of (Astroglide etc..)

Anyway, I do not work for onetaste but they are a group of amazing women and men! They would definitely be able to answer any questions people have so feel free to contact them.

I am still not sure where Oming falls into our life, but I know now after having been to the sessions and talking with other couples that I believe it is a positive experience that can bring good things to any relationship.

Good luck!


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Well, I must say I've tried this about 4 times now, and it's all the same as it ever was.. which means, I've actually been doing this since I was like 12 years old, So I dont' know if I knew the secret early or what.. but it was nothing new to me at all, and when my husband tried it on me, It honestly just felt like he was doing my masterbation !! LOL !! I don't know if this only is for women that can't orgasim, But I've never had that problem, I know how to work it so I can have one during sex or otherwise. But Good luck to all that needed the help getting in touch with your bodies, It has helped me to relay the message that the hole he goes into really don't do a whole lot for me.. HAHA .. Sorry if this was TMI.. I would hate for a child to read this.

  • jaimidaw commented May 27th 2011:

    Whoa, Thanks, I'll look into it :P ..

  • sirspiffy commented May 25th 2011:

    LoL, you might want to look up these if that other hole isn't getting satisfied.

    White tiger tantra

    2Girls Teach Sex: Squirting

    Squirters 2 by Seymore Butts

    First 2 are purely instructional, last is an instructional Gonzo style porn film


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Ok, first let me say that I probable shouldn't be at work enjoying the reading of these replies regarding this topic! LOL But, to answer your question, YES!!, I have tried this on myself and with a partner. It DOES work truly. I agree with the other answers too though: use lots of smooth lube-not the sticky stuff and if something isn't feeling just right move over by a mm, you'll get it! Wow! Now, back to work! :-)


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Hi JessHasWi­ll, and others here. A few comments. First of all: yes, that spot - the one that's soooo sensitive that I used to direct my bf away from it - that's the spot that gets stroked in an OM. Secondly, I can't do it to myself nearly as good as he does it. Getting personal training made a big difference. For me the biggest lesson was that my supposedly "oversensitive" clit is actually *great*!!! For him, they did a great job of getting it into his head just how sensitive I was and to stop using a hard-and-fast porn stroke on me, something I could never land with him. After that he got kind of obsessed with learning to do it right. Eventually he got to be better at getting me off than I can.


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Better...husband tried it on me on our honeymoon ... needless to say we didnt leave the hotel room that day. Def you need to relax, close your eyes and let go. Let him do it all, and before you put on a timer insure he has the exact rules and regulations. Then let it go.

I had a big O and my husband was the one more fatigued then me, so insure he has a good position that is comfortable for him.

Let the playing begin :)

Lots of lube and again relax and let him (once he has found the little man in the boat and gotten a good position) have fun !!

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