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IF vs. Slow Carb.

So, I've tried the slow carb approach before and after reading 4HB, I decided to give it another go. This time, I feel I have a lot better control over my diet, mostly due to living in a dorm room where I don't keep snacks, just the food in my diet. A few months back, I was doing intermittent fasting via www.leangains.com and when I was following it strictly was seeing a loss of around 3 lbs per week. I didn't really enjoy the program because it entails counting calories and Macronutrients so its very focus intensive, however some of his client results as well as those from people who just read the guidelines on his site are amazing.

My question is this, where are those results from the slow carb diet? The only truly amazing ones I've been able to find so far are the ones in 4HB and I feel as if that is not really a wide enough sample to prove that it works. I'm just trying to decide getting back into Slow Carb or switching back to IF or making up some combination of the two (not eating breakfast then eating slow carbs with massive amounts of protein in the evenings). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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I did IF with slow carb. I never counted calories or anything. I thought the point of IF was not to count stuff as well---but I guess I read it wrong. When I did IF with paleo I didn't count anything. As far as leangains site goes - the examples shown are really over a longer time period 9 months to a year and have a different focus. Although slowcarb has been around a while, 4HB book hasn't really been out all that long still.

4HB has a focus of losing 20 lbs of fat in 28 days or gaining 10 lbs in a month. IF leangains method is more focused on slow muscle growth without fat gain. (1/2 lb of muscle gain week is considered good with leangains method). There are quite a few results on this site and others that show awesome progress over time. check before/after section.

But Tim does mention to get to drop the last 10 lbs switch to the last mile diet, or in 6 pack abs chapter he mentions IF and Cyclical Ketogenic Diet.

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Maybe the best choice is not "Intermittend Fasting VS. Slow Carb" but

"Intermittend fasting PLUS Slow Carb"...

  • justin commented Aug 8th 2012:

    it would be best to master Slow Carb first.

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