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Trigger your Fat loss into hyperdrive

So...after experimenting on the SCD with and without Occam's Protocol i've found that is most effective if you follow all of Tim's guidelines and one simple rule. That rule being "however much water you are currently drinking is NOT enough" i amplified my water intake to around 2 gallons a day and the fat literally started falling off me, this is even more amazing because i was eating almost 4000 calories daily in compliance with Occam's Protocol and i just couldn't gain a pound if i kept the intake at 2 gallons. I realize this is difficult and you will pee around every 30-45 minutes which can become annoying but just concentrate on drinking 8 ounces in every free moment you get. May not be practical but it is truly a breakthrough as far as speedy results and what i've found through my experimentation. Also if you can squeeze limes into the water and make it cold water this is helpful a la "Ice Age:mastering temperature to manipulate weight" Try it for a week let me know if it amps your results!

  • mtmcgill commented Aug 8th 2011:

    Hi, This sounds like a try... i already drink easily 2-3 litres of water a day so im sure i can progress to (im assuming these are US gallons) 7.5 litres. Just one concern... will this harm me at all??


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Drinking an amount of water similar to what you're mentioning has caused a student in my former uni to die during a hazingperiod a few years ago. I've been a big drinker (non-alcoholic that is) for as long as i can remember, but barely alf the amount you're mentioning, and not planning on doing so either.

I'd rather get rid of my 'extra bagage' a bit slower, but safe, than to take possibly life-threatening risks. :-S

  • Pabzer commented Mar 27th 2012:

    The only time that much water could kill you is just like you said: you would have to chug it all at one and create a sudden and dangerous drop in your blood's sodium levels ( i'm assuming that's what happened during the "hazing"). Then your brain swells and you die. Drinking a couple of gallons over a day, coupled with regular food intake, shouldn't be a problem. I personally drink from a gallon jug everyday and the only reason i stop at a gallon is for fear of gaining " water weight".

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I have increased my water intake over the last two days and already seen results. I was looking for other people that have had similar results so that I didn't feel crazy. Was stuck at 268, upped my water intake, over two days I am down to 262. Crazy. Hope it continues this way!!!


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Hi Dylandebiase

Yeah i was definately not drinking enough water I have made an issue to increase it this week and see what happens

Just a casual warning to others that might overdo it read this article:



  • Beorn86 commented Oct 22nd 2011:

    Good advice, I would definitely think twice about drinking that much water after reading this article.

  • JustMelosingFat commented Feb 27th 2012:

    "Healthy kidneys are able to excrete approximately 1 litre of fluid water (0.26 gallons) per hour."(so the article says!) drink up my friends! : )

  • Chippewa_Fire commented Mar 27th 2012:

    I agree with Beorn86 on this one, too much water can be dangerous.

  • Charley commented Feb 27th 2012:

    ..and kidneys that are stressed, for example by a diet, can quickly excrete much, much less.

    If you quote, quote all information, thats given.

    We have a responsibility here for others that read quickly thru it.


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Don't do it. THAT is playing around with your health.

I found reports where people were very sick or died with 8litres/day.

If you were big for years, there is no need to be size zero in 2 weeks time. You're overdoing it.

  • Bluezen1014 commented Mar 16th 2012:

    I also notice the difference drinking water has made. I barely used to drink water, now I at least try to drink 7-8 glasses a day and wow... I've noticed a big difference (plus it made my bowel movements easier to pass). I've lost 10 lbs already and (I'm an overweight 4'8 woman whose been overweight most of her life) I definitely recommend drinking more water... but not advising you drink so much it jeopardizes your health.

  • dylan debiase commented May 1st 2012:

    This suggestion is to be taken in conjunction with your own understanding of your body and with experimentation. I of course in no way want to endanger anyone and if you feel that this is unsafe by all means discard it as a legitimate tool toward fat loss. However, i have found that if you keep up a good rate of exercise and are slow carbing, a lot of water can not only help the diet work better but be very good for you because of its ability to break down the heavy amount of protein your system is taking in. Of course if you are not responding well to it or fear any type of health problem stop immediately. best of luck everyone


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Thanks for the advice. I'll try it starting tomorrow.

  • TheBSper commented Jul 24th 2011:

    Definitely solid advice. I have a 1 Liter nalgene bottle that I try to fill 8 times a day, which comes out to around 2 Gallons. Just set a recurring alarm on your phone/computer to go off and remind you to refill every 2 hours you're awake (assuming you're awake 16 and sleep 8 hours) and you'll be set.

  • dylan debiase commented Jul 24th 2011:

    @theBSper...Nice, i like the idea of bringing an alarm and some routine into it and yea Mushin3212 let me know how it works for you i am curious to see if other peoples bodies respond the same way...

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 6th 2011:

    Update tried it with disrupted slow carb last week. Hopefull when I'm back home from this horrible job in france i csn test it without a distorted meal schedule. Will report my results next saturday.


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After reading your tip I started drinking 2 gallons a day, I noticed that my hands felt dry like if I wasn't getting enough water. I Asked here on the site to see if I could get some possible explanation, did you happen to notice any weird change?

They also raccomended to take vitamins, calcium, magnesium and potassium to try to keep my electrolytes balanced.

  • dylan debiase commented Jul 26th 2011:

    Yes, some small reactions may occur but as i kept it up my body got used to it and this sort of phased itself out. Flushing yourself with water in this manner can deplete and breakdown the amount of vitamins and nutrients you are retaining from your food intake but i think if you really want to lose the fat then its worth the small amount of discomfort and in no way dangerous in the long term seeing as once you've reached your goals you can easily cut down the water intake and continue with the diet if you want.@Willydogusa, like you are saying you can supplement with vitamins if you feel depleted in any way but i wouldn't worry about the dry hands too much. @ob141 yea good article, some interesting stuff in there to watch out for...good luck to both of u keep me posted on results

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