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Kettlebell swings....Mind over matter!!!!

Has anyone ever been doing the swings and thought, target is XX and when they get to a few before, start feeling the burn, make the target and have a moment of self praise for doing a great job??

I did for the first few weeks, starting by doing 3 x 30 swings...thinking it was tough going, then one day decided to see if I could do 50 by counting down from 50...instead of up.....and as if by magic, made it!! then tried it with 60....then 75....now im doing 80 (after about 5 weeks since start) then another 40 a bit after in the same session.

But to me, it seems if I have even the smallest bit of doubt in my head, energy seems to be ripped from my body and I quickly fail.....28...(this is easy)..29......30....31.....32 (getting a bit tough)....33....34....35...36.......DAMN no more! (the numbers are just an example)

my conclusion is that if u think that you can make 40, 50, 60 then you can!

More or less, if you think you can, or if you think you can't......then youre right!!

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I seem to be stuck at around 1x50, then around 30 more and then I sometimes do 20 more if I feel like it


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An excellent post!

Physical performance is definitely limited by your mental state. Being a rock climber I constantly have to battle my fear of heights and bolster my willpower when my forearms start to pump, just to be able to get to the top. Personally my coping mechanism is aggression, mentally directed at my self and visible through my movements. But never towards other people.

Maybe its my primal side coming out :D

Two tips for people wanting more reps;

a) Count in blocks of smaller numbers. For example if your target is 75 reps of kettlebell swings count in sets of 15.

b) Just repeat this mantra when the going gets tough "Dont think, just do." I've been able to get an extra two pull ups (albeit slow ones) this way.

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