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Cinnamon capsules vs. Powder

I stopped drinking coffee recently, so I started taking cinnamon capsules before each meal instead of putting ground cinnamon in my coffee and it works really well. They're a little more convenient than the powder because i can carry them around plus it's easier to measure the doasage. I'm curious to know whether the capsules work as effectively as the powder? It's cassia cinnamon btw.

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I have been taking a cinnamon extract pill (actually two of them - dosage on the bottle) just once a day. The research I read on cinnamon seemed to indicate that the blood sugar regulating effect had quite a bit of carryover - as much as several months after only 2 weeks of steady dosage. Even Tim says he puts a bit in his coffee and only 2 or 3 cups a day which sounds to me like dosing before each meal is not necessary.


Do you cinnamon capsules contain chromium picolinate - was reading that chromium not good.


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Either are fine, it's the freshness that determines the potency regardless of how it's packaged. Don't take the capsules on an empty stomach, if there's not enough fluid in your stomach you could burp out pure cinnamon powder and it's one magic trick you won't want to show your friends.

Also, FYI there was a typo in the book, it should be 1tsp with each meal, not 1TB, so make sure you're using the right amount (it's poisonous at high doses)!!

  • mfargasch commented May 9th 2011:
    Hi ron.roberts: I am curious as to what the cinnamon does? I read the book and the only part I remember talking about cinnamon was on his cheat day that he puts a tsp. of it in his coffee... unless I missed something? I love cinnamon, just curious..thnx!

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