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Why am I doubting myself?

I'm 7 weeks in and have lost 2 inches on my waist, 7 lbs on the scale and the results are noticeable. They're not drastic changes but noticeable. So why am I doubting that this SCD along with the Building the Perfect Posterior is working? I look at my 'before picture and it's not that different' but clothes fit better, people have noticed the changes and I've made more progress with recomposition in the last 7 weeks than I have in the last 12 years!

So why am I having doubts? Can anyone shed some light?


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Hi there! Personally I think the problem is generational. We live in an era and country characterized by convenience and speed. We've grown to expect that somewhere and somehow we can get what we want faster and more efficiently. Fat loss is mistakenly put under this view. However, this is not the case. If you want a better physique you require patience, determination, and support. There are no short cuts unless you plan to have lyposuction, and even then fat will come back if your lifestyle doesn't change. That's why I think a lot of people, not just you, feel doubtful if something isn't as instantaneous as they are accustomed. Hope that helps!


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We have a homeostasis mechanism in our brains to keep us at status quo. Too much change survival wise is unwise thus the keeping things at the norm....even when the norm is unhealthy.

You have changed enough to kick in the "whoa, we're getting off course here...too much change...get back to normal" which can be heard like "not worth it", "not really working for me", "this is boring" sorts of thoughts.

I agree with Jones' evaluation of our cultural instant fix ideas as well.

I know this was posted ages ago but wanted to add the homeostasis part of the head game.




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Of course if you were hoping for 20lbs in 30 days its easy to feel like a failure - I felt just this way even though I was following the diet totally strictly.

BUT..... 7 lbs in as many weeks is good solid progress, and most people dieting would think that was magnificent.

One way I have started to look at it is... taking off one lb per week is not what I was hoping for, but if I were putting on one lb per week I would think it terrible. Somehow the two sides ought to match - so it might be time to address your perspective.

And if you are getting good comments, soak them up!

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