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New to 4HB...on day 4 HELP!

I am following the slow carb diet. I am a healthy woman in general and only have about 5% body fat to lose. I am use to being quite active and having a fair amount of energy. However, I have been very sluggish and foggy since I started this diet. I am tempted to go back to fruits for some added carbs unless I can be convinced that this is just a temporary adjustment. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I keep hearing about the incredible energy level people are experiencing. I'm eating at least 30gm of protein per meal, sleeping well, and drinking about 60+ oz of water daily.


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It's all about the legumes. Are you eating those with every meal? Also, if you remember reading in the book about portions-- you have to eat way more than you normally would on a normal eating regiment. Make sure you're eating breakfast as well.


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Hi there! I'll try to shed some light on what you're experiencing. Think of your body as a machine for just a second here. In order for your machine to function, you need to power it efficiently. In terms of your body, this source of energy or power has primarily come from carbohydrates, as they are the macro-nutrient with "Energy" as their nick-name. Now take away the majority of your power supply. One would expect the machine to malfunction or even break down in response to this. However, with the body, this is a different case. The sudden stunt in carbohydrate intake to your body is a shock, both physical to your body and mental to your psyche. No longer eating the foods that provided you with your energy, it's only valid that you're going to react negatively.

I assure you this is a short-lived experience. For some, the adjustment is quick, maybe a few days to a week; others, it takes a little longer to re-adjust to this new source of energy known as the SCD. We've all been there, and from experience, you shouldn't worry about the lethargy as of now. If it continues past the 7-10 day mark, you're body is telling you that the SCD is probably not for you. Give it time; the SCD is a big change in routine for not only the body, but for the individual as well. No one says the switch is easy, but when you reach you first cheat day, the new routine will take hold, and you'll adapt. I hope that helps!



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I went through a bunch of changes in the first couple of days while I adjusted to the diet. At first I was also foggy, then I felt shaky and acidic. Didn't know if I could continue on it. I am now on Day 11, feeling great and much more energetic.

Minnesota is right about the first cheat day. I was really looking forward to that so I could eat some non-acidic, comfort foods. The next day I was right back on track with the SCD.

Prior to starting the SCD I couldn't wake up or get going until noon and sometimes beyond. In October, I was diagnosed with anemia (due to my extreme menstrual cycle). Even though I have been taking iron supplements and am now back in the normal range (although at the low end) I still wasn't feeling like my former energetic self. Since starting the SCD it is now much easier to wake up and get going in the morning and I have enough energy to keep going through the day.

Stick with it and work through it. I've already dropped 10 lbs. I have a lot going against me, too. I'm a 52 year old female, have 1/3 of my thyroid and am on thyroid meds, anemic, perimenopausal, out of shape, and about 35 lbs. overweight.

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