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Importance of exercise b/f breakfast

Hi all,

I have two small children that need most of my attention in the morning. it is difficult to get my breakfast in before 30 min passes, there is no way I could get a workout plus breakfast in before the 30 min mark. How important is it that I do these exercises b/f breakfast? Also, for those of you with small children that need your attention in the morning...how do you get this done?



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Don't stress about the 30-minute mark. The exercises before breakfast are more important. If you eat right before you exercise, you'll simply be burning the calories from the food you just ate instead of burning fat. Try to get it within an hour and you'll be fine.

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I also have 2 small children and know exactly what you are talking about! I just barely started the SCD so I have yet to test my ideas, but here they are:

For your morning meal, you don't have to have eggs or breakfast type food. So you could always make a little extra dinner and have it ready to reheat in the morning. Or maybe make a breakfast mix with black beans, sausage, bacon and veggies like peppers and maybe salsa, cook a big batch and then seperate into portion sizes and freeze. Reheat in the morning. I don't know how eggs would freeze, so I'm not sure if you could do them or not.

As for exercising in the morning...I'm still working on that. I would say just wake up 1/2 hr to an hour earlier than you do now, but I know that is easier said than done...especially if your kids aren't the best sleepers, or you don't sleep well (which both happen to be my problem). You could put them in a stroller and go or a walk or to the park in the morning, weather permitting. Or do some sort of exercise that involves them (dance party in the living room?). You can incorporate exercises like squats or calf raises while doing your hair. But honestly, if you aren't able to exercise in the morning then just do it whenever is convinient for you. I think this lifestyle should be one that you can adapt to your personal needs and your personal schedule.

I fear that one of my problems is going to be all the temptations of the non SCD foods that I will have around for my kids and husband to eat...so hopefully I can overcome that!

I hope you can get the results you are looking for! And like I said, I just baty started this so I have not tested these out yet, but I plan to. And if they don't work, just make the diet work for you in whatever way is best.

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