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Can someone please mentor me!

Hi my name is sofie and I really need help getting started im 19 and 5'3

In the last two years i have put on 15 kg :( would really like to get back to a healthy and comfortable weight!

I now weigh 68kg and would love to get back down to the 50 -55 kg mark!

Could some one please help my with some exercises and tips

thanks heaps!!

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Whilst I can't specifically answer your questions on the pea protein isolate or the exercises I would like to offer some advice about your friends. Ignore them and carry on doing what you think is right even if that means a bit of extra effort on your part, it will be worth it in the long run.

Several of my friends were very negatvie in the beginning but now that they are seeing the results they are asking more and more questions and a couple of them have even bought the book for themselves!

Good luck with your 4HB experience.


  • jaycfields commented Jul 21st 2011:

    my friends weren't supportive at first either; however, now they all look forward to my cheat days and always get a healthy laugh at how crazy I go on the cheat days. they still aren't supportive on the non-cheat days, but they can't argue with my results, so they've stopped harassing me about it.

  • sofiealex commented Jul 21st 2011:

    Thanks heaps guys i will try to prove them all wrong! i really would like to hear that im losing weight from them hopefully they wont hassle me after that :)

  • mtmcgill commented Jul 21st 2011:

    They all follow in the end!!!!!


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Did you buy and read The 4-Hour Body?


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Hi, Have you exercised previously (ever), will you be used to exercise is what i'm asking so then i can give you some workouts to follow? The challenges are pretty good here, although may be a bit demanding if your a beginner, not sure.

Body weight routines is a good place to start in my opinion...

DIET is key, probably 90% of it to loose weight... again in my experience.


  • MrPWG commented Jul 21st 2011:

    I agree the diet is the key, I was slogging away at the gym and seeing no real result it was only when I read "Why we get fat and what to do about it" by Gary Taubes and stopeed going to the gym that I actually started to lose weight. From there I found 4HB and have not looked back!

  • sofiealex commented Jul 21st 2011:

    thanks heaps guys i'm glad to hear sticking to the diet is such a large percent of the effort! hopefully i will get into a routine!

    Re: mtmcgill's question about exercise

    yes i've exercised on and off not of a regular basis though

    mainly i have given up after no results.. this was all before i read tim's book though so hoping it all changes from hear!

    would love so routines as i am not so good with the self motivation at the start i need to see some results before i can really kick myself into full steam..

    weird i know but there you go

  • mtmcgill commented Jul 21st 2011:

    Best place to start is the challenges set out above i.e. kettlebell swings, routines etc, give a good explanation and east to follow.

    Body weight exercises are also a good workout in a circuit, they hurt and do body parts plus cardio, good for using fat as energy.

    Air Squats, Lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, split jumps, tuck jumps... all can be found on youtube.

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