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I started my quest for new health and Ryan Reynold's body in late March 2011. Being over fat most of my adult life, it was time for me do something. I had already lost 45+ pounds and made my own version of the SCD before I read the 4 hour body. The book was more inline to what I had observed in the wild than what traditional coaches tell you. The book jumps all over the place so it is taking me some time to adjust myself to it. But I made my T-bar today and did my 1st kettlebell swing. It was a lot more difficult than I thought. I stumbled accross this website and figured I would give it a shot. Thanks.



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45lbs is a huge amount to lose, well done!

Have you found the weight loss accelerate since you have switched to following the books recommendations instead of your own SCD?

Ryan lost loads in Just Friends so can you ;)

  • BobbyBigGuns commented Jul 29th 2011:

    49 Pounds as of this morning. I actually stalled going on the SCD as per the book. I was already on my own version of it. My biggest issue with the SCD is eating till you are full or to ensure you are not hungry. I have eating issues and doing that will ensure I gain fat. I also run into issues with my cheese addiction and cutting out the goat cheese I add to most meals slowed me down as well. This really makes a big difference to me. I am back to my normal meals and I am losing fat once again. I did add the PAGG and haven't been on it long enough to have an opinion. I was using the wrong garlic and I think that hindered me, but with a little luck, it will help me get my fat % down.

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