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CHALLENGE: Pack of Cards (crossfit) - hardcore workouts...

Hi people, I would like to share some workouts and hopefully you will also share...

Pack of Cards (crossfit)

shuffle a deck of cards including the jokers...

Aces =11

Queens, King, Jack = 10

The rest are as stated (9,8,7 etc)

Hearts = Push Ups

Spades = Air Squats

Clubs = Sit ups

Diamonds = pull ups

Joker = run a mile (generally i only do 400m!)

No rest and turn the deck of cards one after the other... do the full deck!!!

This will burn fat and condition you like nobodies business...Same theory guys but in lieu of the above exercises...

Hearts = Burpees (full press up and jump)

Spades = Flutter kicks (4ct = 1 rep)

Clubs = Sit ups

Diamonds = Mountain Climbers (4ct = 1 rep)

Joker = run 400mOUCH OUCH OUCH!!! You will come to hate Hearts and Diamonds!!!!

Enjoy Guys... let me know how you do

Much love


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Nice one.

This is challenge worthy material. "Pack of Cards (crossfit)" by mtmcgill on the way...

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Hey guys turn this into challenge it is fun one!

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