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What's the recipe for the protein shake?

Is there a recipe I'm supposed to use to make the daily protein shake you're supposed to drink on Occams? Or can I just use protein powder and milk?


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The breakfast shake he mentions in Occam's Protocol is:

3 cups organic whole or 2% milk

30g Whey protein isolate (chocolate recommended)

1 banana

3 heaping tbsp of Almond Butter (no added syrups or other nonsense)

5 ice cubes

Calories - 970

Protein - 75g

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I would use water instead of milk.

I use one scoop of Protein Powder plus water, sometimes I add an expresso to add a little twist to it

  • LauraCox commented Feb 5th 2011:
    Actually the recipe by whey4life is the 'official' one from the book. It's intended for people on Occam's/LOMAD, not slow carb, thus the milk.


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Actually there's a recipe, it's easy and pretty tasty:

1 banana

3 tablespoons of almond butter

3 cups of milk

1 scoop of whey protein powder

a few ice cubes

Blend it all together and drink half in the morning and half a bedtime.

  • speedygonzalez commented Mar 29th 2011:
    3 tablespoons of almond butter is the equivalent of how many almonds? Can you use whole almonds instead of the almond butter?
  • speedygonzalez commented Mar 31st 2011:
    According to my calculations 3 tbsp of almond butter = 28 grams of raw almonds = 23 to 28 almonds...


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I am confused on type of protein to be used...Casein or Isolate and exactly when?also can they be mixed to get the quick effect of the isolate and the slow digesting effect of the casein?


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I thought on 4hour diet we were not suposed to have dairy? All these people are posting recipes with milk. Are they on the diet? If your are consuming dairy you are not on the diet so don't post recipes that include no no's. It wastes my time. Basically if your not following the diet don't post!

  • sirspiffy commented Feb 7th 2012:

    There are several diets in the book. Occam's Feeding is different from Slow Carb Diet, These two have nearly opposite goals. Mass Gain, and Fat Loss respectively. Both can Be adapted and hybridized however, if one understands the principles.

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