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Slow-carb breakfast

What did you eat for breakfast today, or what's your favorite breakfast recipe?


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Two handfuls of fresh spinach, 2 organic sunny side up eggs, black beans, a few slices of avocado and salsa.

For a great Black Bean dish, I make the Black Bean and Veggie Soup from Veganomicon. It's versatile for any meal, and when the stock is reduced -- it's more of a chili that is great on anything.

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2 whites, and 1 whole egg pan fried in cast iron (gets a little crispy).

about 1 cup of prepared dal (indian lentils).

the dal has spices and a carmelized onion which actually gives it a nice flavor. to give myself a little more im thinking about adding some turkey bacon or something to the regiment.

im a big boy, this breakfast satisfies me (so i think it should be enough for most people)


2 Hardboiled Eggs

1 Cup Steamed Spinach

2 Slices of Turkey Bacon

Great if your in a hurry in the mornings. I make the eggs and Bacon on Sunday's to have for the week, and put the spinach in some glad ware with a touch of water in the microwave for about a minute.

  • KarmicDebT commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Oh! Great idea about making the eggs and bacon ahead of time! Thanks. I guess it is dense of me, but I never thought of that. This will sure help me get my breakfast in within the 1/2 hour timeline. :)


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I'm not such a big vegetable/bean eater, so this diet was tricky for me. Regardless, I still found my happy little place with it. When I have time to cook on the weekend, my favorite slow-carb breakfast is a cross between eggs benedict & eggs florentine, of course without the bread:

2 poached eggs

Sauteed spinach

Slice of tomato

Canadian bacon

Hollandaise sauce (frothed egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice)

On the side, I'll have:

Coffee with cocoa/vanilla/cream

Sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon

Bowl of edamame soy beans

When I'm in a rush though, I always keep hard boiled eggs handy so I never have to cheat. For a quick breakfast I might mix and match any of the following:

Hard boiled eggs

Avocado wrapped with smoked salmon

Unflavored whey protein powder with almond milk, almond butter, cocoa

Whole milk cottage cheese


Marcona almonds

A few mouthfuls of raw spinach or broccoli, straight up (why suffer!)


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I usually have 3 whole eggs pan fried with half of home made sausage (50-100g). Regarding the one I probably like the most and which isn't off the limits: cheese from cottage cheese (local wonder) pan fried in whipped eggs. Add some tomatoes and it fills you for a long time!


My go-to breakfast is:

3 eggs

black beans

frozen spinach

A little canned mackerel to get to 30g protein (or just use a lot of beans but I like to minimize carbs for breakfast).

I heat up coconut oil in a pan, beat the eggs and put them in, put in the rest of the ingredients and put a lid on it to help thaw the spinach. Take lid off after a minute or two and mix it up so it's scrambled.


I am still partial to good ol eggs and bacon. I tried the whites with beans and salsa and spinach for a few days and it got boring really fast.

I even added some fresh mushrooms and chives to my omelets and it only kept me happy for a few days.

I decided to cook up a bunch of turkey sausage / bacon and back bacon to have ready for a quick every day meat fix. I usually have 2 -3 eggs lightly scrambled or soft boiled along with 2-4 slices of bacon or 2-3 sausages. I am getting my 30g of protein in a super tasty meal that sustains me for 3-5 hours. I eat relatively low sat fat the rest of the day and don't feel the need to overdo it or cheat.

This is likely not the healthiest bkfast but it accomplishes my goals, I find that the addition of the sat fat extended my full feeling for an additional hour or more vs. just beans and eggs.


Most days I'm having:

  • teaspoon almond butter on waking
  • sauted onions+mushrooms+peppers, black beans, sliced chicken or ham or beef, and two over-easy eggs
  • tea

I like to add half an avocado instead of the veggie mix some days, but beans are a daily must.


This is super easy, efficient and hits your main points for breakfast:

Pour egg whites into a non-stick sprayed pan and let it cook while frozen spinach heats in the microwave (2 min) and you open a can of black beans. Add the spinach to one side of the pan and fold the other side over to let it finish cooking (and now it's an omelet). The other side of the pan? Dump in the beans w/ a bit of water, it'll heat on one side of the pan while the omelet finishes

Scoot onto a plate.

Yummy, presentable, and perfect.


My favourite so far is variants of 2 eggs (I buy organic, so whole), baby spinach & a few lentils. Either as an omelette with lentil/spinach filling, scrambled with the spinach/lentils thrown in at the end, or resting the poached eggs on the lightly heated spinach with lentils & a bit of mustard.

So far working real well!



Salad Mix, 1 tbsp olive oil and vinegar, 2 soft-boiled eggs, a few slices of red onion.


baked beans, 1 full egg plus 3 egg whites scrambled, spinach and organic, sulphite free bacon with black coffee = yummo


1 egg, 1 egg white, green/red peppers (pre-chopped), seasoning salts. Scrambled. Add pico di gallo on top. (sometimes I add random strong-flavored meat from the fridge)

Yesterday was a 45g protein shake - "natural" powder, banana, 4 ice cubes + water, a little cocoa powder, a little peanut butter.


Scrambled eggs (1 whole, 1 white) with sliced mushrooms, frozen chopped broccoli and black beans. Sometimes I switch out the broccoli for fresh spinach, and just saute it with the mushrooms. A little fresh pico de gallo on top too!


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I have a work day stand by...

using the coffee maker timer and by preparing over the weekend it saves me a ton of time

20oz water

1/2 cup frozen green beans (pre-measured into a zip lock bag the weekend before, i pre-measure my lunch veggies too! 1 cup)

4 hard boiled egg whites (boiled and peeled over the weekend, eaten in the car)

15 oz of black coffee (sometimes with cinnamon, also in the car)

my breakfast takes me 1 min to microwave the beans in a paper bowl, 1 min to eat

Guzzle the whole glass of water

kiss my wife and daughters good-bye

walk out the door with the eggs and the coffee. (and lunch)

short and sweet


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Mex scramble

2 cups spinach (measured, raw), then cooked slightly (I microwave mine for 30 seconds)

2 eggs beaten with a splash of almond milk

2 pieces turkey bacon

Pinto beans (not that much--1/4 cu)

TJ's Avocado salsa verde


Mince the bacon and begin frying; add beans & cooked spinach. Pour the eggs in and cook to your liking (I like this "soft"). Top with a tablespoon or so of the salsa. Enjoy!


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i actually follow the 3-minute slow-carb breakfast that tim recommends in the book and it's super easy. i'm getting a little sick of salsa, so i've been taking that out, but usually it's a variation of egg whites and spinach.


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sauted mushrooms, spinich with white beans, added two eggs and two egg whites! My favorite


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-2 Whole eggs plus some added Egg Whites - with Adobo seasoning

-1/2 Can of Goya Lentils - a little garlic salt and a tablespoon of salsa on top

2 Cups raw cups of spinach (packed into measuring cup) then microwaved, added olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Very easy to make fast in the morning, with little cleanup. All tastes great to me, and very filling for a breakfast!


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I really like making egg white omlettes with spinach tomato onion and a tiny bit of low fat cheese... yummy :)


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I had a great breakfast of egg whites, one whole egg, microwaved spinach and onions mixed into the eggs, and a side of refried beans.


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broccoli and zucchini frittata made by panfrying zuccini and finely chopping the broccoli and combining with one whole egg and half a cup of egg white ; salsa on the side - half a tomatoe, 1/4 avo, salt and pepper but had run out of beans or lentils, which is what i would normally toss into the salsa with lemon juice and coriader ;


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Since yesterday was my free day, I wanted to go really protein-heavy this morning:

3 eggs, over-easy, using a littel grapeseed oil

two slices turkey bacon

1/2 cup of lentils, mixed with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, with splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar

normally, I would have two handfuls of sauteed spinach with this, but I was out


1 strawbery protein shake with no carbs and 1 fried egg with kidney beans.

  • KarmicDebT commented Dec 27th 2011:

    Where are you getting the no-carb protein shake? I've been searching for a no-carb recipe or product for days now!


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This is what I ate for breakfast today:

2 scrambled eggs with pinto beans, asparagus, and turkey bacon topped with green salsa


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1/2 protein shake (I'm on Occam's)

2 hard-boiled eggs

1/2 cup of cottage cheese

Sauteed spinach



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I make a pancake sandwich! Now before you think "wait, we can't have pancakes", let me tell you that these pancakes are made with cauliflower so they are totally SCD :)

*They take a bit of work to make, so I usually make them in advance and can freeze some for later. If you freeze them, then just make sure that after they thaw, you brown them in the pan (last step of recipe) to wake them up again because you don't want them to be wet (gross!).

Here's how you make them (NOTE: you can also use these as tortillas if you want a Mexican lunch/dinner).

You will need:

a medium head of cauliflower, riced

2 eggs

salt and pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees, and line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Cut up the cauliflower in chunks and remove most of the stem.

Put the cauliflower in a food processor and pulse until you get a texture slightly finer than rice. (Once it’s riced, measure it to make sure you have 2 cups packed.)

Put riced cauliflower in bowl and microwave for 2 minutes and stir, then another 2 minutes and stir again.

Pour the cauliflower in a thin dish towel or cheese cloth, and squeeze the excess water out as hard as you can. (get out as much water as you can, be careful not to burn yourself because it’s going to be VERY hot.)

Put the drained cauliflower back in bowl and add 2 eggs, salt and pepper and mix until well combined. (it will be kind of runny but it shouldn’t be pure liquid either.)

Spread the mixture onto a baking sheet into 6 small flat circles.

Bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

Take out of the oven and carefully peel them off the parchment, flip them over, and put back in the oven for 5-7 more minutes.

Once they’re done, place them on a wire rack to cool slightly.

Heat a medium sized pan over medium heat and put the pancakes/tortillas into the pan pressing down slightly and brown them to your liking. (Don’t skip this step because it gets them slightly crispy on the edges and gives them a great taste)


How to serve the breakfast sandwich:

It's pretty simple and you can mix n match the meat and veg, but I usually do a thick slice of ham that I've warmed up in the pan and top it with baby spinach and a slice of tomato or avocado..

Serve with a side of any SCD beans you normally have for breakfast.


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Today I had chicken patties (onion, chicken, coriander, egg, zucchini and cumin) with baked beans and a sunny-side-up egg.


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I have mixed this up some, but at the moment I'm having:

1 fried egg

2 frozen spinach pieces, microwaved

about 1/4 cup beans heated in the pan

This only works out at about 11g of protein though, I did have bacon earlier on in the piece, but this works out at only 3g per piece

I am struggling to get up to 30g for breakfast - help!

  • DougM commented Aug 8th 2013:

    I'm sure Tim would suggest adding another egg or two if you can stomach it. That should help a bit.


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I found this one on 4hourrecipes.com and it's my favorite.

Collard Wraps

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Submitted by: Mike Nielsen

List of Ingredients:


-Collard leaves. 1 big one per wrap.

-Your favorite Hummus.

-3-4 slices of avocado


-Cherry tomatoes sliced in threes -Diced bell pepper

-Clover sprouts

-Radish sprouts

-Celery (chopped)

-tiny bit of Spinach or other green of your choice


-One sliced Pickle

-Diced onion

-a tiny bit of minced fresh garlic

-a sprinkle of lemon (optional)

-Whatever veggies are in season!

Total Cook Time: 5-10 Minutes

Servings: As many as you want

Cooking Instructions:

1. Take your collard leaf and rinse off.

2. Spread a spoonful or two of hummus and lay avocado slices in them. This gives your wrap a nice burrito-like filling.

3. Pile in the filler ingredients the best way you can and roll up the collard leaf to make a quick wrap. You don't need much of each filler ingredient. Just a small amount will fill the wrap quickly. Or you could pick just a few veggies and keep it simple if you want more of a certain filler ingredient.

4. Sprinkle with a little lemon if you want and that "wraps" it up.

"There's no way to do this wrong. And if you don't want extra greens, no worries. Your wrap itself is already made up of dark leafy green. It's a collard leaf. High source of protein. Then eat away."

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