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Cinnamon daily?

Wondering if it's a good idea to take cinnamon daily or just on cheat days?


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It's OK to do it daily. I took it daily before meals just in water for the first few weeks or sprinkled it on my meat. I ended up dropping it for a few months after I ran out.

I'm now trying out a pure cinnamon essential oil (which is more potent than the powder) - which is easier to drop on my tongue or water than mix it with water. So far I think I see a better result with the oil. (in terms of appetite suppression and perceived insulin response).

  • cvesper commented Jul 14th 2011:

    Same here, I used to have it every day till I ran out.

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 18th 2011:

    According to scientific studies the oils aren't as effective, if effective at all.

  • justin commented Aug 18th 2011:

    what studies? give me a link.

  • justin commented Aug 18th 2011:

    The only studies I've seen use cinnamon extract (not oil) which is less concentrated and those studies show it does have an effect on regulating blood sugar. However, I don't take studies too much to heart. I just know what works for me to curb cravings.

  • mushin3212 commented Aug 18th 2011:

    Just checked PubMed and the studies seem to be favourable for CO. Will have a proper trawl after dinner.

  • justin commented Aug 18th 2011:

    There's still probably no comparative studies. For me the oil is easier to take than powder--as I can just put it on my tongue or water. (I've tried that with powder---don't do that).

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I break off about 1/3 of a stick and pop it in my coffee grinder with the beans.

  • doolah commented Sep 14th 2011:

    Light bulb moment - grind the stick with my beans - thx!

  • Arelleth commented Sep 14th 2011:

    What a clever idea Andy! Thanks for the tip.


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I put cinnamon in my coffee daily. Maybe 2 or 3 cups a day and sprinkles in each. It's habit already, plus the powder is cheap.


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I've been trying a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon every morning in my protein shake. No clue if it's doing any good but figure it can't hurt!

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