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What slow-carb desserts are allowed?

What are some slow-carb desserts or treats that I'm allowed to have when I'm having a craving for sweets? I know sugar is not allowed, but after eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner full of meat and vegetables, at the end of the day I really need something to break up the monotony. Any suggestions?

  • NJ-nic commented May 27th 2011:

    Couldn't agree with petertheasianguy more. I am having more success with this than any other attempt to lose weight so I just tell myself to 'stop it' when I start to think about grabbing something sweet. When I find myself wanting something sweet late in the day I'll grab some sliced turkey and wait it out then count the days until Saturday where Dunkin' Donuts is at the top of my To-Do list. Good luck


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While there are people here suggesting some dessert alternatives, I want to recommend you just rewiring your brain to stop wanting something sweet at the end of the day.

I think continuing old habits/traditions like sweets after a meal puts you in a dangerous position, where it becomes easier to eat non SC foods.

If you find yourself craving sweet, just eat something a bit fatty. Drink some water, tea or coffee and wait it out. It'll disappear. After a few days of this pattern, you'll forget about desserts. Then go nuts on your off day. But let's break this cycle of end of meal desserts everyday.

  • kcsportsdoc commented May 27th 2011:

    Couldn't agree more. A little tea after dinner and then maybe a teaspoon of peanut butter before bed works great for me. Prior to the SCD, I used to be good for at least a cup of yogurt (fruit on the bottom) and a PB & J in the evenings. Now I don't even think about cheat day (Saturdays for me) until late Thursday. Sometimes you just have to wait it out until your body accepts the new pattern.

  • npayan commented Jun 21st 2011:

    I have a small spoonful of almond butter (no sugar) as dessert and that usually satisfies my major sweet tooth. The less refined sugars you eat, the sweeter naturally sweet things become.

    I think this goes along with what Peter's saying. Good luck!

  • Andrewj commented Jun 27th 2011:

    Hmmm... perhaps a BSN Lean Dessert shake might help you. I am not such a sweet tooth, but I enjoy a shake like that from time to time.

  • mlastusky commented Aug 15th 2011:

    I love having a glass or two of cabernet in the evening. That has been a treat for me and satisfies any need I might feel for dessert.

  • angi465 commented Sep 8th 2011:

    I have to agree with petertheasianguy on this. I, too, crave sweets sometimes and I found myself missing that dessert thing, but I think, at least for me, it's more behavioral than anything and requires some reprogramming. We're so used to desserts and 'happy endings' in our society, but look at where that mentality has gotten us. I, too, find my sweet tooth tends to kick up as the day gets late. I just go to bed. Call me weird.

  • kaytea commented Dec 13th 2011:

    I agree with mlastusky on the wine. This has solved dessert for me. And I now don't need to do it more than about once a week. OR Sometimes I eat unsalted mixed nuts when a craving hits.

  • Saverio Castelli commented Mar 7th 2012:

    I usually have 2 glasses of red (around 3-4 ounces each glass) and 2 small pieces of dark chocolate every night and noticed no slowing down of weight loss.

  • Ramonastar commented Apr 1st 2012:

    A handful of raw almonds helps me with the sweet craving and a glass or 2 of red wine. I agree with the above comment about needing to rewire your brain- my in laws have dessert after every meal- which is always so good. I have found that coffee or tea with cinnamon helps when everyone else is enjoying dessert.

  • aahleyah commented Apr 22nd 2012:

    I made black been brownies.Yes it sounds yucky but wasn't so bad.. here is the recipe as long as you dont eat everyday. There is contoversy over the use of whey protein powder and Stevia . Due to it stalling your weight loss. I am a newbie and made these my first week. Maybe it did stall me however I only ate two small pieces in the week and I still lost 3.2 lbs.

    1 can black beans 3 table spoons cocoa powder 1/2 cup butter

    3 scoops of protein powder.3 eggs. 2 to 3 teaspoons Stevia

    blend in a blender until consistantcy of brownie batter.Then grease pan and place batter in. Pre Heat the oven to 350 and bake for 30 min or until the toothpick comes out clean. As for topping unsweetened Chocolate but I found that it was bitter and skipped it. although not overly sweet

  • Wil Moushey commented May 22nd 2012:

    Agree with the wine suggestion. It gives me something to Look forward to

  • nimmermehr commented May 27th 2012:

    Try jello with stevia if you really must have something sweet. Alternative: Coffee or Chai-Tea (brew it regular with water), add a sip of cream and a bit cinammon, that does the trick for me

  • Charley commented Feb 17th 2012:

    Try some chocolate/ roibush/ honeybush/or chai tea. They are naturally sweet. Its a light sweetness we forgot about during raffined sugar days, as said above.

  • roxymuzic commented Apr 30th 2013:

    We mix bittersweet and semisweet chocolate chips and have a handful of those with our wine.. Pretty nice!

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Delicious plant based smoothie... Pea protein, brazil nuts, almond butter, water and ice... add some coconut butter for healthy fats if you would like. Feeling like chocolate? Add some raw cacao (unsweetened raw chocolate)

Or pancakes:

eggs, pea protein, brazil nuts, coconut flour... blend up in magic bullet type of blender and cook for 2 mins on each side. Put some almond butter on top. So Delicious.

I drink these and eat delicious pancakes daily... 4.7% bodyfat

recipe here:


  • Finn commented Jun 27th 2011:

    I made these pancakes last night & they are delicious!! Really impressed with this recipe, I will definitely make them on a regular basis...thank you!

  • Riggaz commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    love your site Jason


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If you're really serious about losing fat, you really shouldn't be eating anything that tastes sweet at all, including natural and artificial sweeteners. Although it says you can have up to 16oz of aspartame per day, that doesn't mean you should have it. All of those will have an effect on insulin and stall fat loss.

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Dec 11th 2011:

    I know thats right i have been using alot of splenda no ,more im throwing it all out or i will be putting it in my coffee tomorrow morning.


peanut butter on a spoon or celery or almond butter

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Jan 7th 2012:

    yea i usually will have a celery with lemon pepper or almond butter. but that only if im craving something sweet really bad. which isnt very often any more :)


Do not eat whipped cream as suggested and do not eat the yogurt suggested. Whipped cream contains lactose and is, frankly, just a slippery slope. And yogurt contains maltodexterine, which is a sweetener as well. It's just not worth it, once you have one you can continually have more and more. Sugar free jello is a great one. I also find that almond butter and cottage cheese get me through sugar cravings as well.


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There's a few slow carb recipes I've written on here that are really fantastic, you should give them a try. I've posted both my creations for Black Bean Brownies, and a Tapioca Pudding that's made with chia seeds instead of tapioca.

Bon appetite!



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Sugar-free JELL-O (orange and strawberry are my favorite) with a spoonful of whipped cream on top saved me from cracking several times. It does contain aspartame, so if you're going to eat Jell-O, you shouldn't eat anything else with aspartame during the day (aka diet sodas).


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Ice coffee with coconut milk works for me!

Every couple days I brew a pot of coffee and stick it in the fridge. This way I can have ice coffee in the morning or evening when I crave sugar or dairy. I stir in a couple spoons of coconut milk per glass and it usually satisfies my sweet tooth. At the very least it prevents me from eating/drinking something with aspartame.

You can also make instant coffee on the stove with water and coconut milk to taste. You can make it really rich or really light depending on your preference. Stir in in some vanilla extract or maybe a spice like cinnamon or cardamom. (Note: be sure to combine the coffee and water fully before adding the coconut milk and vanilla.)

Coconut milk is so filling and rich--it will probably prevent you from cheating! This is especially good for all of you sugary coffee drink whores.


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natural peanut butter on a spoon is the way to get that dessert fix satisfied


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I figured out that protein powder can be mixed with water and a bit of xantham gum and frozen into ice cream in an ice cream machine. It ain't Hagen Daz, but it satisfies a craving. :-). I also find that a decaf espresso after dinner kills the sweet tooth craving.


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Try adding a 1/4 tsp of almond extract and 5-7 almonds to protein powder with ice and water in a blender. Tastes creamy like a milkshake but packed with protein and totally allowed!


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basically nothing besides sugar free jello (which is nothing to me.) use your cheat day.

i have added 1 serving of mango kambucha (10 carbs) during the week and watched my measurements and it hasn't hurt me.


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A lot of people have said Sugar-Free Jell-O which I went bananas on in the first month of my diet, and got completely sick of.

I find that if I'm having a horrifying sweet craving, a glass of diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke tends to stave off the desire. If that isn't going to cut it, I go without.

I still have murderous sweet cravings, but you'd be surprised what cleaning the house of sweets does for your resolve.

  • T-C commented Jun 28th 2011:

    Diet Mt. Dew usually takes care of my sweet tooth. Beware the aspartame.


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try a cup of camomile tea


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I found something even better than just peanut butter-

Half a small spoonfull of coconut oil, half a spoonfull of peanut butter, and dust with cinnamon. Would probably be even better with cocoa powder instead of the cinnamon.


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Yep, sorry no frozen yogurt guys. The book mentions yogurt in the 'Balancing Bacteria For Fat Loss' section, but then Tim said 'no' to yogurt on his blog. It makes sense to me, yogurt is banned on the Atkins diet too.

  • flowergirlie commented Sep 5th 2011:

    I found sugar free candies in the diabetic section, 17 cal and made by sweet n low do the trick for me when I'm craving something sweet. They have cherry flavor (for when i crave fruit) and coffee vanilla/irish cream flavor (for my chocolate/cream cravings). this is my cheat...not sure if allowed.


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Try a sweet omelet. Eggs and a little stevia are all you need!


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I just discovered a GREAT sweet treat today by accident! I like to make myself an iced coffee when I get a sweet tooth. Today I made my one cup of coffee in my keurig and then set the cup in th freezer to cool off. Unfortunately, I forgot about it and it ended up freezing (just the top) so I took a fork and broke it up, poured it into a blender, added 1 stevia packet and 2 tablespoons of cream. It was AWESOME! Try it!


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I have two small pieces of Dark chocolate with my 2 glasses of Red wine a night and have not noticed any negative outcome in my weight loss.


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Unless you consider a couple carrots and a handful of soy nuts dessert, then no. Nothing sweet, it triggers a glycemic response in your pancreas that turns everything else you eat to blood sugar, and that makes and feeds fat cells. I have been making a mix of soy nuts and peanuts and coating them with adobo and nutritional yeast, it tastes good, BUT, I think the nutritional yeast is causing a glycemic response. I have been feeling not so much full but rather swollen, a sure sign of carbs. So, no. liek Tim famously says: Save it for your cheat day.


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I eat sugar free jello & sometimes after work if Im starving, mixed with cottage cheese.


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It may sound strange, but I tend to beat a sugar craving if I have something I haven't previously allowed myself much of (like bacon).

  • Now.Or.Never commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    Bacon has dessert. I LOVE IT! HA!


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I agree with the comments that it's best to rewire your brain, and break bad habits.

Realizing it's easier said than done, here are two tips that have helped me overcome sweet cravings in the past:

1. Chew gum; or,

2. Brush your teeth

These two have have provided enough distraction for me to allow me to overcome my sweet cravings.




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blend the meat of a couple fresh coconuts (get at asian supermarket) along with a couple spoonfuls of chia seed, some vanilla bean or extract and about 5 drops of stevia extract. Chocolate powder can be added....its a delicious, raw, superfood pudding. It's fatty, satisfying, sweet and as far as I know, allowed on the slow carb diet.


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How about a glass of naturally flavored sparkling water? Make sure it's not a sparkling water beverage which usually contains sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Serve it up in a beautiful glass with ice. The bubbles and just a hint of berries or citrus make it a refreshing treat that will fill you up, no calories, no carbs, nothing.


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I do sugar free jello in the evening and sometimes 1/4c nuts if my daily cals aren't too high:) I, too, used to be a lover of Cool Whip chemically goodness until I read this: http://www.jonathanfields.com/blog/horrifying-12-day-cool-whip-expe... . Yikes :/

  • TeaLove commented Jun 11th 2011:

    Oh and I posted this somewhere else....

    I have a Protein Pudding recipe that uses no milk and it kicks MAJOR A*S! I used to be a protein powder junkie but am cutting down to using it only in emergency food situations and even then trying to keep it to post workout but if you are ok with using protein powder and don't stall from it then you NEED to try this!

    Black Forest Mousse


    3 scoops Chocolate Protein Powder (sugar free or can use vanilla and add cocoa and stevia)

    Sugar-free Cherry flavored JELL-O Powder

    1 cup boiled water

    1 cup ice

    1 tablespoon cocoa powder


    1. Add packet of JELL-O to 1 cup of boiling water according to package directions.

    2. Blend mixed JELL-O with ice in blender. (turn blender off, put ice in, THEN close lid lol...I had a bit of a disaster)

    3. Add 3 scoops protein powder and blend well.

    4. Pour into smaller containers, and place in the fridge.

    5. Let stand in fridge for 1 or 2 hours.

    6. Enjoy!

  • TeaLove commented Jun 11th 2011:

    Have made it with just regular plain gelatine and for a chocolate lover it REALLY takes the edge off :D


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You may find something here, this guy makes some good stuff



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I know this sounds funny but fresh avocado. its seems to answer the random calls of cravings. I think because it may solve the problem of any missing minerals and vitamins which could be a hidden cause. anywhooo I like it with Ham. but not green eggs.. :0)


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i've shifted to a glass of red wine to get my mind off it on a regular week.

if nothing else, SCD is gonna make me a (bigger) drunk.

sounds rather W.C. Fields-ish... "A woman drove me to drink and I didn't even have the decency to thank her"


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My girlfriend made a pie last night. the crust was inspired by http://glutenfreegirl.com/gluten-free-pie-crust/. She used equal parts garbanzo bean flour and almond flour with xanthan gum and guar gum a little egg and cold butter for the crust. We made in food processor. Next time we will add some stevia or splenda to sweeten it. Add to the dry ingredients first and sift all the dry ingredients. Then we baked it with a rim of aluminum foil around the rim of the pan so it didn't burn as it took longer for the bottom to cook. I can probably have her write up the recipe. anyhow, be patient it took about a half hour at 350. We were opening the oven to feel it quite a bit so it was letting hot air out.

For the filling. We used two of the large boxes of vanilla sugar free jello pudding mix. it calls for 3 cups milk per package. We used almond milk which has a problem setting up the pudding. So to solve this we put a Tablespoon of melted coconut oil in and a scoop of brown rice protein powder. We also dissolved a 1/2 teaspoon of guar gum in a tiny amount of water and added that. Then we put in blender to emulsify the fat and thickeners. we then added the jello, two large boxes which is double the instructions on the box and emulsifed again. Store in bowl in fridge until crust is cooled down.

After the crust was fully cooled we just scooped into the crust and covered with plastic wrap and let set overnight just to be sure it cooled. It set up perfectly and held together when a slice was taken out. The first slice at that.

I wish I could put the picture up here but don't have it on a website. My girlfriend though is going to start a blog so maybe that will change in the near future.


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What about a piece of sugar free gum, is it allowd?

  • cutsh commented Feb 24th 2012:

    Nothing sweet. Even if its zero calories, Tim has proven that it triggers insulin production. And heres the rub: Increased insulin in your blood promotes fat manufacture and storage. So no stevia, truvia, nutra sweet, or sugar free gum. My wife tried to buck the gum trend and gained a pound during the same period that I lost 13. the only difference: She chewed sugar free gum veryday and I did not.

  • Charley commented Feb 24th 2012:


  • wednesdayware commented Aug 26th 2012:

    It is unbelievable. I used stevia daily, and lost around 40lbs in 5 months.


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I drink lots of black tea most of the day--straight black tea. But after dinner, if I'm really desperate, I will drink another big cup of tea with...a dash or two of liquid Stevia. I feel so naughty. Okay, not really, but whatever.

I did try add some cinnamon to black tea last night to harness the cinnamon effect (not to curb the sweet tooth), but it was strange. Not awful, but strange.

  • Now.Or.Never commented Feb 23rd 2012:

    I'm not using stevia anywhere else or drinking diet soft drinks either. I just want to go on the record.

  • wednesdayware commented Aug 26th 2012:

    I had a can of diet soda w dinner, and either tea of coffe w stevia daily.


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I don't think one exact formula will work for every person. People have different metabolic types and tolerances. Tim's plan seems more or less a template that can be followed for good results in several body types. For instance, I know from my previous experiences with Atkins that fermented dairy (ie dairy products containing little to no lactose or added sugars) does not have an effect on my weight loss. I've seen this in the lack of "carb bloat" when I consume such products and seen it on a scale. But that's just what works for me and my metabolic type.

I'm only 1.5 weeks in and I'm losing some weight. I notice it in my lack of bloat and my somewhat looser-fitting pants. My weigh-in at the end of the week will determine my actual progress.

As far as dessert goes, save the sweet for cheat day. While artificially-sweetened products haven't caused a huge amount of damage in my low-carb runs, it's the mentality of "I must have sweet things" that's more damaging in the long run.


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It's probably a cultural/habit thing, but after main meals I need to eat something different. Whether it's desert, yogurt, fruit, cheese, bread is not important, it's really about washing away your mouth from those heavy flavours of your "main course". I tried coffee but on the evening it's no good, even deca.

I tried (green) tea but it takes took long to get cold enough to be drinkable.

So far this is the one of the most frustrating part of the slow carb on the day to day thing I find.


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I try a teaspoon, and depending how bad the craving a tablespoon, of peanut butter

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