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Excellent chart, however I'd like to see a link to a larger version of it. I Google'd it and got to this amazing article...


You know what's amazing too is that with all this research out there, and no matter how exposed it's gotten (that eating carbs like we do is making us obese), it's almost impossible to get people to believe you. My family and my long-time girlfriend are almost against me, to put it the best way possible, because they're stuck in this whole flawed science of calories in vs. calories out. I tell them that of course there's some truth but the likelihood of calories in, is if you are having like 4000+ calories a day, associate that with what you ate and you'll see that it's likely your carbs were way too high. I wish it were easier to get people to understand but they won't get it until I've done it. And when I do it, they'll tell me that bloodwork will likely show I'm unhealthy (it won't), and when that fails, what's the other option? Ugh, it gets frustrating being the only one who gets it when everyone you know doesn't. And unfortunately they won't read my sources, so how do you even break through people's closed minds?

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Jul 6th 2011:

    Unfortunately it all comes down to money. Tim talks about this a bit in his book, about how the health and fitness industry is now a 16 billion dollar industry. Not to mention the wheat and corn industries being staples of the gross domestic product of most western countries. Propaganda about eating calories in versus calories out will not only continue but more than likely thrive, because it is propagated by very powerful industries. Take it a step further and you could see the connection between overfat and obese people and their making the drug companies rich. Yes they are taxing on health care systems, like we have here in Canada, but ultimately the drug corporations make billions in profits as a result of the way the traditional western diet is.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented Jul 6th 2011:

    Also they attempt to be decietful by creating lines of product that are supposed to be healthy carb options. Like for instance that cereal that chef Curtis Stone promotes. It is said to be health because it uses the whole wheat rather than processing it. What he neglects to mention in the commercial is that it has 13g of sugar to make it taste decent. This actually puts the cereal in the same category as most children's sugar cereals, yet it is marketed as a truly healthy breakfast option. Scary how corrupting money can be.

  • cvesper commented Jul 6th 2011:

    I empathize with you man! It's unreal how stubborn and nasty people are about this! I had a co worker tell me to shut the F up and that low carb is for fat people and old people that can't get around. Pretty ridiculous.

    Results don't lie though! Day by day I'm becoming better and better proof that this works!

  • MGiron commented Jul 7th 2011:

    Very well said @tea.

    I've been trying to change my family's eating habits. My dad is down around 20 pounds since he learned that it is not that hard. My mom is really stubborn however, she says she wants to do it, but doesn't want to sacrifice the meals.

    Just try to reach as many WILLING people as you can.

  • Ruby commented Jul 11th 2011:

    I know over 50 people that have been inspired to start the 4HB plan since I started. I think inspired is the key word, in order to keep to the plan you have to understand and accept that 90% of the previous advice handed out for weightloss is flawed and biased. This is not easy - I used to think that people who "did the lentil thing" were nutty hippies. The reason was the GOVERNMENT was telling me it was okay to gorge on fruit and grains/wheat to lose weight. Muesli for breakfast - yeah right!

    Telling people and banging on about it just makes you look like a nutty hippy (in my opinion). But the results speak for themselves and will do the work for you in my experience.

  • sirspiffy commented Jul 7th 2011:

    Many people are just in denial dude. If you want to affect them you have to be more relentless than the media. You have to beat it into them repeatedly and sound like a broken record with a smile. If you know the media and industry are affecting them just use the same tactics. Tell them over and over again what really works with a smile.

  • TeaLove commented Jul 7th 2011:

    Part 1

    Yeah, I hear you dude. I am in a business that on a daily basis I am confronted with people who want results in some way or another but aren't willing to do the work and though at times it can be super frustrating what I have realized is that I have about as much success at changing others who are unwilling as I do with changing the effect of gravity on mass. None.

  • TeaLove commented Jul 7th 2011:

    They have to be TOTALLY ready to make a lifestyle change or it will either:

    a) not stick & cause resentment or

    b) produce temporary results ending in weight gain down the road because they think that (have actually had someone say these exact words) 'Now I can eat like 'skinny people' eat.' Fit people do not eat whatever they want but they generally have learned how to adapt the 80/20 rule into their lives & so they can moderate certain behaviours & enjoy treats occasionally having found a different way to reward themselves that aren't always food related ex. Feeling the JOY of competing in a race, playing soccer with their kids without keeling over etc

    Save your breath for the ones who really want to feel amazing and will do the work but need support and knowledge to get there :)

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I am a HUGE fan of Mark Sisson and his site. Admittedly I am more primal than slow carb (don't hit me) but I see similarities and I think that each community can give the other suggestions and ideas. No one diet is perfect for everyone so we need to share. I think the most important thing between the two is that you should eat REAL food. Period. The major difference is the beans, oatmeal and any grain isn't part of the primal diet. The carb curve helped me get out of my 40 something 10 extra lbs funk that I couldn't get out of regardless of exercise (like P90 and insanity). I had to change what I ate and it has made a tremendous difference in my life.


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great information






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Hey Everyone,

I was also trying to find a bigger version of this. Here's a link to it with even more information:



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can one eat too many carbs and plateau if its mostly veggie carbs (as opposed to bean carbs)?

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