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Cool Blog! Body Fat pics of Men & Women :)


I know that for most of us our goals are either to increase our lean muscle mass, to lose body fat or hopefully at some point achieve both. This takes time and hard work and so for extra motivation I thought I would post a link to this cool blog I found :D

It is similar to Tim's pics in the book about what certain percentages of body fat actually look like but this one also contains some great ones of women! Super inspiring and she discusses, without judgment, the difference in muscle mass and how it changes the overall look of our bodies.

Enjoy! Body Fat Pics

  • TeaLove commented Jan 24th 2012:

    I just wanted to bring this blog up again because I have noticed that some peeps seem to be dropping their goal weight lower and lower when what it really seems like they might want to do it build some muscle. Scroll to the part where it compares two men BOTH with 10% body fat but one clearly has more LMM and right after that it shows two women both with 15% body fat :) Just thought this might help some!

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