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Why 30g of Protein for Breakfast?

I'm sticking very strictly to the SCD but am curious to know why Ferris sees getting 30g of protein in the morning as so important.

In his recorded talks he goes so far as to say it’s the one single thing he'd recommend for weight loss.

What's the theory / science behind this?



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Tim mentions in damage control that on cheat day having a regular SCD breakfast with 30 grams of protein will decrease your appetite for the rest of the day. Probably the same principle for normal days. That said he also recommends each meal is at least 20 grams of protein. Protein is really your biggest ally in fat loss.

Just to maintain muscle, I personally have to have 26 grams of protein with each meal and a 15 gram mini meal.

  • cvesper commented Jun 30th 2011:

    I'm guessing it also gets your metabolism going, but I'm no scientist.

  • beardwiz commented Nov 2nd 2011:

    The only reason is because it does kick start your metabolism.

    I wish you had to enter a code from the book to get on this forum so that people wouldn't waste time asking questions that are clearly answered in the 4 Hour Body

  • justin commented Nov 2nd 2011:

    Is there a study showing breakfast within 30 minutes kick starts your metabolism?

    Also don't worry about people who don't have the book or not (I've felt the same way at times and been guilty of arrogant answers). Just be glad you can pass on what you are learning. The goal is better health for everyone on the site whether someone has the book, has read it, missed a part of the book or not.

    No one should be afraid to ask questions on the site. It may inspire them to buy the book.

  • 42Wired commented Nov 2nd 2011:

    Here is an article that links to studies supporting the idea that eating breakfast assists in weight loss.

  • justin commented Nov 2nd 2011:

    I don't doubt eating breakfast early can assist in weight loss for most people (it did for me early on) as it helps with cravings or eating more later, but I don't think it has been shown that it boosts metabolism. There probably is a study (by a breakfast company) but I haven't seen any. There's nothing in the article showing breakfast within 30 minutes boosts metabolism except for a paraphrased quote of the nutrition manager mentioning that breakfast does. While skipping breakfast (short term fasting) has been shown to boost metabolism:

  • Gretchen Linden commented Nov 3rd 2011:

    Toia - a great resource is Look up your favorites and make your own little chart of amounts. In the beginning, I jotted down something like 3 eggs = 5 egg whites = 1 pkt Starkist tuna = 3/4 cup cottage cheese etc. These are all around 18 g protein. Once you've done that initally, you don't have to measure anything; it will be second nature to just plop the right amounts on your plate. And you really only have to worry about getting the minimum. "Extra" protein is not a problem!

  • Bugzy commented Nov 3rd 2011:

    I use this site: This link will open up on 'lentils', but just go to the 'search' bit in the upper right. It's helpful because it also gives a more detailed nutritional analysis if you scroll down.

  • Jason Walker Jason Walker commented May 14th 2012:

    I agree with Justin, have not seen any studies besides a few Epidemiology studies that show that eating 30g of protein within 30-60 minutes or breakfast for that matter kicks starts your metabolism. In fact if you read the Appendix of the 4Hour Body where it shows some of the data, those who skipped breakfast lost more weight. This actually corresponds with a lot of research around IF strategies. So why the conflicting data between some Epidemiology studies and the clinical studies that show skipping breakfast to be more beneficial for weight loss. Well its the very reason Tim talks about. Skipping it creates hunger and cravings, and you will be more likely to give in to those two things. Those who are disciplined can skip breakfast for added benefit.

  • themiller commented Oct 17th 2011:

    Even if it had no effect on metabolism (which I think it does), it is the main thing that makes you feel satisfied and removes cravings, and perhaps most importantly of all it prevents the main failing of most diets which is muscle loss.

  • Vittoria Solano commented Nov 3rd 2011:

    is there a chart somewhere that indicates the amount of protein in foods?

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I was wondering about that too. Most mornings I just have two eggs with some spinach or tomatoes, and that's only about 12 grams of protein. But it fills me up and I'm just not sure I could cram more in. I know that's the guideline in the book, but it seems pretty strict. Have people had luck losing weight while eating less protein?


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Read this:

it's a long article, but very detailed about what is actually happening in your brain when you eat protein in the morning - he actually recommends 50g every day


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I recently upped my protein intake to 80-100 grams as soon as I get up in the morning. It has totally kicked up my fat loss. I just got some new work shirts that were a little tight around my waist. After only 3 days they felt much looser and now 2 weeks later it has only been getting better!!!


  • rodtrueofabby commented May 14th 2012:

    LL, if you don't mind, what are you eating at breakfast to intake that much protein?

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