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Kettlebell Alternatives

I just went to Big 5 and a 35 lb kettlebell was $80!! I'm assuming a 53 lb kettlebell will run me way over $100. Can I make my own alternative version somehow?


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you can do kettle ball swings with just a heavy dumbell. hold it longwise, do your swings. before the 4hb book we did kettle bell swings with dumbells sometimes at crossfit. just dont let it fly across the room!

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I currently use the Home Depot method from the above answer and it works fine.

Follow the measurements correctly though. Home Depot was out of the smaller pieces to make the handle so I bought 1 inch longer (5 inch instead of 4). It sometimes rubs against my legs now. So smaller handles are better in this case.


Yes, there is an alternative described on Ferriss' blog. Also, if you search Amazon, you can find some for around $45, and they offer free super saver shipping.


Re: for the ladies, just remember a gallon of milk is only 8.6 lbs.


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Tim's describes how to make a cheap kettlebell alternative for $10 using standard weight plates and a few things from Home Depot's plumbing department:

* One 3/4" diameter X 12" pipe threaded on both ends

* Two 3/4" diameter X 4" pipes threaded on both ends

* One 3/4" diameter pipe "T" fitting

* One 3/4" floor flange

* Recommended: One spring clamp

For assembly Instructions, click here and watch the full video.


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I just made a 25lb kettlebell for about $10 using this -

I am so happy with it. It works great!!


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I am thinking of trying to use a 20 kg bag of garden soil, accommodated in a strong textile bag with 2 handles, as an improvised kettlebell, just to see if it works. What do you think of this idea?


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I got my 35lb for $47 with free shipping on Amazon -


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I am living in Germany and found it hard, to find the parts to build my own T-Bar (as Tim described). But the concept of a "universal kettlebell" made me look for something similar.

I found this: Barbarian Kettlebell-Handle (at

It has a real kettlebell grip and you can add standard weight plates (though a little more expensive, about 30 €)


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Just to make you all feel a little better, in Cayman, a 5lb kettleball at a sports store to remain nameless is CI$55. Which is around US$80! A 35lb plate at same store is over CI$110!


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For ladies just starting out: Try a gallon of milk!! The extra calories you'll burn from the cold handle comes free of charge, hehe.

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