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Is Mayo ok?

Is Mayo ok? Say for breakfast two hard boiled eggs with a tablespoon of mayo? eggsalad....yum


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Yeah, you can have mayo in small amounts. I'd say try and limit it to 1 tablespoon per day for a week and monitor your loss. If you feel a stall, try to cut it back to every other day.

Sort of related, I've found this website to be really helpful: http://www.eslowcarbdiet.com/mayonnaise/

  • ms504 commented Jun 28th 2011:

    I agreee, thanks for the link, it's great!

  • Rano_pano commented Jun 28th 2011:

    DUDE!!! BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!! Apart from this, and facebook......so 3rd BEST SITE EVER!! :p

  • Rano_pano commented Jun 28th 2011:

    but it says no cucumber??? is this true?!

  • likwidtek commented Jun 28th 2011:

    I'll make a post about it.

  • cvesper commented Nov 9th 2011:

    Oh I had no idea that it was only allowed in small amounts. Interesting

  • fitorbust commented Mar 19th 2012:

    yeah this site is great buuuutttt not completely accurate. If you arent sure about a food and you need an immediate answer, take the chance and use the site. otherwise, your best bet is to ask on here.

  • TeaLove commented Jun 28th 2011:

    BRILLIANT SITE!! Wow...have you made an original post of just this link yet?

  • Tillyander Moore commented Aug 23rd 2013:

    whole egg mayo only

  • Shahar Reznik commented Feb 8th 2014:

    Great site! thanks!!

  • Michele Marks commented Feb 8th 2014:

    why would that site say that cucumbers are not allowed?

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I make my own mayo at home. Everything that I use is slow carb friendly so I don't limit the amount that I use. Here is the recipe I use...


1 egg

1/2 teaspoon minced garlic

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 teaspoon prepared yellow mustard ( make sure this doesn't have any sugar]

3/4 cup olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


Combine the egg, garlic, lemon juice and mustard in the container of a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth, then blend on low speed while pouring oil into the blender in a fine stream as the mixture emulsifies and thickens.

  • tinasjoi commented Mar 26th 2012:

    I do the same but I use egg whites and one yolk to two whites...I do a dash of hot sauce when I make ground beef....


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Mayo is similar to cheese and butter which are in the "grey" area of SCD. Why? Not because it's about lactose (butter and cheese) etc. It's just because these things are almost pure FATS. Mixing fat with carbs, especially low GI carbs (beans) elevating your blood sugar for extended period of time isn't a good thing. Fats become available in the blood stream in a few hours after ingesting, but low GI carbs also provide not a sharp but quite long insulin spike. So, the body has a perfect opportunity to keep that fat from mayo/cheese/butter.

I personally would recommend eating fatty stuff like mayo and beans in separate meals. Maybe 1 tbsp of mayo doesn't bring any harm but it's so easy and tempting to overdo. So, frying eggs -- add butter or some good quality mayo (ideally, homemade, 100% without carbs). Eating beans -- stick to lean proteins and veggies with no extra fat like mayo.

It all smells purely low-carb/keto, not SCD, but the mechanics of digestions are the same in all diets.

When I was on SCD I avoided fats mostly and lose as a monster (btw, I'm quite lean already, around 10% BF). Fat are tempting but safe when you're fat adopted but I'm not quite sure whether it's possible to become fat adopted on SCD. First of all, SCD isn't designed for it. To me, SCD is the middle option, kinda a variation of the Zone Diet when you still consule sizable amount of carbs (beans) with low fat and high protein. Plus being in the permanent but painless calorie deficit allows to lose BF.

Fat is not an enemy on SCD but don't play with it too much.


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Doesn't Mayo violate Rule#1 from the book? "Avoid white carbohydrates (or anything that can be white). I know it's low on the glycemic index, but I couldn't find information about the insulin response it produces. Milk is also low on the glycemic index, but causes a significant insulinemic response (page 82) which is why we avoid it. I'm curious about whether or not mayo has the same hidden dangers.

  • BobbyBigGuns commented Jul 30th 2011:

    Mayo is made of eggs (usually egg whites), oil and spices...... All of which are allowed. make sure it doesn't have sugar, etc in it.


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It's OK to use in moderation. Definitely don't go over a teaspoon to a couple a day. When your progress starts to slow down, that should be one of the first things you cut out of your routine. Hope that helps!


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