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How about a section of FAQ

How about a section of FAQ so that everyone will have a reference and we won't get so many repeat questions?


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or alternatively just a note that says "search your question before you ask as it's probably been answered already." under "Ask a question" or on the question page.

this could be "gray text" in the text box.

  • TeaLove commented Jun 29th 2011:

    I think both ideas are great. It seems like a lot of people don't do a search on their question before they ask it or maybe just haven't read the book at all??? A little reminder to search it first would help them get the answers they are looking for in a more timely fashion :)

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Also putting....."READ THE BOOK" somewhere near the ask a question bar would help, as alot of questions are quite clearly been asked by someone who has either not read the book, or read it with their eyes shut......

question : am I allowed to lick the sugar from the sugar bowl????



  • roboMarco commented Jul 19th 2011:

    I ate 5000 calories a day, and play WOW for workout. Why am I not losing weight?

  • Rano_pano commented Jul 19th 2011:



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Agreed. I would also suggest an FAQ that users (maybe of a certain level?) can submit to, where mods determine validity, etc, and then it gets posted after the approval process. No sense in a webmaster telling us what is an FAQ without input from actual users (in my opinion). Plus, it'll make an FAQ more tailored to the people - like it should be. ;-)


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I try to search for questions as you type them in to prevent repeating stuff, but new members are just not giving up on "I am starting today, any advice?" or "I am not loosing weight but I look good, what should I do?". I swear I answered ti 30 times.

Can you guys check top votes per category and see if i can collect those automatically would it be good page to send newbies too?

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