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Metamucil -- when is the best time to use?

Months ago I'd started using (1/2 doses of) Metamucil (before meals) for several reasons:

1. lower cholesterol

2. feel a little more filled up

3. possibly help block fat absorption

Recently integrated aspects of the SCD into my meals. This week, started strict. Now... when would be the best time to take Metamucil in conjuntion w/ the Slow Carb diet?

Before starting the SCD in earnest, I took it before either a fatty, or sugary meal. Now I'm not so sure what to do.

But somewhere in "The 4 Hour Body," Tim talked about getting any carb foods though you fast, to minimize the time of any insulin spikes. But would Metamucil extend the time of such spikes?

I asked another question about post-workout Chocolate milk as exercise recovery. I want to keep using it; I don't wanna lose any muscle.

I intended on using Metamucil before the Chocolate Milk in the hopes of negating the insulin spike (though might that defeat the purpose of the CM in the first place?) but now, regarding the whole "pass through you quickly to minimize the time of the insulin spike," I'm not sure what to do...

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Are you trying to lose weight or gain weight (muscles)?

If you're trying to lose weight, chocolate milk is not allowed ( read the book again. No dairy and definitely no chocolate. No sugar and no fake sugar either).

Metamucil has sugar so that's not allowed either (and the sugar free stuff has fake sugar aka aspartame so that's no good. Look for a Psyllium husk alternative without flavoring agents)

The part you're remembering from the book is for the cheat day only. I don't see how taking Metamucil will help with any fat absorption but it can't hurt to add some fiber to a high protein diet like SCD. As for timing, I just take my fiber supplement daily when I'm feeling a tad hungry. That's typically between meals when I feel a slight craving.

Hope that helps!

  • kuriousjorj commented Jun 27th 2011:

    Yeah, I know about milk products, etc. But did you look over my other post I linked above (w/ the study about milk)? I believe Tim says about drinking carb drink within 20 min of a workout. That's what I was using (regular 2% white) milk for.

    I'm doing the SCD only to lose belly fat, but want to keep my muscle bulk. (if that means slightly slower fat-loss, I'd take that trade-off)

    Also, I believe he says 16oz of artificial sweetener is allowed... so I'm hoping the Metamucil falls within that limit. (since I already bought 2 big jugs of it months ago!)

    Regarding Metamucil slowing fat absorption, some studies imply it... others don't. But it definitely slows overall food digestion, that's pretty much agreed upon. I need to look for some of the flavorless psyllium husk you're referenced... thanks for the heads-up on that!

  • kuriousjorj commented Jun 27th 2011:

    [comment didn't take]

    On second glance, yes, Metamucil has sugar, not artificial sweetener, so the 16oz allowance is irrelevant. Darn.


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If you ever get a chance, read the book Fiber Menace. The book will trun you off to using any kind of fiber to promote regularity. Best methods according to that author is to balance intestinal flora with probiotics. My fave one is the Pearls, but the IFlora like Tim recommends is awesome also!

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