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Allowed/Moderate/Avoid Vegetable List

Before posting my questions I want to ask people to not post links to other comprehensive lists. I read many and none are as specific as I wish them to be! Also please don't say "Mixed veg" As the veg inside varies and some may have to be moderated.

Also if it's possible when answering can you state any health benefits that you know of if possible e.g "Spinach: High in Vitamin K which has been shown to help fat loss" That would be an ideal post but of course, put what you can, Any answer helps :)

And also if you can answer part of a question, but not the other half, don't worry, just tell me what you got, don't feel like you have to research to answer the questions totally to be as helpful as possible :)

1. What vegetables can be eaten in unlimited quantities? i,e Doesn't have to be moderated?

2. What vegetables have to be eaten in moderation? Why do they have to be moderated and how often can you eat them?

3. What Vegetables have to be avoided? And why?

4. What vegetables other then carrots contain high levels of caretenoids?

For the last question, I've been doing an experiment based on a study I saw somewhere. The study basically found that a diet high in caretenoids caused the person to have a skin tone which was voted to look healthier and more attractive then when they had a suntan and when was pale. (Was a uni study, Done on a bunch of people)

Also this helped clear up skin blemishes but that could have been down to other vitamins or minerals in the vegetables. I've been trying this for a week by eating 2 or 3 portions of carrots a day and I look less pale and my skin has cleared up some. So it's worth a try if your interested!


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I think carrots are an "in moderation food" and therefore 2-3 portions a day could very well have a negative affect on fat loss.

If you search the forum for "allowed foods" someone made a very comprehensive list, including moderated and banned foods, which was enhanced by other posters comments and answers. IMHO it is the most comprehensive list on the internet (or at least that I have found). I think it's in the Slow Carb Food List Section and was posted in Jan or Feb. There really isn't much point in creating a new one here.

If you search in the same section of the forum you will find a lot of information about different foods. Also googling specific aspects such as "caretenoids" and "starchy vegetables" will yield a large amount of information.

It might be worth re-reading the slow carb diet chapters again, while a lot of vegetables are unmoderated the proportion of veggies to protein and carbs is an important one to note if you want rapid fat loss.

  • Jamie commented Jun 26th 2011:

    Just found a book which answers many of my questions!

  • happymartin commented Jun 26th 2011:

    Jamie - What's the book?

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