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Is it possible to have a 24 hour period cheat day instead of a real day? What about splitting it in 2 or 3 meals during the week?

Can I have a 24h (consecutive) cheat period instead of a cheat day? lets say instead of having my cheat day on saturday I'll have it from friday 4pm till saturday 4pm.

Also can I have 3 cheat meals spread evenly during the week instead of a cheat day? lets say I like dinner better so I make 3 cheat dinners.

Please give me advise and if anyone has tried any of this how un/effective it is.



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Hi there! I'm afraid those are bad ideas and they would only facilitate a slower fat loss experience. The reason for the once a week cheat day is to provide your body with a "shock" or unexpected experience in terms of metabolism and food intake. By surprising your body with such a large amount of calories and carbohydrates, you force it to increase the production of leptin, a fat hormone that, in the long run, helps facilitate more fat loss, and you also force it to increase its metabolism for that day to prevent it from down-regulating from the low caloric intake throughout the week. So in response to your questions, it would not be a good idea to have 3 cheat meals over the course of the week, as it would not only provide your body with a function of consistency, but it wouldn't allow your body to properly release a large amount of leptin because you'll be increasing it's release throughout the week, so effects on fat loss would become stagnant over time. Having 2-3 cheat meals per week would be a good idea for maintenance, once you've reached your fitness goals in my opinion.

Now for your other question; it isn't a good idea to have a 24 hour window simply because that involves you falling asleep in between. When your body goes to sleep, it is primed for fat storage and your metabolic rate falls significantly. Aim for a cheat window of as long as your are awake. Try incorporating "Damage Control" as well, it will help with the cheat day effects. If you have any questions, I'm sure one of us can be of assistance! Good luck.


  • Mauro commented Jun 24th 2011:

    Thanks Jones, couldn't be clearer :)

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I'll give a little bit different answer.

Yes you could have cheat meals instead of a cheat day and still experience weight loss. It may go a little slower.

Here is my reasoning:

1) Tim says if all you do is breakfasts slow carb you will still experience weight loss. Stands to reason, you could modify the diet as you describe and still see results.

2) Geoff Neupert advocates a similar diet with 3-4 cheat meals a week (based on 4-5 smaller meals a day). Considering this, you may want to consider only two cheat dinners a week, after all, dinner is typically the large meal of the day.

3) Tim's results are based on experimentation on himself and reports from other people. Try modifying the diet, track what you eat, measure the results and report back on your success or lack there of!

No you can't have a 24 hour cheat period. Sleep is a big factor in this.

Well, you can, but consider it an experiment. I think it would lower your results.



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Just wanted to add that even if you wanted to split your cheat meals, it would still only be 2 meals, not 3. (The book recommended not starting heavy binging til the second meal of the day) Unless you're really disciplined about it though, things can quickly fall apart and you might just go back to eating whatever. I'd say stick to the plan as outlined in the book.

On a side note: Because I'm perfectly content at my current weight and bf%, I'm currently testing out the split cheat meal plan (one meal on the weekend and another one as a backup for any unanticipated event during the week.). It has't been that long so I can't tell you exactly if it works or not (so far I've gotten better results than whole hogging on a single day) I guess I'll have more info in a month or two.

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