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Day 2 and feeling really irritable

Hi, I'm a total newbie and am wondering if it's normal to feel really irritable? I'm on day 2 of eating slow carb and everything/everyone seems to annoy me.

My food these 2 days:

1 protein shake in a.m. - 29g protein

lunch/dinner - 1.5 cups black beans + 1 cup chicken w/ 2 tbsp salsa; 1-2 cups spinach with salad dressing.

I'm not hungry for snacks throughout the day, but at night (at work) I do eat 2-3 tbsp peanut butter.

Any suggestions?



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Yep, irritability is normal and will go away ...but you may want to take .5 cup of the black beans from your lunch and have it at breakfast though. Give it a try. My 1/4c lentils at breakfast is what stops me from being a total crazy biatch =)...well, mosssstly HA!

  • purplechrissy66 commented Jul 18th 2011:

    I'm also loving my breakfast of 2 eggs (scrambled) with a serving of black beans and 2 tbsps of salsa on top! Sounded gross at first but now I love it and feel energized afterwards!....I too get my lentil fix on my salad with avacado & chicken at lunch! Yummy!

  • TeaLove commented Jul 19th 2011:

    Lol I hear you. The food that I now love once would have made my stomach turn :)

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I am on day 2 too and I have to say that you are irritating me and really annoying in general! :P

Kidding, stick there. It gets better.

Shrink would probably explain that your fat and ugly personality is refusing to let new and beautiful you in, especially since you are one of those people that don't respect authority much (even when they are right) and now not having it your way and having to play by some rules makes you mad.

Ask yourself who's way will it be, fat and irritated old you or cheerful, good looking, full of life, always smiling and making people feel good all around you, new you. Choose that every time, and ask yourself why you are doing it...

  • blackcatkitchen commented Jun 23rd 2011:

    LOL. Thanks! I really like that analogy.


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when you say lunch/dinner does that mean you eat the same meal for both lunch and dinner or you combine lunch and dinner into one meal?

If it's the latter than you are doing it wrong. Without a doubt you need to be eating 4 times a day. If you're only eating twice (what it sounds like), your body is going to slooooow down to conserve energy. You're going to feel like crap.

30 minutes upon waking: 30 gram protein breakfast. A shake will do but for best result you should be eating a good balance of legumes, veges and protein. This will make you feel amazing all morning. I promise. Lots of ice water with it and if you like coffee, drink some to help get your body moving that food out!

4 hours later, lunch! What you listed for lunch is great!

4 hours later, Second lunch! I just do a snack. Like some snap peas and a couple table spoons of hummus or something.

Dinner time! Something similar to your lunch but I'd add in more rough veges. You need that fiber to get that food moving. :) I've also found that a glass of dry wine helps cure any sweet tooths built up through the day.

Sprinkle in about a gallon of water through out the day and you should feel great. Remember, if you get cravings, write them down. Come cheat day you'll have a nice shopping list of fun stuff to eat. This will help your mood for sure

  • blackcatkitchen commented Jun 23rd 2011:

    Thanks! I'm basically having the same food for lunch & dinner - so eating 3x a day. I also have a crazy work schedule (usually 2p - 12 a.) so I just have to plan better for lunch/dinner since I'm not usually home.

    Glad this is normal - I thought for a moment I may have to call in sick to make sure I don't kill a coworker :)


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I didn't feel like talking to anybody for the first week, and 5 months in I feel like talking to people more than I never did before :) Totally worth it, keep it up! :)


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Currently reading the book and I distinctly remember him saying that irritability = not enough calories. I know this is going to be an issue with me... I just can't make myself eat breakfast anymore. I saw you had a shake. What kind of shake did you drink - I am worried about this as that IS my breakfast so I'm worried about being able to find a slow-carb acceptable one? And maybe, if you're like me at all, it'd be helpful to have a 2nd breakfast rather than a 2nd lunch. I know with my breakfast shakes I would always start to feel peckish well before lunch time & I remember feeling like I struck gold when I realized I could eat BEFORE lunch instead of trying to have a big lunch.


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In my experience with different diets, including this one (I'm starting week 3) mood changes are normal, especially if you are making dramatic changes. The first week of SCD I was a complete space cadet...couldn't hold a thought in my head! It's starting to feel a lot more normal now. I'm guessing that after two weeks, you will start to feel more normal. Make sure you are eating enough too!

  • MrEagleRock commented Aug 5th 2011:

    I have been doing the diet 3 weeks now, I will admit that I have been irritable and even a little teary eyed at times. I don't know if anybody has felt that. But, it's almost like a sudden sadness real quick, then it goes away. I have heard this is the effect of slow carbs, just hope my personality isn't changing to dreary one. I feel good other wise, just the sudden moments, I am thinking it's my body craving those carbs.

  • martinifontaine commented Aug 6th 2011:

    I have been teary too. I know from past experience with Atkins that the body takes some time adjusting to a new routine. This week I'm less likely to cry at the drop of a hat, so I think it's starting to level out.


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It's totally normal to feel irritable when starting the SCD, so don't feel weird or anything of that sort! When you first start out, it's definitely a huge physical change your body goes through. Try drinking a lot of water and to definitely eat enough of the approved foods. I know it's tough now, but it won't be tough forever; you'll acclimate to the diet within the first week or so. Keep it up, you can do it!


  • blackcatkitchen commented Jun 23rd 2011:

    thanks! I know I need to add more water during the day. Is tea OK? I usually have a cup of jasmine tea at work and that seems to help keep my murderous tendencies leashed.

  • Minnesota commented Jun 23rd 2011:

    Yep tea is acceptable. ;)

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