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What was the biggest mistake you made while on the slow carb diet?


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Not finding out about it 10 years ago

  • Ruby commented Jun 22nd 2011:


  • Maria Rider commented Jan 23rd 2012:


  • Rodrigo Flamenco commented Jan 24th 2012:


  • lisa_a commented Jan 24th 2012:


  • gracefulklutz commented Feb 21st 2012:

    Yeah! Same here!

  • keithmattg commented Mar 1st 2012:

    for serious.

  • tinasjoi commented Mar 26th 2012:

    Truthfully for me...its NUTS...I stopped buying them, I realized day one it was going to be an issue and decided to stop buying them right then and there....however after losing 135 pounds not eating anything it would have been nice to eat and still loose that....sigh...

  • Charley commented Mar 1st 2012:


  • Laura R. commented Mar 12th 2013:

    worrying that I was eating too much, obsessing about how little exercise was required.

  • Abulonna commented Aug 9th 2013:

    Yepp. 100%correct

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That's easy: peanut butter. I am an absolute PB whore. I only ever get the organic variety with two ingredients: peanuts and salt, but I'd down the stuff by the jar. As soon as I quit it, I dropped 6 lbs in one week!

But a more subtle mistake - not doing exactly what Tim says in the book for one full month, and then modifying it, if desired. I got the book and followed it quite closely, but still ate handfuls of almonds, globs of peanut butter, spent too much time at the gym, and had a few happy hour beers on non-cheat days. After I didn't lose much weight, I got discouraged. Then I took June to do exactly as the book says:

1. track inches, BF% (via calipers), and weight

2. eat 4 SC meals per day with NO snacking in between

3. cut out 95% of nuts (I have two brazil nuts daily and 2 tbsp crushed walnuts on salads)

4. I cut out 100% of peanut butter on non-cheat days. Occasionally I have 1 tbsp all-natural almond butter before meals to lower the glycemic index of the meal, as indicated in the Glucose Switch. Also, I tend to eat fist-sized portions of peanut butter on cheat days :)

5. no beer on non-cheat days

6. kiwi a/b workouts twice per week (though I still do hiit sprints twice per week too, but these are 20 minute workouts that I think Tim would approve of)

7. small, whey protein isolate shakes with 1/2 cup soymilk after workouts

8. all-out binge once a month, otherwise moderate binge days - mostly beer, peanut butter, and small portions of non-slow carbs.

I literally have done nothing outside the confines of the book for the past month and have lost 9 lbs. This is after 3 months of doing 90% SCD, 10% cheating and losing about 4 net lbs. To everyone looking to start - do EXACTLY as the book says for just one month, then if it works, try small modifications and track all effects.

  • Eric I commented Mar 9th 2013:

    I limit myself to 2 tbsp of peanut/almond butter per day and I love nut butters so much! I used to eat Pb&J all the time. But then I realized it was really the Pb I was after more than anything. Much in the same way that the fizz was all I was really after in soda, so once I took the sugar out, I was a much better/thinner person.

  • Rom commented Apr 11th 2013:

    That would make a great band name "peanut butter whore"


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Making mistakes and worrying about the consequences, instead of just getting over it and doing it better from that point on.

Sorry, not trying to push out some wise words, but that really was a big thing for me.

Once I screwed up on having to many nuts, so I wanted to give up... It's ridiculous I know. But once I make I mistake I start worrying, get demotivated or think "now it doesn't matter if I do a REAL cheat now...". And that is always way more counterproductive than any mistake...

Or was this more like a fun question, sharing funny screw ups?

Then it would be a 20-egg-omlette in a tiny pan :)

(but it was for two guys)

Or saving my posing pictures on my phone and giving it in someone else's hand, because I wanted to show him some photos... naturally people start scrolling through all your photos... :)


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Reading the book but not reading the book "properly".

There really should be a test at the end of every chapter, lol!


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Not drinking enough water. My idea of water consumption was maybe 3 glasses not 3 liters! Thank goodness my office is close to the bathroom because I'm now the office tinkle queen.


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Here is a huge list of all the things I was doing wrong:

I Was 'Stalling' and Here is Why..

It cracks me up now because once I made a list of all the things I thought I could get away with I finally woke up. Initially, I was too embarrassed to publicly admit it but I figured that if it helps someone else understand or not make the same mistakes I did then it was worth it :D


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Working out and/or lifting too much. Both things were creating issues. Working out too much made me far hungrier and more likely to over eat domino food. Lifting too much made me more muscular than I wanted to be. Honestly I find the best weight loss results when I exercised very little. Anyone have similar issues?


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Not getting enough protein on cheat days.


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whey protein shakes stalled my weight loss, also adding sour cream and a small amount of cheese did me in


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Not drinking enough water! Seriously! Every day that I do not get at least 100 ounces of water, I can see it in the scale the next day.

Also, not getting enough sleep. I know this isn't really something Tim makes a big issue out of but it is inherent throughout the book whenever he talks about his routine. I find that if I do not get enough sleep, my fat loss slows. Luckily, the Magnesium supplements Tim suggests work very nicely!

  • gracefulklutz commented Feb 21st 2012:

    I have only been doing this for three weeks, but not reading labels has tripped me up. I got some pre-packaged chicken fajita strips at Kroger last weekend. I thought since it was chicken, it would be safe. After cooking some bell peppers and onions I added the chicken strips and ate it like that. About an hour later, I was starving and not for lack of food. The next day, I read the ingredients and it was full of modified corn starch. No sugar or carbs, but the starch will do it. I try to stick to unprocessed foods and read labels now.


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Not reading the ingredients. Lots of stuff I assumed had no sugar or flour actually did.


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Not eating enough while doing occam's protocol!


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I have found roasted okra and green beans. Only ingredients: okra, non hydrogenated canola oil, dextrin and salt. They are crunchy, full of fiber and didn't seem to affect my weight. Just looked up dextrin today..... Big oops! One of those hidden sugars. Here's a list I found


I am a bit bummed, cause I miss that crunchy snacky food.


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I've got an eating problem on scd. I forget to do it. I get pretty involved in my work and go the whole day without eating. I ended up having to set a food alarm at one point so I'd stop feeling light headed and grouchy.

I'm good now but it was a long couple of weeks for my wife. :)


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I will still make mistakes, week 6 and I was hovering and stalled around 13 pounds, I started measuring protein, eating way too much I think. stopped with the stevia, started doing air squats, drinking 2 glasses of cold water before breakfast, lentils are the best beans but for some reason I avoided trying them -- measuring the weight gain after cheat day made me consider taming it down some, because that got out of control. Today I got up to 17 pounds so I think I tweaked something.


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Eating a ton of soybeans (edamame and all manners of processed soy)...turns out these are really bad for you! I ended up chucking the entire pot of soybeans I had cooked the night before after reading up on the terrible side effects of phytic acid (and phytoestrogen) in soybeans.

Then I logged on to the 4hourbody site and turns out soybeans are a no-no.

Avoid all soybeans!

  • spadeyyz commented Aug 28th 2011:

    I am confused. Tim mentions in the book specifically that soy beans are ok. In the section marked "The Slow Carb Diet I " it is listed under the foods allowednunder legumes.

  • yarnphreak commented Sep 1st 2011:

    Tim says quite a few things that contradict himself. One of those things are soybeans.

    from shawngmarincas' post:

    Page 523 under Meatless Machine I, the question reads

    "How do I get enough protein on a vegan diet... without soy?"

    and then he goes in to a whole thing basically confirming what I had been told regarding the effects of isoflavones (phytoestrogens) on the system and how it can cause thyroid problems. ("Studies have demonstrated that just 30 grams of soy per day for 90 days can disrupt thyroid functions")

  • spadeyyz commented Sep 1st 2011:

    Good to know. In my 2 weeks of doing th ediet I had them once. One bag split between 3 of us.

  • Zumbagirl commented Mar 1st 2012:

    I just read this: is it wrong? Yes. – Edamame (soy beans in unrefined form) are allowed, in any amount, on the slow carb diet.

  • sirspiffy commented Mar 11th 2013:

    Not wrong per se. Will it help you lose fat yup. Will it have a whole host of unintended consequences ultimately making you worse off, yup.

    Final present day verdict on unfermented Soy is definitely NO. Its not doing your body any favors.

  • Tillyander Moore commented Apr 15th 2013:

    no soy products whatsoever


Too much (homemade) salad dressing. I love having a huge salad topped with refried beans and avocado for dinner, but I couldn't get enough of the delicious dressing. It's mostly olive oil, but also has sesame oil and tahini, so the fat (calorie) content is high making it easy to go over the daily limit. I was double-layering the dressing while the scale stayed unchanged. When I switched to single-layers, I resumed my 1kg/week loss.

  • Michelle Bequette commented Aug 28th 2013:

    Hmm. I wonder if i'm getting too much fat. I sauté onions and spinach for my eggs in ghee, and have been tossing all my lentils and veggies in olive oil. How much fat is too much?

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