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Week Five and I Gained Back 5 Pounds?

I've been pretty happy with the overall progress of the SCD. I started over 4 weeks ago, and have lost aprox. 2 pounds every week. I normally weigh 151 pounds, but when I started this diet I was at about 158. I though it was false weight, but I had been up for a few weeks so it must have been real weight gain. I tend to retain water like no other, so I normally don't freak out too much about "false" water weight.

Anyway, going into my last cheat day I was 152 but I also hit my cycle that week. I didn't have much of a cheat on Saturday, and I ended up cheating on Sunday too. Now I'm at 157!! and it's been almost a week from my cheat.

This leads me to my chief complaint about this diet, the water retention for me after a mild cheat day is insane! Like I can't even wear my normal clothes the next day! Should I start incorporating the PAGG and other tricks on my cheat day? I don't have a lot of extra money for supplements right now. For this week I'm thinking to skip the cheat day or make it a meal.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how to come off the SCD without gaining everything back?



PS I am in my mid 30s and have two kids, so I'm trying to hold on until week 6!!! But if the weight doesn't come down soon, or God forbid I gain anything else I'll have to throw in the towel :(


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Hey now, don't give up! I have to commend you for sticking to diet, it isn't an easy task when you have two kids to take care of, a life to deal with, and see results like the bounce back you've just seen. I totally understand. I'm sort of the same way, my body retains water like no other, and I can say that with some confidence. My advice, don't sweat it. You hit your "cycle," so amongst all of the lady problems you are dealing with, your body is also retaining extra water than normal, so don't feel like it's the end of the world, because it isn't, and you will come out of this the victor.

Have you tried incorporating Damage Control? I remember after I started incorporating the protocol I saw myself revert to pre-cheat day physique much more quickly than usual. I also wouldn't worry about supplements, as they are, only supplements; aids to your own progress that you did all by yourself, without them. Have you also been measuring your body with a tape measure? I think this would also help you determine whether or not you have false results or not. It's quite common to gain muscle on this diet, and sometimes this gain in muscle will shadow your loss in fat, and with that you see weight fluctuation at a minimum. I suggest measuring yourself every week before your cheat day begins for accurate results, measuring your mid thighs, hips, abdomen and waist circumferences, and lastly your mid biceps.

Don't let this bump in the road screw with your mind. Sometimes weight loss is honestly one convoluted form of punishment someone decided to bestow upon us, but stick along for the ride, you're not doing anything wrong, and if you do end up doing something wrong, you'll be able to fix it. We're here for you.


  • turbosam commented Jun 19th 2011:

    Thanks, I definitely need more committed to the "Damage Control" section. When asking about supplements I am referring to PAGG and Cinnamon capsules, and if they're an everyday thing or just for cheats.

    I can actually see the water on my body and my clothes are tight so I am not even going to measure until next week.

    I am sure by Friday I will be singing the praises of SCD once again. I hope anyway :)

  • Ruby commented Jun 19th 2011:

    When you say "you can see the water" on your body, does that mean you have hit that time of the month? If so, then try not to worry. I am just coming off mine and overnight the majority of my water retention melted away and my scales were much lighter! It was really worrying because I seemed to be far more bloated than usual and was panicking a little that it was fat. I picked up an all natural supplement to treat water retention during your period. Am going to give it a go on the next one and will report back if you are interested

  • turbosam commented Jun 19th 2011:

    Yes! Let me know, I normally don't retain water for this long after my cycle. I'm waiting it out. I can see the water and feel it, i'm wondering if maybe I should cut out beans or something the week after my period to cut down on the water retention.

  • Ruby commented Jun 19th 2011:

    Up your water intake, if you are retaining water the best way to counter it is to drink more - crazy I know. I felt like a blimp, I usually only retain water noticeably for 3 days and it's not huge amounts. But this last one I ended up walking round like I was 9 months pregnant and it felt awful. I went to the doctor - who is very supportive of this plan and he said drink more water and look into herbal remedies - then he reminded me to check the label for hidden sugars! It could just be your body reacting to the huge changes being on 4HB brings.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see ....

  • turbosam commented Jun 19th 2011:

    I'm also lifting more, and have started a full on assault on my lower body. I know muscle retains water when it's sore, and i'm sore.

    UGH!! Dieting makes me crazy!!

  • Ruby commented Jun 19th 2011:

    Also remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so it maybe that you are losing fat but increase in muscle is hiding it on the scales

  • PeFlo commented Oct 3rd 2011:

    Hello there!

    If you started working out your lower body 1: When muscles recover they retain water. 2: you are gaining muscle.

    Don't give up because the fat will start coming off.

  • AmberRose commented Oct 4th 2011:

    Huh, I never knew that recovering muscles retained water, but that can be why I saw a slight increase this morning (I started the Kiwi's full workout yesterday and man oh man, do my muscles need to recover!) Thanks!

  • TeaLove commented Oct 3rd 2011:

    This: "1: When muscles recover they retain water." Exactly :)

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