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Has anyone else gotten sick on cheat day? (possible TMI)

I don't know if the food I'm eating on my cheat days is just that much richer than I eat during the week or what? I've had two cheat days so far. The first one gave me diarrhea and the second one had me vomiting. I don't feel like I'm overeating. I eat less volume on cheat days than on SC days. Here's what I ate.

1st Cheat day:

2 hard-boiled egg whites

cup of yogurt w/ granola (this is when the diarrhea and generally feeling like crap started)

3-4 fun size crunch bars throughout the day

Don't remember lunch or supper

2nd cheat day:

Myoplex RTD protein shake

no snack

Lunch at Toot's (fried pickles and breaded chicken fingers with blue cheese) (nauseous afterwards)

Pizza rolls (5-10)

Vegetarian Pizza, thin crust (nausea, vomiting, felt like crap for the next 24 hours)

Any advice on how NOT to get sick on my cheat days? I'd love to be able to enjoy them.

  • L8F commented Jun 18th 2011:

    I find doing a strict SCD breakfast, with things from the damage control chapter really cuts down on me feeling ill. Agree with below about the dairy too. Don't forget the beans in AM for more fiber--->less GI grossness. I am moving away from really sweet stuff. Got ill after a cupcake last week and it ruined the day.


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Your sicknesses always seem to fall directly after you have consumed a dairy product. Yogurt/blue cheese/pizza (I assume cheese on it). Skip the dairy, even on cheat day, and you might be better off. Worth a shot at least!

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Nov 20th 2011:

    I got sick on my first cheat day to but not any more i always ate a good protein breakfast before my first cheat meal and i dont eat as much. your bodys getting use to clean eating thats a good thing =)

  • T-C commented Jun 17th 2011:

    No kidding. I didn't even notice. I'll try to avoid that next time and see how it goes. Thanks!

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I have retched over the toilet but did not fully blow chunks.

This was on a day that I (5'4.5" 126 lb. female) consumed about 5000 calories. NEEDLESS TO SAY, it was pretty disgusting and I would have definitely vomited had I not partaken of a nice, natural, green anti-emetic and been very active that day, hiking for about five hours. But then again I would not have eaten so much if not for partaking in the anti-emetic as I will call it. Creating problems and then solving them!

Surprisingly, I felt fine the next day and had no further gastrointestinal issues whatsoever. That being said, I'm not in a hurry to do a cheat day like this again since I felt so disgusting during.

I've been doing the SCD since June, so I've had a quite a few cheat days and I do them big. I can tell you what makes for a particularly heinous/nauseating one (for me):

a) Getting little to no physical activity

--At least do something more than walking from your car to Dunkin', you will be able to eat 100x as much without feeling sick. I break this one at times since I just want to get out and eating, but I have regretted skipping it every single time.

b) Fake food

--Days in which I ate fast food or packaged foods were the worst. Worst offenders were: McDonald's food and one of those nasty neon cakes from the grocery store. NEVER AGAIN *shudder*. On days where I went to good restaurants and prepared food myself, I felt fine other than being a little too full and looking like I was 4 months pregnant.

c) Eating like a starved dog

--Don't stuff things down like you're a bitch in prison! Enjoy and savor what you eat, preferably with friends; you have all day to do it.

And also, listen to what s joshua says, avoid things that you're sensitive to always.

  • s joshua commented Nov 21st 2011:

    Love the terminology, definitely a staple to dietary success for me! ;)


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I only got sick once and I am not really surprised. It was about 6 weeks ago and the day that I crammed my cheat between the hrs of 5pm-10 pm. I ate 20 'fun size' kit kats (yeah, it was not as much fun as they imply), 2 cookies, a big mac (omg spew), 6 chicken nuggets, full fat coconut yogurt, chocolate macaroons and some chips...

Yeah, by 11pm I was covered in a cold sweat, shakey, having minor heart palpitations and promptly threw up. My tips? Don't do what I did.

Yuck. I am shocked that I didn't have a heart attack or sink into a diabetic coma!

  • Ruby commented Jun 24th 2011:

    According to the book you need Cheesecake to fall into a coma :=)

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Nov 20th 2011:

    lol good one i looooooooooove!!!!!!! cheesecake yum my fav=)

  • Roselyn Poon commented Jul 29th 2012:

    lol love it Ruby

  • Ray Porter commented Jul 30th 2012:

    I definitely got sick, it was the milk shake I had at the end of cheat day. I'm sure i ate 3000 calories on Sat.

  • Stephen Bell commented Sep 10th 2012:

    Saturday was my first cheat day,Man I got sick as a dog! It made me happy to eat mixed veggies,black beans and chicken again.....felt like I was going to die!


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After a few record cheat days ( the time I had Arby's curly fries and a roast beef sandwich from there. Arby's is GROSS...but not much else was nearby...EW! never again.lol .... oh and cheat day after a 25 hr religious fast.... i was up until 4 am with a sugar high!!!!!) I have been somewhat tame with my cheatdays usually.... I tend to opt for 1-2 cheat meals after a SCD brekkie of course.... have as much herbal teas as i can , and a few cups of coffee... agreed on the physical activity part. it helps, of course!!!!!!

I now like to stick to basic things i enjoy but miss- goat cheese and sweet potato in a delicious green salad, some frozen yogurt from the yogurt shop, 1 or 2 pieces of (preferably gluten free) pizza, some healthy/multigrain bread, cheeses and some greek yogurt with berries, a skinny Starbucks latte ..... some of these are things I would eat in the past on a regular basis but are now off limits..... going for the fries, whole pizzas, and donuts are just not for me....but i LOVE me some Tim Horton's Timbits! just 1 or 2 !! yum~! :D

  • Jennifer Hutchinson commented Jul 29th 2012:

    All of those are great ways to prevent. Lentils are perfect to preent diarrhea, or even stop it. One of the best tips in the book, and I always drink at least one glass of grapefruit juice on cheat day as well. Usually after breakfast as suggested. I haven't gotten sick but if I start going heavy on the sugar, I do start to perspire while eatin or shortly after. That is something that I had never experienced before.


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Exact same thing happened to me! First cheat day diarrhea like nothing I have seen before!!! Second cheat day (today)... Throwing up! I never throw up! This has only happened twice in my life! Not looking forward to 3rd cheat day!!!

  • Cathieely Enter last name commented Nov 20th 2011:

    it will get better=)

  • Nicole Pape commented Jul 29th 2012:

    On cheat-day. Whenever I have something (like chocolate cake, breakfast with croissant and lots of sweet stuff, pizza, you name it) and feel full, I wait and check how I feel. That helps a lot. Whenever I feel only a little bit sick, I stop for a couple of hours. And then I also enjoy healthy things like fruit, that I´m not allowed to have during the week. (Funny, now that it´s forbidden fruit tastes much yummier. ;-) )

    I hope, you will be feeling better next time and can fully enjoy your cheat day!


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I just searched for this, since I've had the same problem.

This past cheat day, I went out for brunch, and had french toast with blueberries and three eggs. (Normally I eat lentil soup and 2-3 eggs for breakfast.)

A while later I had a cappuccino (something I used to have a few times a week, but have dialed way back on the diet).

I don't know what it was, but an hour or two later, I felt horrible, and wound up vomiting. I'm going to try those foods in isolation on future cheat days (just the french toast or just the coffee) to figure out what is going on.

I used to eat that sort of meal every weekend, sometimes both saturday and sunday (although somewhat smaller portion), so I wonder if I'm more sensitive to these foods now that I'm not as exposed to them. I'd had greek yogurt the night before (within the 24 hour cheat window) and felt fine, so it's not like I hadn't had any dairy that week before the ill-fated brunch...


  • Nicole Pape commented Jul 29th 2012:

    Maybe it was the fruits in combination with milk. I felt sick one morning combining ananas with a caffe latte.


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yup, same here. not the vomiting, but the diarrhea !

Had a few cheat days, and the last weeks I am starting to feel sick after lunch, and that continues mostly until sunday. (cheat day is on saturday)

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