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How much are you losing so far?

Hi Everyone,

I'm a female 5'7'' and my starting weight was 194.8 . Today is my 17 th day on the diet and I have lost 5 pounds so far.

I'm just wondering how much each one of you have lost so far and which way do you use to measure fat loss percentage?


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If you are not happy with your results thus far, re-examine your habits. At first I thought that the diet wasn't working for me. After a week or so I really stopped and looked at how I would lie to convince myself that I was really sticking to it. "Just a little ranch or bbq sauce won't hurt, just one glass of skim milk can't be that bad"

All of those little things really add up. I lost 2 lbs the first week of "sticking with it" once I got online (I use like a bible) and saw all the stuff that I thought was ok wasn't, starting being really HONEST with myself, the results started to come. I lost 7lbs the second week.

I did terrible this weekend due to an event I had to be at but I am not pretending that I stuck with the diet. I am owning up that I sucked it and I am getting back on my horse this week and coming back stronger than before - don't cheat yourself and you will see the results you want.

  • MomaMia commented Oct 6th 2011:

    Thanks for refering to the website I had no Idea that it exhisted and it has been very helpful to me as I am just learning about the SCD as a new lifestyle. Thanks for your wonderful help

  • kurtzies commented Oct 7th 2011:

    Np Destiny. Stick with it. I am nearly 40lbs down. Woot!

  • Steph commented Oct 7th 2011:

    HOLY CRAP! That website is AWESOME!! THANKS!!

  • Phil Michalak commented Oct 10th 2011:

    Just be careful of it. It's not always correct. For instance, you can't have tomatoes in any amount as it says. Too much fruit sugar.

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I am 5'10" and my starting weight was 222lbs. In the first 4 weeks I lost 21lbs. My current weight is 168lbs. So I have lost a total of 54lbs. As far as inches go, around my belly button I went from 42 inches to my current 33 inches. I have been on slow carb for a total of six months. This definitely works, and the closer to your goal weight you are the slower it is, that is only normal. So if you are only trying to lose 20lbs in total, you might only lose 2lbs a week. My first week I lost 6lbs, and then it start to taper off, going to 4lbs some weeks, to 1.5lbs other weeks. The key is to stick with the program and push through any set backs.

  • FlyingPig commented Jun 23rd 2012:

    This is a very good point. The heavier you are, the quicker the weight will drop off. I only have 20-30lbs to lose and the weight is actually coming off very slowly. I don't let this discourage me as I know I am building muscle too (kettlebelss) and I lost 3 inches around the waist in one month and look much better in the mirror.


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I'm a female, 42 & 5'2" and my starting weight was 247 lbs. As of last Saturday, the end of my 8th week, I have lost 23 lbs and 14" so far.

I am not sure how to measure fat loss % I have a body fat monitor, but I do not think it is very accurate. :P I mostly measure by the scale and by measuring tape.

My husband is 46 & 5'7" and started at 236.8 lbs and as of last Saturday, he has lost 17.8 lbs and 10.75".

  • Maria Rider commented Aug 5th 2011:

    Just an update, I'm at the end of Week 16 on the Slow Carb Diet. Tomorrow is cheat day, BUT as of LAST WEEK (Week 15), I have lost 39 lbs and 23" so far.

    My husband has lost 27.4 lbs and 14" so far. :) We've tweaked it as we've went along, changing things, adding some's great to think of this as more of an experiment or challenge than a "diet"'s so much more than that. :) This week we're omitting pork in all forms this week and I have been doing Perfect Posterior exercises M-T-W-Th so far. :) I plan on doing it tonight as well and see how that works. It seems when I do exercises I tend to lose more inches than on weeks where I do almost no exercise.

  • ambrummer commented Oct 6th 2011:

    AMAZING! Would you post pictures? You guys are OBVIOUSLY doing it how it's supposed to be done and would be an inspiration to all of us.

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 6th 2011:

    Update: As of Week 24 on the Slow Carb Diet(last Saturday) I have lost 58.2 lbs and 33" My husband has lost 37 lbs and 17" Doing 6 elliptical sessions a week now(for the past 3 weeks) and 3 sets of Perfect Posterior/Six-Minute Abs exercises (MWF). We increase our protein a few months ago..but that's about it. :) Pics? I'm not brave enough for pics yet, BUT I do have them. Been taking a weekly pic each week since the beginning.

  • Arelleth commented Oct 7th 2011:

    congrats Akane!


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Hi all, so far I've lost 4 kg (8.8lb) in about 6 weeks. My wife's lost about 5kg (11lb) in the same time frame.

Nice to see some good results here. It's very motivating :)


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I have been on the SCD for a year and change now. I'm 6'1" and started at 330 lbs. As of this morning, I weighed in at 245.6 lbs. By the time my birthday rolls around in September, it is my hope to be at 230 lbs and to have shed a total 100lbs on my way down to a healthier weight. I don't track body fat percentage, though I suppose it might be a good thing to do.

While I run twice a week I also do some pretty intense weight lifting and have put on all kinds of new muscle, which is why I anticipate I haven't lost more, quicker, as I am putting on good weight as well.


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I've lost close to 10 lbs in 8 weeks--female and 36 years old, 5'7" and currently 159lbs. I am very happy with this so far. I have lost a lot of fat, and this is clear from all sorts of ways: calipers, pants fitting, appearence of thighs etc. I feel like I look like I lost way more than 10 lbs...I am not sweating the "slow" weight loss, I feel so much better. Also look very different.


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I'm female, 6'2" and on day 13. So far I've lost 18.4lbs, 4 inches off my waist and 2.5 inches off my hips. I only use these measurements and take them every morning as soon as I wake up - it helps me tweak what I'm doing and also acts as motivation to keep going. I suspect a good 5lbs of this was water retention from my monthly cycle.


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5'11" male, and I'm down 30 lbs in 6 months (down to 190 from 220!)

I've lost weight faster before, but it never stayed off. I've found this diet to be so sustainable. I would probably be lower, but for my wife and I taking a vacation to Disneyworld for a week that set me back considerably. Totally worth it though!


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I'm a 53yo woman with more than 100 lbs extra weight. I've lost 18.5 in 11 weeks. Probably could have lost more at first, but was having nuts in the beginning (a half cup a day!) because I thought it was ok (I had not read the book before starting; now I know the nuts were, well, NUTS! LOL) :)


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sounds about like mine. I"m 5.6 starting wgt 194 was down to 187 now back up to 189 cheat day was tues. Today is day 17 for me. Was happy then discouraged but I'll see what my weight is Monday, day before my cheat day. I know you aren't suppose to weigh every day but I can't help but. The only thing I am not sticking to the diet 100% is my non dairy creamer which i use in my coffee. I bought a glucose meter today so I am going to monitor my glucose levels and see what numbers I get.


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I am a mom of two in her mid thirties. I also have a thyroid condition as well, which has made it really difficult to lose weight in the past.

I started SCD exactly one month ago. I started the recommended supplements three weeks ago. As of today, I have lost a total of 12lbs. For me this is just fantastic. In the past it would have taken me 12-15 weeks to reach this weight. I have yet to start exercise or the kettle balls, but look forward to.

In terms of measurement, I have a whole spreadsheet with graphs and the whole works, and every time I turn on my computer, I open up the workbook and look at my results. So far I am only weighing myself, but I can say with certainty that my pants, and underpants are much looser.

So happy to see everyone's results.




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I'm 5' 10", starting at 239 lbs exactly one week ago today. I ate only meats, lentils and veggies during that week and lost exactly 4.2 lbs. I drank nothing but water and unsweetened black or Moroccan mint tea.


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Today ended week 6 for me, and I've hardly lost anything. I am uber committed and a non-strayer from protocol. I am perimenopausal and have not cycled this entire time, have 3 kids also.

However, pants which used to be unwearable are very comfortable now.

My measurements are not changing a ton, an inch here and there.

However, this IS my week to shine and drop some poundage!!!!



  • Maria Rider commented Oct 11th 2011:

    Good Luck, Joy!! I hope you do! I am hoping for great things this week. I've already lost 2.4 lbs of the 2.6 I gained from cheat day Monday morning. So, I am really hoping to see a big number this week cause next week is my monthly...and I really don't lose much less than a lb if I am lucky.


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I'm a 58y/o female, last weigh-in date was Saturday. Started at 171.4 lbs, 40.7% BF. After 6 weeks I'm down to 158.4 lbs, 34.4% BF. That's a loss of 13 lbs and 6.3% BF, as well as 13.25 total inches. I'm down one clothing size. I measure BF on an Omron scale, not the most accurate but I'm tracking the relative changes. I also do PAGG, ice packs, and kettlebells 3x/week. I spike a lot after cheat days and it doesn't always come off in those first 3 days like some others, but it does keep trending downward and every week has been at least some loss. Best thing, this has straightened out my nutrition, my blood sugars (gone be the cravings and mid-afternoon slumps!!), my energy, my hydration, my elimination, and my sleep. And I'm not suffering at all with the diet limitations. I also track everything so I can see what impacts different changes have. Didn't do picture, but the tape measure is pretty telling!


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Male 35 y/o,

5'10, 222lbs

Started in May and now down to 192lbs. Haven't even worked out in about a month. Stick with it, even when you don't lose weight for weeks your body is still changing for the better and all of a sudden the LB's start dropping again.

  • Gretchen Linden commented Oct 12th 2011:

    This is encouraging, airdoza. I started in May too and have seen a real slowdown the last several weeks, but I do see so many other benefits and it's all still going in the right direction. I guess I'm just impatient and I should knock that off!


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I'm female, 25 years old, 1,75m (5' 9'')

I' ve started with SCD a week ago and lost 6.614 lbs / 3kg. My starting weight was 227.08. Way to go!

I really didn't expect to lose weight so quickly.




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Just in regards to calculating your body fat percentages...

I recently bought a product off ebay called 'omron fat loss monitor'.

It works by passing an electronic current through your body, and as electricity passes through muscle faster than fat, it is able to work out your body fat percentage. It will also work out your BMI.

it cost about $50 and well worth the investment. I highly recommend it!


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My husband and I have both lost 10 lbs in just over a month. I think it's settling down to about 2 lbs per week. I don't do the supplements, but I do the ice pack on the neck and I've just started doing the kettlebell swings. I haven't made an appointment yet for DEXA or BodPod, so I'm just using a tape measure so far. I've lost quite a few inches!


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5'10", 35 yr old female

Start Date: :D If I am REALLY honest my true start date was around May 15th. Prior to that for 5 whole weeks I was totally screwing around, trying to cut corners and not seeing ANY results except for an initial 1.5 lb loss.

Start weight from above start date: 147.6 (or .4, can't remember).

Last Pre-Cheat weigh in (last saturday): 141.6lb

Total Lbs Lost in 4 weeks: 6 lbs

Average Loss per week: 1.5 lbs

I am long over due to get my bf tested again and am interested to see what info THAT will yield as I can see the striations in my delts again, a lovely separation at pecs, increased vascularity (have my mega vein that runs along the biceps visible again WHOOP), visible obliques etc.

My loss has been slower but I sort of expected that.

Hang in there Freestar! You are doing great!


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Congrats on your progress thus far! I suggest you start taking body measurements with a body measuring tape to see more clearly how well you are doing on this diet. You could have gained muscle on the diet, and the gain of muscle will mask loss in weight, so you might not see all the results you have achieved thus far.

I usually lose anywhere from 1-2 lbs per week when on the SCD, but there are many that lose 5+ lbs per week; it depends on each individual. Keep up the good work, and we can't wait to hear about your upcoming success!


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