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I am Gaining.. what am I doing wrong?

Hello all,

So this is week three for me, in my first week I dropped about 7 pounds (yay). Then week two I stepped on the scaled on Saturday morning (binge day) and was up three pounds. This morning (4 days after binge day) not I am up a total of 5 pounds!

I follow the diet pretty religiously some of my average meals are:

4 eggs 2 bacon (every morning including binge day)

Home made chili- no added sugar using tomato sauce with no added sugar, lots of beans, stewing beef and ground beef.

"Taco mix" - ground beef homemade taco seasoning broccoli, carrots, red pepper, onion, garlic, mushrooms.

Chicken breast and Salad with tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, spinach, red pepper, lentils, green onion.

Chicken and veggie stir fry in olive oil

Steak, asparagus, beans (kidney) fried in steak marinade (this has 1g sugar per table spoon and will be my first cut)

Edamamae beans fried with lentils in butter onion and garlic

Candied Salmon (when I need a fix but not much)

Beef jerky (if needed but very little)

I don’t drink enough water

I have a coffee every morning with 2 creams and some cinamin

I also just got some green tea and will be having that throughout the day. I use splenda and have maybe 1 glass of sweet tea a week and I also w have fresca and another diet soda on hand is I need a sweet fix but often only one can a day and sometimes 2

I am a 23 year old female starting weight 216.8 current weight 214

I have lost 2” on my butt, 2.5” on my waist (I have lost 3 but I have gained about .5” in the last week or so) and 1” on my chest.

  • Joiedevivre commented Jun 18th 2011:

    If you are losing inches, don't even look at the weight. I was working out with weights and was losing no weight and getting discouraged. My trainer measured my BF w/ calipers... I had gained 5lbs of muscle and lost 5lbs of fat! I could tell. My arms looked toned. KUTGW! Inches matter and THAT is success - better than I am doing (0") :(


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how much of that do you eat in a day? keep track. find a day where you lost weight- how much did you eat and what? repeat. = success.

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Well done so far - I agree with one of the other people that replied that it could be muscle gain contributing here.

However, that said:

    Are you keeping a record of how many calories you have each day and how many grams of sugar you are taking in? Seems like a hassle but its worth do, even if just for a week - I realised pretty quickly that I was taking in far too much sugar without realising it and halved it through better choices.

    The daily can or two of diet soda - diet or not its not going to be the best for you, I'm not saying cut it completely - everyone needs some sanity items but you could reduce the amount to 1/2 can daily for a week and see what happens.

    Good luck


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Here's a few suggestions:

- Cut our the splenda or any beverage that has "diet" in its name. Replace Splenda with Stevia, if you need the sweet. In terms of drinks, I do drink "Ultimate Replenisher" in the grape flavour. They cost about $1.00 per packet, and are a tasty electrolyte drink sweetened with Stevia.

- Beef Jerky is really high in salt. Salt will make your body retain water. The scale does not differentiate between water and fat.

-For Breakfast, try eating 1 whole egg with 4 egg whites, with legumes of choice. Replace your bacon, with Turkey Bacon.

- Eat a limited amount of carrots as they are high in sugar.

- Any food with "candied" in it looks like it would turnaround fat loss.

- Drink More much as you can.

- You may want to consider the PAGG and AGG supplements described in the book.

You are doing great......just keep it up!


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I would probably look at a couple of things:

First, you should really get your water consumption into gear. Keep a liter bottle with you at all times and try to finish it at least three times a day. I recently powered my way out of a really bad plateau and I think the most important change was increasing my water consumption.

Second, and this goes hand-in-hand with the water intake, I would look at how much sodium you're getting. You might be retaining a ton of water if your sodium intake is really high. Chili, bacon, taco-mix, steak marinade, candied salmon, and beef jerky - these sound like really high sodium foods. If not, skip to the next change. Have you had a body analysis done? You might find that you are losing fat, just gaining muscle and retaining water.

Third, what are your cheat days like? My wife tends to put on a lot more weight after a cheat day than I do, even though she and I cheat roughly the same amount (adjusted to our relative weights). She seems to carry her cheat day food longer than I do, so she has to have more reasonable cheats than I. I'm not saying that's true with all women, just an observation I've made from my own experience.

Still, you're losing inches and headed the right direction in terms of body shape. Don't let the scale discourage you too much. I've been there myself, sometimes it's just small little tweaks that really start to show up on the scale. Start with the water consumption, it really turbo-charged my weight loss after a frustrating stall. Good luck!


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Try weighing in a couple of times a day. First thing in the am, and again just before bed. It will tell you EXACTLY what is stalling/gaining. I know a lot of folks here are advocates of the "only weighing in on cheat day" method, but I'm preaching the twice a day. You might also need to break some of the "what you eat" into single says. 4 eggs and 2 bacon is fine, but was that it? beans too? what else that day?

  • Optics commented May 20th 2012:

    lol this post is from 11 months ago, with no reply from the original author

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