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4 pounds in first 4 days :(

I just started the diet and I gained four pounds in four days. I exercise daily, started adding his kettle ball, crunch, plank, cat puke routine. Doing the vitamins. Even doing cold (really cold) showers.

I have lost 100 pounds on the south beach diet, but it was going very slowly--like 2 pounds a week. I wanted something to help me speed the results. That's why I tried the SCD.

Beans, eggs, egg white, steak, chicken, tuna, lettuce, cucumbers, peanut butter. some combination of this gets me through the day. I'm also always hungry.

I have two cups of coffee with fat free half and half and sweet and low. Could THAT be what is ruining me?

I'm very frustrated. I have about 20 calories to lose. I wanna be bikini ready SO BADLY but I think I might have to go back to South Beach diet and keep going slow and steady to win this race.

  • Ruby commented Jun 17th 2011:

    Not sure exactly what sweet and low or half and half is but I suspect it's not allowed. Artificial sweetners inhibit weightloss and milk is not allowed either. I ignored this and continued to have my tea as normal but reduced the amount I drank by half and it still slowed my weight loss. So it's likely getting rid of those would help.

    Also make sure you are drinking enough water (lots) and watch your salt intake as you will hold on to what you drink if you have too much.

    Also peanut butter, how much are you having a day?

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I think that your negative attitude toward this diet is ruining you not coffee, no change in diet will help you until you change that. People did studies on it. Google up.

Keep in mind that your body is adjusting to new stuff, your muscles are growing and they are heavier then your fat, and you should measure your fat % not your weight. As fat % is true representation of how you look and how healthy you are. Weight can be just bones, water and fat, and every body builder will tell you that they all try to gain muscles weight, not drop it.

What marketing people selling diets stuff dont explain you is that fat is what you do want to drop not weight and going for over 2lb of fat a week is nearly imposible if you are under 200lb, unless you dedicate your life to it. Do the math yourself, 1 lb of fat is 3500 calories and you burn about about 10x your body weight in calories every day without workouts (say 2000 for 200lb person).

That would mean losing 2lb of fat is posible if not eating for 6 days a week (6x2000 = 12000 cal = bit over 3lb of fat). Or running marathon daily as 500-1000 calories burned per hour depending how intense you go. So that is 12-24 hours of workouts a week if eating normally. Sure there is cold shower gimmick and all that marketing peanut on top of it, but this is core math.

It might be is realistic for people that are over 200lb, but you need to think of this math and in percentages not lb, as it is not same to lose 1lb when you are 350lb and 100lb heavy.

Loosing over 1% of fat (2lb if you are 200lb) per week is just not going to happen on any diet, if you don't starve yourself to dead and mess with your health, and no bikini is worth that. You can lose muscles by not eating right and depriving them from nutritions, but that will just make you look like bag. You want your muscles for both look and health, plus they burn calories even while you are watching movies. That is why it is so easy for fit people to stay fit and fatties to get fatter.

In short get fat caliper and stop obsessing over weight, if you want to look good (seems to be your main goal) and truly measure your results.

If you still really believe that this will not help you and south beach diet is superior (which is by the way similar to last mille in this book), you should stick to your religion and respectfully go to the south beach diet community. Discouraging others and putting people down with your personal doubts is just not cool!

Alternatively you can stop this nostalgic complaining and join these sixpackers, they are taking it to the next level.


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