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Anyone have IT band issues?

So I get a pain occasionally in both knees after training for a half-marathon in Afghanistan. The stupid part was we were doing long runs every other day, which didn't bother me because I love running, however my body disagreed. 9 weeks later I'm seeing a physical therapist and I have a foam roller and am doing stretches which really seem to help, but there's still a little pain. The other day I ran 4.4 miles at an 8min pace, but with an ever-present 2/10 in my knees. Anyone else dealt with this and did it eventually go away?

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yes, had it in both knees at one time or another. keep perservering with the foam roller ( do it to the point where it REALLY hurts to do the excercise), and dont run with any weight ie backpack. It will eventually get better and go away, but continue the roller for a few weeks after it has gone.

Also, if you get IT band trouble, dont ever consider "barefoot running" as it will come back with a vengance!!

  • toolsped commented Feb 28th 2012:

    I would agree that it comes back from personal experience, BUT if you make stretching and foam rolling a habit then there's no reason you can't go the minimalist route. I'm doing it now and haven't felt better.

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