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Does getting 'drunk' on cheat day hinder your progress?

A lot of the reasons I am fat is because I love to have a drink or 2 or sometimes 10.D= Yes yes I know it is not good for me AND I am trying to cut down. For me drinking alcohol is much more enjoyable than munching into some chocolate cake or burgers and pizza. SO I was wondering if anyone has had success on having some alcohol (more than 2 glasses) on cheat day and still had good losses.

Does anyone think it is better to stay away from it altogether?


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In my experience you can still have sucess on the diet, even if you like to have a few (or more) on cheat day (and pre cheat day)

I typically have 3-4 pints of beer (good Pacific Northwest Microbrews) and 1-2 bourbons on the rocks on cheat day. I may even have a couple of glasses of wine. Saturday is always my cheat day and most Fridays I will allow myself 3 glasses of wine and a bourbon.

I have been on the diet a total of 18 weeks and have lost 30 pounds (227 to 197). I do excercise ALOT more than four hours a month though. I average 3-4 hours of weightlifting and about five hours of cardio (running or biking) per week. I did manage to lose my first 15 pounds without this much exercise, but had to up the intensity when I seemed to plateau after 10 weeks.

  • Gala Biggs commented Jun 15th 2011:

    Well it sounds like the grog hasn't hindered your progress too much... I'm just wondering whether or not you would have had better results without it? I really do think that the best way to deal with this diet is to stick with it over the long term - I have a lot of weight to loose - over 50lbs so I plan to stick to it for at least 6 months... and I think grog on cheat days will keep me sane in the process. Thanks for your feedback :)

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In my short time on SCD I have found that drinking Jack and coke once a day really slows down weight loss but as long as I am strict on everything else the weight does come off. I would think as long as you drink a lot of water to help flush it out you will be fine.

  • Gala Biggs commented Jun 15th 2011:

    Thanks Turner... yeah I wouldn't think have a drink everyday would be too good I was more wondering about Cheat day.


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Grrr posting mess up - lost most of what I wrote :(

  • Gala Biggs commented Jun 15th 2011:

    don't give up Joshua - we still wanna hear what you gotta say :)

  • s joshua commented Jun 16th 2011:

    Ha, thanks.

    Essentially, make the diet work for you. As long as you are seeing progress in the right direction, and you are pleased with the rate, then don't restrict your cheat day consumption.

    Book excerpt:


    On cheat days, all is fair. Have a keg by yourself if the spirit moves you.

    I can tell you that I have gotten sh!tfaced on numerous cheat days, and over the last 4-5 months have been able to go from ~25%BF to ~10%BF.

  • Gala Biggs commented Jun 21st 2011:

    awesome... thanks Joshua... that is just what I need to know. Aslong as I keep my intake to just one day I should be fine hey :P

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