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I Was 'Stalling' and Here Is Why...


This isn't a question but I figured it might help someone out there so I am going to share honestly about why I was having such a difficult time seeing results. I assure you that this has been a very humbling experience for me and the whole body hacking concept has me COMPLETELY and utterly hooked. I am a workout junkie, a bit of a data whore and generally enjoy a challenge.

I bought the 4hr Body book at the end of March while I was in the midst of a self-imposed 30 day NO 'WHITE' FOOD challenge. The challenge that I took on was simply no refined sugar (brown, honey, syrups either), no bread or bread products with one treat meal on Friday evenings. You can imagine that after reading the book I was SUPER PUMPED because I was already used to something similar...yeah, 'similar' ;)

I started (I use this term loosely here) on April 1st or thereabouts and used that first week to use up my honeydew melon, gluten free, sugar free applesauce cake and plain yogurt. At the end of week one small wonder, I saw 0 results. Oh but why not, you ask? Lol. I mean I was drinking the cold water, taking AGG PAGG blarg, eating a metric shit tonne of beans and icing my neck...WHY NO RESULTS? Ummm, my guess is that I was not even doing it half assed but kind of more like quarter assed if that is even a thing.

So, I have compiled a list of all of the sneaky little things I was doing until I finally saw the light and became willing to actually commit to doing what I was told :P Heh I have always had trouble with authority figures lol. You may look at this list and say to yourself, 'Well no shit you weren't seeing results I mean ...duh.' but the thing is is that I truly felt that I was being a good little 4hr Body Peep and it was only when I got really honest with myself that things started to change. All of the stuff I was doing was accompanied with a phrase like' Oh well, a little won't hurt.' Well, if you add those up they do hurt your progress...they hurt mine anyway.

I am sure that a lot of the stuff I did was not a big deal if I was only doing one of them say maybe once or twice a week BUT I was stealthily cutting corners all over the place and completely ripping myself off. I had a justification for every one of them and I will not bore you with those but...well, anyway here goes!

My Initial Stumbles:

-Whey sweetened with Sucralose. Was making green smoothies with it every morning. I hatttte having breakfast but had always used this as an easy way to throw down some metabolism revving calories.

-Put a 1/2 teaspoon of either BBQ sauce, Hoisin or Oyster sauce on pretty much everything.

-As confessed exercise junkie I was doing 45-60 mins of cardio 6-7 days per week, Body Weight/Plyometric HITT Training 5-6 days per week and regular old fashioned isolation strength training 3 days per week.

-*cough* Maltitol *cough* I was in TOTAL denial about this one lol. I was using products that had Maltitol in them thinking that I was somehow exempt from the rules. WRONG.

-Almond Butter and Peanut Butter. Oh man, I have SUCH a huge addiction to the stuff and was consuming a rather lot of it. I still laugh to myself when I think of Tim's description in the book about a tbsp NOT being the entire jar balanced on the spoon. Yeah.

-Once I 'fessed up about the sauce issue I started salting the crap out of my vegetables. Not a terrible thing at all but definitely causes water retention which is not usually super hot.

-Nuts. I was consuming large quantities of nuts. Trigger food, domino food call it what you want but whatever you call it spells 'Trouble' for this kid...not as bad as the Almond Butter though.

-I know, I know that calories are not the thing here but my portions were a little out of hand and I was consuming between 1800-2000 calories a day which I definitely needed for all the training I was doing.

Heh I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! Duh. Lol.

part 2 next

  • TeaLove commented Jun 13th 2011:

    Part 2

    What Is Different:

    -Egg white Omelette with ground turkey that I prep on Sundays, Spinach & 1/4c lentils. I literally takes the same amount of time that the shakes took me to prepare.

    -Only use a 1/2 tablespoon of butter on veg or no sugar italian dressing.

    -Cut my cardio sessions to 30 mins max, 2-3 days of HITT and 1 day of isolation training.


    -No more nut butters (sorry, I am pretty mature so this name always cracks me up a little).

    -Only use a bit of sea salt when I make kale chips.

    -Only consume about 35 peanuts a day, which is plenty.

    -Keeping portions a little smaller and staying between 1300-1500 a day.

    So yeah, like I said you are probably looking at all of that and wondering wtf I was thinking but as I said I was being sneaky with myself and the old 'A little won't hurt' was killing me.

    I am a 35 yr old woman, no kids, 5'10".

    On April 1st I was 149lbs and about 22% body fat.

  • TeaLove commented Jun 13th 2011:

    Part 3

    I am due to get my body fat tested again & am waiting to hear back from my guy but when we did it at the beginning of May I was at 20.5%

    On May 10th 147.8lbs.

    Then I really stopped screwing around around mid May. Throughout April I had already switched to whey with stevia & stopped with the sauces and mid May I vowed never to buy evil almond butter again and made the other changes as well.

    This last cheat day at weigh in I was at 141 ish (I forget actual decimal) lbs.

    You may think that the loss is not very dramatic and you would be right but I think because I am pretty close to my goal already that I am satisfied with my progress over the last few weeks.

    I am SO done with ripping myself off. This has been a truly fantastic learning experience on both physical AND psychological levels

    Anyway, that is my little story and I hope that it helps someone out there somehow. Wishing you all the best & thanks to everyone for being here & for being such a supportive community!

  • evaclare commented Jun 13th 2011:

    this is SO helpful. i'm a workout junkie myself--used to do 70 min. of cardio 5x/week and 50 the other 2--cutting down slowly--did 60, then 50 then i did only 35 of cardio--i'm going to try for a week and see how it goes.

    i'm also cutting out almond butter--the good fats don't make up for the vast volume i was enjoying.

    thirdly--NO MORE STEVIA. none.

    i hope it works for both of us!!

  • s joshua commented Jun 13th 2011:

    Honesty is liberating. Cheers!

  • sedric commented Jun 14th 2011:

    I was having the same issue after losing only 2lbs the first week. My downfall was the dreaded Splenda in my coffee. When I dropped it cold turkey and decreased my workouts to the minimal effective dose I lost 5 pounds the next week and 4 more the next! Sometimes you gotta figure it out on your own..

  • TeaLove commented Jun 14th 2011:

    @Evaclare: It's tough to do but totally worth it and I honestly push myself harder as a result. Of course, I *knew* that theoretically but when you are hooked on cardio it's hard tame the fiend. More is NOT always better.

    Thanks Joshua!

    @sedric: That is so rad and thanks for sharing :) I think that the more of us who come clean about our sneakiness, the better off everyone will be. Shame is heavy and denial is suffocating! Yuck.

  • justingus25 commented Dec 20th 2011:

    Just wanted to say that this post helped me quite a bit. I found several of the same things that were causing me to stall. I removed all of them, and have been able to add a few back in without negatively affecting my weight loss -and now I know which ones that for me I need to continue to avoid!


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Tons of help! I just stalled and it was a bit of a duh moment for me too

It's amazing what a bit of success will do...

After losing 9kg in my first 4 weeks I decided that I could eat cheese and coke zero was ok. I managed to slowly introduce it. One every few days, then one a day, then 3 a day.... same with cheese. Then I stopped tracking all together. I felt like an athlete must feel after a game. I won, all me, I rule... so I acted like an asshole and went around being an asshole, metaphorically. I had lost weight and therefore assumed I could do what I wanted and still lose weight, because I was just so good. I readjusted and I am on my way back down again. I work in video games and film and I deal with a lot of tech issues. I look at people dumbfounded sometimes when they run into trouble and I think "C'mon it's so obvious..." I will now stop doing that.

  • kcsportsdoc commented Jun 14th 2011:

    A bit of early success can be such a trap. I've been adding a 2nd cheat dessert following my cheat day because I've hit my goal size, but not necessarily my goal BF%. You two have convinced me to cut the b.s. and lock it back down. And Tim's right. It's dangerous to leave trigger foods around the house. :)

  • Linsey Muse commented Apr 5th 2012:

    @kcsportsdoc Trigger foods around the house are the worst. I can't stand the thought of throwing them away so I make my husband hide them from me :)

  • TeaLove commented Jun 14th 2011:

    @Beaver & Doc: This honesty is awesome and totally inspiring! Thank you!

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You've just made me take a really deep breath and think about all the 'little things' that I have no justification (except in my head) for adding. The little sprinkle of brown sugar in my coffee - telling myself that if I don't use the whole single packet - I'm only adding a 'taste'. (And you thought you were having a 'DOH' moment!)

Having 'just the smallest piece' of my husband's chocolate bar.

Opening a packet of nuts and eating the whole bag as I only had a small lunch!

I've realised what a fool I'm being to myself....thank you for being honest.

And great to hear you had a trip to Europe. Did you get to London? I work for American Airlines at Heathrow Airport.

  • TeaLove commented Oct 13th 2011:

    Hey :D

    Thanks for the feedback and I am glad that my post helped a little. Funny how we try and trick ourselves, isn't it?

    Europe was great! We flew in and out of Gatwick :) Our last 5 days or so were spent with friends we have in Eastbourne! England is lovely. I have to say though that my favourite city was Rome...WOW what a city!


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What a great, helpful post. Sometimes we get so narrow-focused on things that we're doing that we never zoom out to get the broad-focus overview on our methodology as a whole. Performing these self audits is so important and can really make all the difference in the world. I think you just did a service to the whole forum. Very educational and I had to laugh at the description of the "metric shit tonne of beans".

Thank you.


  • TeaLove commented Jun 14th 2011:

    Thanks Doc!


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I am currently doing as much cardio/HIT training as you were doing initally. Why did you cut down on the cardio?

  • evaclare commented Jun 14th 2011:

    i was too--i've just been given so many suggestions to cut out the cardio completely--i settled for cutting back slowly. it has to do with how your body processes the protein and carbs and how, as this diet focuses more on high fiber/high protein than starchy, calorie-dense carbs, the cardio can hurt your efforts and stall the weight loss.

  • lauraareson commented Jun 15th 2011:

    I am scared to cut out the cardio, probably because I am addicted to it. I spend 60 to 90 minutes at the gym a day. I do step classes, interval training classes, spin, and HIIT. Last night I did 60 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill, changing between hills and sprints.

  • TeaLove commented Jun 14th 2011:

    Hi Laura!

    I cut down on it because I was not seeing results and Tim suggests in the book that we keep exercise to a minimum... I was not happy about that :(

    I figure that if I continued the level & amount of training I was doing with the reduced consumption of carbs and calories that eventually my body would simply go into reverse and go completely catabolic ...because of the reduced glycogen then the body will start to break down other tissues resulting in no longer being a fat burning machine but a muscle burning machine instead:( Not good.

    My goal is to maintain as much of my lean muscle mass as possible right now while decreasing my body fat. HIIT style training is the best way to do that but if you are doing HIIT any longer than 20-30 minutes then it becomes something else entirely & therefore rendering it not as effective for what we are trying to do here. 2 next...

  • TeaLove commented Jun 14th 2011:

    Maybe try slowly decreasing your cardio as Eva did, keeping your short HIIT workouts super intense and just see what happens.

    Again this is just my experience/experiment and I was tired of not seeing results so I am now willing to make pretty much any change to get where I want to be. Inevitably I will need to change things up again soon because that is the way the body works but as for right now things are working :)

    Best of Luck to you!

    ps. doing less cardio also makes me less ravenous so 1400-1500 is sufficient and I don't feel like chewing my arm off at the end of the day :)


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Great post, really takes to heart the idea that if you aren't seeing results make some changes and see what happens.

I am going over my data and looking for any trends, because I have been a bit naughty with the diet coke, some days having way more than my allowed can a day.

I have also been eating nuts every now and then, but am having only a 50 or 100 gram bag. If I have any problems later on I guess I should look at this too.

  • TeaLove commented Jun 21st 2011:

    Awesome! How are things going?


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So awesome of you to not only get honest with yourself but to share your insights from it. I'm sure all of us have those moments when we think we're getting away with something only to have it come back and bite us in the ass! I really appreciate all the information on this post and can see myself coming back to it later when I get close to goal. You're an inspiration to me. I, too, am a tall girl. (5'9") I was where you are now when I graduated high school 20+ *ahem, cough cough* years ago. My goal was 160 lbs-VERBALLY, but in my heart of hearts I really would like to get back to my high school weight of 145 lbs. We'll see how far this ride takes me. I'm new to this and so glad I found this awesome community with SOOO much information, support, and yes even the occassional kick in the butt we all need from time to time. You rock!

  • angi465 commented Sep 25th 2011:

    LOL! I'll bet! I'm jealous! I'm dying to see Europe! I'd even be glad to see Canada! Never been outside the US and Canada isn't even that far! Like 6 hours I think. Glad you're back. I really like your posts!

  • angi465 commented Sep 25th 2011:

    BTW Nut butter is a funny term to me too! And I'm a nurse! I should know better...bad Angi! *slaps hand*

  • TeaLove commented Sep 23rd 2011:

    No, YOU ROCK! Sorry for the late reply I have just returned from 3.5 weeks of backpacking around Europe. Thank you for the lovely post though, it totally made my day as I prepare (quite happily) to reapply some much craved structure to my life after such a crazy trip :)

  • TeaLove commented Oct 13th 2011:

    Lol I have a lot of Nurse friends and they are among some of the dirtiest people I know...always professional at work but I think they become desensitized to stuff after a while and as a result can talk about ANYTHING. Not a bad thing in my books :)


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congratulations on all your hard work and honesty as well.

So do you think stevia will stall one as well? i have this stevia in a liquid dropper and have been using to make "lemon"aid and also in my coffee. Is stevia as bad as malitol kind of sweetners as far as stalling?

thanks for the scoop. What is your goal? if you are there already are you staying with this way of eating? Did you find a whey shake without sugar?

Thanks i have similar work outs and am just on day 6 of SCD to too early to tell. I am having issues without almond butter and sweets. Just wondering if you have a shake that would work.



  • Britt commented Aug 13th 2011:

    Your honesty is refreshing, TeaLove. Thanks!

  • TeaLove commented Jun 21st 2011:

    Hey :)

    I am avoiding stevia except for maybe once a week because it would seem that my system is far more sensitive than some. Also, I have been told that lemon juice is really only meant to be used on cheat days so perhaps try taking the lemon aid out and see what happens! I used lemon juice for a week and a half because Laura Cox was using it at some point but it just slowed me down so I took it out.

    Shakes for me ended up not working either, sadly. I have one on Fridays at lunch because I literally have 1 second to eat lunch on Fridays so it is better than nothing but otherwise I stopped doing them because they too were slowing me down. ...

  • TeaLove commented Jun 21st 2011:

    Part 2

    ...Everyone is different though so I recommend dropping the lemonade and stevia first and don't start doing shakes for a couple of weeks and see if it affects your results.

    Last month I realized that if I have any hope of being successful on this frigging plan I simply have to follow the the letter. Not sure why I try to bother cutting corners but hey, it is the way I learn I guess :D

    Have fun!

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