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Lemon juice before every meal ??! Help

Ok, I thought I read in the book that Tim said to drink 3 TBS of fresh squeezed lemon juice per every meal, I was just reading a forum and it said only on binge days... Have I been sabotaging myself ?! I would check the book, but I returned it to the library !! So do lemon juice or NO ?!?!


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Lemon juice should (technically) only be consumed on cheat day, especially in the method you are using it. The fructose on a daily basis is likely hindering you in that quantity. Keep it to cheat day, or a very small squeeze into your water if you really enjoy the flavor.

  • jaimidaw commented Jun 2nd 2011:

    Damn.. I've been going threw a bottle of organic lemon juice per week.. So happy I saw someone else's post about it, I've been downing it before every single meal.. What a relief that I can stop.. Ugh ! Lol !! Hope I didn't mess up my weight loss with it.. On to another week without it ;)

  • s joshua commented Jun 2nd 2011:

    Ha, I figured it was probably more of a burden than enjoyed at that high of dosages. Good luck slow carbing for real this time ;)

  • formerRawVegan commented Jun 5th 2011:

    Um yeah... I drink lemon water all day and esp with ice before breakfast daily! No good?

  • s joshua commented Jun 6th 2011:

    No good. Especially since you aren't progressing. Ditch it, or keep it to just 1 cup/day.

  • Not4Hour commented Jul 7th 2011:

    There's plenty of lemon juices out there without calories, sugar, fructose and carbs in general. Go to the local supermarket and check out the nutrition facts. For example, here is one kind:


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yeah it's only suppose to be for cheat meals. It wouldn't do too much damage if you added it once in a while but everytime is probably not a good idea.

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