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trying so hard to make it 6 weeks .. money ~ inconvinence

Is anyone else having trouble affording this lifestyle ? I'm a stay at home mom, with 3 kids and one income.. So it makes grocery shopping tight.. after I get "My foods" and then my husbands lunch box food, I hardly have money left to get the family dinner meals, I find myself cooking chicken and not wanting to share with the family cause I need it to eat all week, I'm going threw a donzen eggs every few days, a bottle of organic lemon juice a week, cans and cans of tuna and beans, I have to run out on cheat days and buy Grapefuit jucie and yerba mate tea, Before this diet, I had never set foot in the organic isle, Now I'm a regular... WOW.. I have been reading forums and wondering how people can afford this diet ?! I am on my 16th day and not seeing fast results, I've never made anything last longer then 3 weeks, So I'm hoping I can string this out to the 6 week mark to see if it works for me, so far, I've decided there is no way I could do this longer then two months at a time, As the food get's old quickly and it's very diffcult for summer activities and outtings, Memorial weekend SUCKED !! I have a campsite all my family meets at all summer and food seems to be the heart of the gatherings, It was very difficult for me to take along my cans of Tuna, beans, grapefuit juice for my cheat day, ( THANK GOD, I had one of those in that weekend ) While they were eating pancakes for breakfast, I was making myself a plate of beans and a turkey burger, They were having greasy cheese burgers and hotdogs and I was eating my beans and turkey burger again.. I did feel better about myself after the weekend was over, Minus the crazy cheat day I had and I forgot my yerbamate tea at home, But it's just HARD and I wanted to VENT.. I really hope I can see results soon. Nothing but maybe 5 pounds on the scale down and not a thing with measurments. Am I expecting results too quickly ?!! :| I have not started working out yet either, Which I know I have to, But it's hard to get motivated, Or when I am motivated, My 2 year old won't give me the freedom ! I really want to make it to my 6 week mark and I am about half way there, But I need to lose an inch somewhere soon or I'm throwing this diet out the window !!


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I disagree this diet is reasonably cheap to go on.

I don't buy organic stuff. I'm sorry, most of the stuff labels organic...isn't organic.

I buy beans..50 cents a can...because its store brand.

I go to Sam's Club, buy big bags of salads for 4 bucks...so a salad with every meal for me if I choose for 4 bucks. I get tomatos if I want to go crazy...enough for a week, again if I eat it every day and every meal for 5 bucks. That's 9 dollars for the week.

I buy frozen meats such as hamburger patties...that are "angus" 80/20...like 24 for 16 dollars. Cheap to put in the pan and cook on med-lo for 15 minutes.

I spend less than $50 a week usually.

Cheat days...I can spend 25 bucks on junk food...that I would normally eat.

I've saved money going on this diet.

What this diet requires...is planning.

Maybe spend some extra few minutes and coupon too?

  • turner1220 commented Jun 2nd 2011:

    It seems as though our defination of expensive is different. With my husband being the only one bringing home any income my monthly food budget is $75- $100. We have to make 80 mile round trip to get to a sam's club or any place like that. I already do about 20 hours of planning and couponing every week. My husband says I should apply for the couponing show on TLC. My husband isn't following this diet so I have to plan out meals for him and meals for me. I'm going to give the dried beans a try. Thanks to everyone's suggestions.

  • jaimidaw commented Jun 2nd 2011:

    Agree.. My food budget was $150..for a family of 5, to last two weeks.. Even getting the meat cheap, I don't share it, I don't buy organic either, except the meats and the Yerba mate tea and lemon juice, the stuff I can't find anywhere else.. I've been getting the walmart beans and at 62 cents a can, when u go threw a can a day for two weeks it adds up quick, as a mother I feel selfish to but myself foods and not the kids, they won't eat this diet ! Eggs are on sale for a dollar so I'm loading up and my husband has been getting a lot if overtime, so maybe I can afford some shrimp and steak and really enjoy this diet !! I am pretty determined to give it 6 weeks, it hasn't been that hard other then breakfasts, visiting family and the grocery bill !!good luck to you !

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Ok, here is what you need to do. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Here is how you do SCD on the (relative) cheap.

Meat - Tuna and Chicken. Both make for great SCD food.

Beans - Beans are cheap. Use about 1/2 can a meal and you're golden.

Veggies - I use canned veggies with no salt added or frozen peppers and onions for stir frys.

Protein Powder - I make protein shakes for breakfast so I do 20 oz of whole milk and 1 scoop of powder I buy from Wal-Mart for $15.

Meal Ideas...

Breakfast - Protein shake described above. 20 oz whole milk, 1 scoop of powder. Mix it in a shaker bottle on your way to work. It's idiot proof SCD breakfast. Also gets you the 30g protein to start your day.

Lunch - I often do Chipotle or Qdoba because it's most convenient for me, but for you what you can do is if you're at home is just do an omlet with a few eggs and some veggies or cheese or beans or whatever.

Dinner - This is where you can make your life easier. Cook 2x as much as you need so you have leftovers. Then do leftovers for lunch or dinner the next night. Fill up on veggies. Stir fry is great for this and you can vary flavor using say hot sauce.

I don't use any of the lemon juice, yerba mate tea, or grapefruit juice at all on cheat days. In fact, I just eat junk. It's great. The weight is gone within 2-3 days max.

The easiest way to remove inconvenience is to remove choice and to pre-make meals. Lower the barrier to entry of each meal. That way you can save time and money.

I've been doing this for 170 days and am down 33 lbs. It works. Stick to it.

A couple other cheap things that might accelerate your results are cinnamon in coffee and ice packs on the back of your neck for 30 min each night. Those do seem to help and cost almost nothing to try.

Also, being overweight is more inconvenient than being on this diet.


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I know what u mean about this being expensive!!

One trick I use is to do my shopping a couple of hours before the supermarket closes......that way any meat products that are going out of date are massively reduced in price!!

i managed to get 6 x 8 packs of the premium range of burgers (low in fat and carbs) for £1 each reduced from £4!!!! So £24 worth of meat for £6!! and same goes for steaks, pork, chicken etc....obviously this goes in the freezer and taken out when required!

not so much with fresh products, but if you shop around its easy to know where and when to buy your cheap veg!!!

hope this helps :)


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Bags of beans and large bags of frozen veggies are definitely one way to make this cheaper. It is true though that eating healthier does seem to require a bit more money than the crap food. Keep in mind thought that a lot of what you eat doesn't have to be organic to have results. I don't buy anything organic. I wait for chicken breasts to go on sale and buy in bulk, freeze them, and when they are expensive I go for thighs which generally are cheaper. Buying ground chicken or turkey and dividing it can also save money.

Also you shouldn't be overly concerned with the fact that you haven't started working out yet. This lifestyle does not require you to work out. It should work regardless of your exercise routine. Sure, adding exercise will help, but not necessary for losing weight.

Also, as stated on Tim's blog and by many on these forums you might not see really great results until after your 6th week. This lifestyle is definitely easier on men when it comes to the accelerated fat loss, but it does work for women, just sometimes takes a longer time to kick in so to speak. I am certain that if you stick with it, it will work for you. Yes it can be boring, but there are plenty of ways to spice things up, and it is worth the results. Plus you have cheat day to enjoy.

Food is fuel first and for-most, for enjoyment second.


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I too have a one income family. It is just my husband and myself. I have a knee problem that has kept me off of work for the last 2 1/2 years. With medical bills and only on income it is really hard for me to stay on this diet. I live way out in the county so I only have one choice of stores for buying anything organic, so the prices are unreal not to mention that not all the stuff is even offered. Between my husband and I we go through 5 dozen eggs a week, along with about 20 lbs of chicken breast. I have to pay about $2 a can on organic beans.

I had great results my first week on the diet lost 15.6 lbs and 12 total inches. I'm in the second week now and have switched to the non organic beans and so far have been yo yoing with a 1 lbs lost. So it is seeming like the non organic beans are not working. If they don't work I am going to have to stop the diet.

  • pdx4hbHolly commented Jun 1st 2011:

    It's really cheap to buy dried beans! Don't give up! Also, it's natural to yo yo with weight, don't trust to scale AT ALL. If there is lots of sodium in your diet you might be a little bloated. Stick it out, it took me a good 5-6 weeks for significant progress. I've been on it since Jan 1. I know it's not cheap but you can be creative, I'm about to send a son to an out of state college and have to pinch pennies for the first time in many years, I will be trying to be creative too! Good luck!

  • turner1220 commented Jun 1st 2011:

    Thank you! This was just the motivation I needed today. I will see if I can find dried beans. I did find dried lentils and plan on cooking them for dinner. My store had them for just a couple of bucks for an entire pound, which seems like it will last at least a full week.

  • Litfuel commented Jan 23rd 2012:

    How do two people go through the much food in a week? Wow!


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Yeah the pure organic is murder on the wallet. 7$ for pasture raised chicken eggs @ whole foods. They are a staple so quality is important to me. However

But this diet is cheap compared to others. Buy your meat and beans in bulk. The only things I refresh frequently on are eggs and spinach.

Don't buy breasts, buy whole chickens.

Don't buy precut steak. Get the whole thing and trim yourself. There's a boatload of youtube videos on it from the meat industry. My fave is a whole top sirloin (the sirloin cap is easily one of the best steaks in the world, slice the rest into some very lean steaks) . here its about 11lbs for 40 bucks and that's at expensive ass publix. There are some ethnic groceries that have it for way cheaper.

Make the yerba mate yourself.

canned and frozen veggies are the way to go.

Pork is incredibly cheap today.

What's with the lemon juice? Cut that out. Its cheat days only.

With ethanol increasing corns price, eliminate the stuff with corn in it in your families diet. Kill all potato and corn chips, cookies etc..

Remember your long term health goals. Your body and its health are the best investments you could ever make to live a happy life. Learn to cook, none of this food is bland when cooked right.

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