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How to stop snacking in the middle of the night?

Hey everyone I really need some help. Lately I have been waking up a couple times in the middle of the night just wanting to eat mainly carbs or fat. Does anyone have any experience with this. Or does anyone have suggestions to stop it. Believe me its beyond a willpower thing. Any help or suggestions is much valued.

  • ebolus commented May 30th 2011:



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Try punish and reward system. Each time you go toward kitchen force yourself to do pushups, squats or sit-ups. Increase them every time it happens in a day. Each day/night you get through, reward yourself with something you like (does not have to be food).

Idea is to train your body and mind into new habits. So have fun with it.

This might be bit out there, but sounds like you need it:

There is old tricks tribe guys used in Africa. They would imagine other person trying to trick them into doing all stuff that they know it is bad for them. They would even give it name, and went though process of kicking them out of their homes. Modern brain doctors and NLP guys explain that this really worked for them, as they were able to isolate bad habits and blame external source for it, dropping their entire personality defense system with all excuses and BS that came with it.

So next time you go toward fridge say:

- "Oh, no you will not Jimmy, 20 pushups, now!"

If you decide to do it, please let me know how it goes. it works for me, but I might be "special" :)

  • roboMarco commented May 31st 2011:

    LOL, I love it. I will try it on myself.

  • ebolus commented May 31st 2011:

    I am actually majoring un psychology, and this is a common technique. Brillant idea! I am going to give it a go tonight. THANKS

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Maltrix has the right idea, i would fall into the same trap as well. I began by using casein protein shakes before bed. Just a quick shake with Ice and water. Casein protein is a slow digesting protein which takes up to 7 hours to fully digest.

I then realized by increasing the legumes in my dinner i would stop having hunger pangs. Try that first!!


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I work 3rd shift and this is a major problem for me. Especially when there bad food in the house because I end up eating the food without really thinking about it. Only to wake up later kicking myself in the ass over it, "what was i thinking!?!?!"

Anyway whats really worked for me is 2-3 tablespoons of Almond Butter and a stick for celery before bed. It digests slowly, levels out your blood sugar, and keeps you in a deep sleep. Not mention it tastes delicious. I consider it dessert during the work week as i try to stay as close to the SCD as I can. If you find yourself still waking up try taking some melatonin before bed to. Its a natural sleep aid that also works very well.

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