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Fat burn tracker updates

After few people commented that fat burning algorithm is somewhat forgiving and in light of the little challenge we have set up for our friends. Read here:


I went and talked with my friend, profesional nutritionist to find out why numbers get wrong for people that are on higher body fat percentages.

According to him Jackson Pollock 4 points algorithm we used is optimized for people in shape( "six packers" as he called them) and anybody over 12%+ will be offseted for 2-6% even. Main reason for that is that it is developed for athletes, and navy forces toward end of 70's and I dont remember seeing chubby olympic or marine :)

He suggested modification to algorithm that they use in practice when bodpod or dexa-scan are not available and they need quick measure. I have implemented that change so you might see slight increase on your results if you been one of the brave testers.

He also repeated same thing Tim mentions in book, number really dont metter as long they are decreasing, you feel good and like your look.

He also give me great tip on sea weed snacks available in ranch 99, whole food, trader joe and some other places.

Here is amazon link so you can see what it looks like:


He calls it healthy popcorns, and I tried it, might not be for everybody but if you are into sushi and sashimi you will probably like these. Not only it is probably only snack I know of, that is legit, it is also very alkaline great to offset all that protein acid we are all stuffing ourself with.

Anyway, I am getting elaborate :)

This is where I am asking for help for first time from everybody as I have only one body to test with, especially those that did bodpod or dexa-scan. If you can use it compare results and help me tune it - I would be very grateful.


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I checked my fat burner pregress after reading this....and it jumped from 14.4% to 17.4%.

as much as I hate see my BF% increase by 3% overnight..noooooooooooooooooooo

i was never under any illusions that it was ever 14%!

Comparing my image to the examples in the book, id say 17 is probably close to accurate!

Cheers for the updated algorithm!!!! :D

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Thanks for the update, i still don't believe my body fat% but that's cuz my damn love handles aren't getting smaller :-P

Could you possibly add an extra column that calculates lean body mass (its just total weight - bodyfat%, right?)?

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