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Going to bed hungry and other random questions

I'm on my 4th week and I haven't seen NEARLY the amazing results I've been reading from most of you, despite my obsessive perfectionism to the LCD plan in the book. But I have seen *some* small changes (namely, I've lost around 6 pounds and about 1% BF). I'm tinkering with different factors to see what makes a difference and had a few questions.

1. Is it a good idea to go to bed hungry? A classic approach to weight loss is to stop eating after 6pm (or 4-6 hours before bed, whenever that is for you).

- Has anyone seen a positive or negative effect with wine? In the book, Tim recommends 1-2 glasses with dinner, or at least says it doesn't affect the program one way or the other. I'm experimenting with eliminating the wine to see if that makes a difference. I only drink the varietals he specifies in the book, though I do sometimes go up to 3 glasses.

- Throughout the book, Tim cites all of these amazing results "WITHOUT EXERCISING" (his emphasis). So I haven't been exercising, mainly because I want to introduce one new lifestyle change at a time. Have y'all seen big results without exercise or is some sort of workout pretty much required?

- This isn't quite in the diet category, but I'm curious. I keep barbells next to my desk to do random curls when the mood strikes me. This doesn't fit into the program anywhere. Would it hinder or help muscle growth in the arms? (I haven't been doing them since starting the LCD.)

Btw, I'm 6'5", 41, and started at 265#, 31.7% BF. I went from eating pancakes, smoothies, biscuits, chocolate, and sandwiches to eating nothing but small portions of chicken breast, beans, and spinach (or some variation), so I was expecting my weight to drop like a stone. It hasn't. But every now and then I drop a few pounds all at once, then plateau again. I haven't been able to figure out what, if anything, changes on those days. But as long as I keep going in the right direction, I'll stick with this thing.

  • dallasapollo commented May 25th 2011:

    Update: I don't know if cause and effect happens this fast, but yesterday I worked out (bench press, pull-ups), skipped the wine, drank extra water, and went to bed hungry. This morning I had gained half a pound. But I had LOST 2 % points (TWO!) of BF! What tha??? Nice to see, but I know it could just be day-to-day fluctuations so I'll keep at it.

  • anthonyG commented May 25th 2011:

    that is fat converting to lean muscle for you. search for posts on that lot of people experience same. BF is only thing that meters if you ask me.

  • sirspiffy commented May 26th 2011:

    Fat does not convert to lean muscle. It is only metabolized. The cells do not change form.


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If you want weight and fat to drop like stone, then you need to drop that wine like stone, exercise and do it properly too. More drastic changes you make in your life more drastic changes you will see on your body, it is as simple as that. What you are explaining is called procrastination backed by very intelligent cover story.

Only way I can help you is to contradict you and Tim, he himself obviously does exercising and I know he loves wine too much to stop drinking it, so you figure what is recommended and what is just great marketing to get you started or personal preference focused on one aspect of the truth (wine anti-oxidants).

Alcohol in wine slows down metabolism, so it contributes gaining weight. Alcohol slows your metabolism by depressing the central nervous system, so less dietary fat is burned off and more is stored as body fat. Alcohol dehydrates you too, which slows it down even further. Alcohol beverages are just fermented grains or fruits. It's also called sugar alcohol as sweetener.

Dont get me wrong, I love to drink - that is why I do know some much. So if you did not get it by now: Alcohol = great for party, bad for losing weight.

I think diet alone might work a little, so can exercising without diet. But ask anybody who had results - together they do magic. Maybe next week is good time to take your life changing experience to the next level.

  • dallasapollo commented May 25th 2011:

    As I was reading that, I kind of suspected he's not giving up the wine because he loves it too much. That's been my rationale, too.

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For me I just have to say that I only lose weight the days I don't eat beans.


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Are you getting the reccomended amount of protein? 90g min per day? List a days meals so we can help.

  • dallasapollo commented May 25th 2011:

    Breakfast: 1 egg + 3 egg whites, braised spinach with garlic and pepper

    Mid-morning snack: 1 cup of beans

    Lunch: chicken breast (or can of tuna), 1 cup beans, 1.5 cups broccoli

    Dinner: large chicken breast, 1 cup beans, 2 cups spinach

    (beans = black, pinto, or lentils. This week it's been a lentils/pinto mix slowcooked in the broth left from slowcooking chicken breast - delicious!)

    About how much protein is that? I don't have the numbers handy.

  • Maria Rider commented May 31st 2011:

    Dallas, It looks like you are not getting enough protein in the morning. If you put the beans in with your breakfast, you'd probably not be going to bed hungry. Also, I found after doing 6 weeks of SCD(on week 7) that cutting beans out of the dinner meal helps with the weight loss....you don't have to, but it helps..just eat more beans at Breakfast and Lunch. 1 egg white is 6g or protein, so like 3 would be 18g and an egg is probably putting you over 20g....depending on how much spinach you are eating anywhere from 2g to 5g...you may barely make the 30g of protein, but if you put the beans into your breakfast meal, you can definitely get 30g in. Also are you doing the ice cold water thing when you wake and 20m before eating your breakfast?

    Keep on going, it DOES work, it's just an experiment with your body...cause not everyone is gonna respond to the SCD as well, some so-so-, others not at all. Good Luck!


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I eat an early dinner, then a veggie/protien snack a little later, no beans or nuts in the evening. Are your measurements moving? I'm female, lost 15 lbs., 3 sizes. 10 to a 4! 5 inches off my waist. No new exercise, just the walking and keeping up with my child.(but there's no way I haven't gained some muscle to go down 3 sizes on a 15 lb. loss.) Started March 7, on a plateau the last 4 weeks. (time to start working out!) Are you feeling more energetic? If so, you might just find yourself a little more than usual.

I have a glass of wine every 3 days or so, and have started skipping beans at dinner and sometimes lunch.


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For the last year and I half I have been working out at least one hour six days per week (cardio all 6, 4 days of weight training) and eating approximately 1200 calories, high protein low carb. I lost about 45lbs in the first 8 months and spend the last 6 yo-yoing. My all time low was 175lb in July of last year. On May 16th I was 191llbs. I started this eating plan on the 16th. I have done ONE, ONE hour workout and lost 9lbs. I will re-do my measurements this Friday, but I can tell you---its possible without exercising. I literally just STOPPED going to the gym and am getting ridiculously better results. Not to say this will work for everyone...but it's working for me.


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A couple curls wont affect much, but the wine definitely is hurting. Your liver is one of the biggest factors in metabolizing fat. If it is processing alcohol it won't be able to work on the fat as easily.

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