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Before Pics and Stats: 1 Week In

Just finished first week of SCD, and I'm pleased with my results thus far.

Stats: 33 yo female, 2 kids.

Starting Weight: 125.5-127. My normal weight is 120, and I'd like to get to 112.

Height: 5.5"

Body Fat: Have ordered calipers, but I'm guessing it is around 20-22%. I'm a 'skinny fat'.

Total Inches: 140

I've always 'watched what I ate', but never really dieted. I'm always very conscious of consuming lots of fruit and veggies, healthy grains (quinoa, barley, etc.) and lean meats. In the last year or so I've noticed an increasing muffin top and I'm turning to this diet to help lose it. I enjoy running, but we had a long horrible New England weather and I've not been able to do much this year.

1 week results

weight: 123

Total inches: 133.5

Net: -6.5 inches lost, assuming I'm measuring correctly.

These pics are my starting point. Nothing like humiliating myself on the internet, right?




I'm sold. I'm finding this diet very easy to stick to, and my husband is doing it with me, which makes it even easier (and my kids love beans too. :D). We both started PAG yesterday, and I'm waiting on the green tea to arrive.


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I think you already look great, But glad it's working for you !! Good luck :)

  • dexters commented May 25th 2011:

    That's very kind, thank you. I just need my clothes to fit me again...I can't afford to go buy a new wardrobe to accommodate my spare tire.

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You go girl =)

I started today and I'm PUMPED!

  • dexters commented May 24th 2011:
    Good luck! I have found it very easy to follow...which surprises me, honestly.
  • deyirfan commented Jun 25th 2011:

    thanks for sharing. you got me pumped to stick on to my diet! you go girl


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A job well done on your first week. Great results and I'm glad the diet is a perfect fit for you. Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing your results.


  • dexters commented May 23rd 2011:
    Thanks for the encouragement! I my success continues!

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