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Fat Burner feature confusion

Hi all,

I've started using the FatBurner feature on this website but getting confused with the body fat % reading, and its telling me my body fat is -903.7% and I have no idea what that means.

How can I possibly have a body fat percentage that is a minus (and such a big number)

Also the graph isn't showing anything. Any advice?

  • 4HourBod commented May 23rd 2011:

    Will look it up


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you need to have multiple entries for the graph to work. Also, i'm unsure about why you are getting such a strange number, but if you post a screen shot of the numbers you're inputting i'm sure we can figure it out.

  • jefton commented May 23rd 2011:
    I have entered multilple entries and its still not showing anything. Have a look at this screenshot i took. You can click on the image to enlarge. Thanks for taking a look!
  • Dmitry commented Jun 5th 2011:

    sorry for not responding, i got super busy at work and haven't been on the site much, it looks like 4HourBod was able to answer your questions though

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Looks like your measurements are not the right type, or you are doing something strange when entering it numbers have to be around 15-25, yours are around 900. Your measurements need to be skinfold measurements using a caliper, not circumference measurements from a measuring tape. Check out the user guide for details on how to take caliper measurements here:

We will try to build support for circumference measurements in the future, but for now, you can continue entering your data to keep track of your progress and simply ignore the body fat % If your numbers decrease over time, you are obviously burning fat. If you do decide to use the caliper, you can always switch to that method whenever you want.

  • jefton commented May 27th 2011:

    aahh I see, I thought the entry that needs calipers was only the suprailiac and the rest were measurements. I'll buy a caliper and try to re-enter.


  • jefton commented Jun 22nd 2011:

    Another question, I want to delete entries that are old and had the wrong numbers, How do I just delete measurement entries??

  • 4HourBod commented Jul 18th 2011:

    That feature need revisiting. We hacked it up in one weekend. Will revisit it once I have some time.

  • Kao commented Oct 12th 2011:

    I've noticed that when I open fatburner to enter my measurements, about half of the boxes are unlabeled. This seems to be a new problem as I don't remember having this issue before. Maybe this is bug that started after the update?



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I had a similar problem the first time I used it. It read 300+ something %. I quit my browser, reloaded the page, and reentered the information. It worked out okay after that. My guess is that there was a bug in the weight calculation.

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