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Any tips or hints for my first cheat day?

From what I've read/been told, cheat days should be all out caloric MAYHEM. I am SO up for that challenge. My husband and I chose Sunday as our cheat day because we're taking his mother out to brunch and it just makes sense.

So here is the plan:

Regular SCD breakfast upon waking

Brunch at an Inn----sausage, pancakes, coffee, juices, desserts, soups, etc...

Movie theatre popcorn AND REAL COKE

Cold Stone Creamery---WHATEVER my little heart desires...in a GOTTA HAVE IT size =)

Buffalo Wilds Wings---Beer. Beer. Beeeeeer. Fried Pickle Chips. Onion Rings. Wings. Whatever other delicious things I can think of.

I might not eat a serving of vegetables in the ENTIRE day =)

Any tips or hints for my first cheat day?


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Cheat day, as with most things, is one of those "your mileage may vary" kind of things from what I've seen. Some people go hog wild and don't gain a pound. Others, several I've seen on this forum, have said they've gained enough that they didn't get back to where they were until 3-4 days later. In the latter case, its a "two steps forward, one step back" kind of thing. They make progress but it's a bit slower. I'm a bit of a conservative when it comes to cheat day myself. I eat at the same times I would if it were during the week, I just eat the things I can't normally. I don't overly gorge myself, but I have fun and enjoy every meal.

However, having said all that, this is your first one so I'd say go wild. You need to find out how your body responds to a cheat day and then adjust accordingly depending on your goals/expectations. Hope that helps. (also hope I didn't dampen your excitement for cheat day. Enjoy it! you deserve it :)

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That sounds fine, just remember to do the damage control stuff to minimize damage. Grapefruit juice(a little) before each meal/snack(if it is like more than a few hours between). Sweets are fine, just don't go crazy overboard or you WILL be paying for it later in a upset stomach. Have antiacids ready. :)

Oh also, don't forget the Air Squats and Wall Presses before each meal/snack(and about an hour to an hour and a half) after each cheat meal).

Your cheat day looks about the same as mine, but I don't drink pop on cheat days...perhaps a lemonade or some other fruity drink. :) Oh, also watch it with alcohol as it can slow weight loss. :)

My advice: Listen to your body, don't try to stuff it, eat at a normal pace until you are satisfied...not until your mind is satisfied. :) My first cheat day...I was feeling ill the next day...as the cheat days progress you will find you will be gradually eating a little better each cheat meal because frankly, you don't wanna have what you had on Cheat Day 1 vs. Cheat Day 10. At least that's how it is for me. :)

Have fun! Enjoy! And you deserve it!

  • Maria Rider commented May 20th 2011:
    Oh, and be sure to drink lots of water too..that's important in getting the bad stuff out as quickly as possible. :)
  • Suzanne Roberts commented May 19th 2011:
    Thank you! I do plan to do the "damage control" and have organized my day so that it is possible. The alcohol is up in the air for me---my husband might prefer to be the designated DRINKER! =)


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Congrats! My cheat day is Sunday too! Anyway, it's your first cheat day, so I would take full advantage of it. If I had to suggest anything about the first one, I would suggest monitoring your overall wellbeing that day. Many people simply go all out and end up feeling just gross afterward, which is good and bad. It's good because then you won't want any of that stuff for the remainder of the week that is your SCD diet, but it's bad because you feel sick, and terribly sick at that depending on how much you were able to scarf down. I also think you may want to try to exercise some of Tim's "Damage Control" suggestions, as they will help in controlling the harm done to your diet during the cheat day. Just another tip too, go about your cheat day unabated, you've worked hard the 6 days before it, you deserve this one day a week of solace. Hope that helps! Enjoy your cheat day this Sunday!


  • Suzanne Roberts commented May 19th 2011:
    Thank you!! I have been eating healthy for 1 1/2 years, this is just a different concept of food for me. I tend to have eyes much bigger than my stomach-everyone makes fun of me for it. I am aware of what my body is telling me- just have to listen!!
  • Minnesota commented May 20th 2011:
    Well said, good luck and enjoy your day of freedom!


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I adjusted my cheat day to Saturday for the simple fact that it is Donut day at work.

I went a month of watching my co-workers feast on my beloved Chocolate twists.

Then once I felt like a had a handle on my cravings I switched to Saturday.

I also do a little bit of drinking on Saturdays. :o)

Sundays I prepare my meals for the rest of the week so I have oodles of good slow-carb foods around to satisfy me.


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how was the first cheat day?? I'm worry that once I cheat, I won't go back!!

  • mafm05 commented Sep 8th 2011:

    eat anything as long in moderation, this 4hb is trying to change ur body composition day by day. ull b surprise by changes as u continue. if u do overeat ull feel this nausea thing. its good for you to experiment with your body ist as the saying goes, experience is the best teacher


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Hi, quit the SC breakfast, if you are a "Frühstücker"

For me, the cheat day breakfast is one of the most important and sought after meals. I DON't eat eggs on cheat day morning! I have my own homemade marmelade, rolls, fruit salad, yoghurt, milk & coffee...---

The whole damage control comes to life, when you feel you are damaging something. In the first place, eat, whatever you like. Have a bath in caramel cafe latte :-)

We alway go shopping on late friday, go to bed with a good glass of red wine and eat the whole next day. ;-) You'll be surprised, how full you are after much less food than in you pre-sc-life. So keep portion sizes in mind, don't overeat to go sick.

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