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Is coconut water ok on the 4HB diet?

Is coconut water ok on the 4HB diet?


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All vegetables contain some "simple sugars," etc... Tomatoes allowed on this diet (4HB p 74) contain 4 g sugar per 149 gram serving, and two of those grams are fructose. Coconut water contains 6 g sugar per 240 g, and as such has less sugar than tomatoes or peas or even coconut itself, that is also allowed on this diet (per TF, "A little coconut is totally fine but I wouldn't eat it as an entree." link below). More importantly, even if a food (tomatoes, coconut water, peas) contains fructose, eating it is not the same as eating fructose. Coconut water is fine in moderation.


  • roboMarco commented May 31st 2011:

    @elquent. From my personal experience I gained 3 pounds in week, I let myself lose on the coconut water oppose to regular water. Carbs are carbs, simple as that. Atkins guys (that figured this entire thing and run it for years) also often say if you want to go all the way drop tomato, pea and onions. Lastly, Tim there talks about shredded coconut (meat), not coconut water (liquid in the middle).

  • LauraCox commented May 31st 2011:

    Yes, everything is fine in moderation, if you can define/control moderation. 149g is only 5.26oz, less than 1/2 a can of soda. When was the last time you drank 1/2 can of soda? My point is, the normal serving size for fluids is usually 8-12oz, that's 10-15grams of 100% pure sugar (check the ZICO box please). Your body can supposedly only hold 5g of sugar in the bloodstream at a time, the rest goes to your muscles, and the excess is stored as fat. Coconut meat, on the other hand, contains tons of fiber, 60% of the total carbs are from fiber. Fiber delays the release of sugar into the bloodstream, reducing its glycemic index. This is why peas and tomatoes are ok. If you follow Tim word-for-word, you'll end up really confused, perfect example being corn: http://4hourpeople.com/answer/1102

    80g of corn contains 2.5g of sugars compared to 3.7 in peas, yet corn is not allowed. I personally avoid corn, peas & coconut water and limit tomatoes to a few slices/day.

  • elquent commented Jun 2nd 2011:

    RoboMarco - of course you should follow your own personal experience and if it doesn't work well for you, don't drink it. But "carbs are carbs" is actually not correct medically, nor is it consistent with 4HB. The legumes recommended on this diet have A LOT MORE CARBS than coconut water or coconut. They are recommended because of the way they are digested and the effect they have on blood sugar. This is not Atkins. And yes, TF is talking about coconut meat or as I said "coconut itself," above. Coconut water - this is so cool - IS immature liquid coconut. That's why only young coconuts contain coconut water.

  • elquent commented Jun 2nd 2011:

    LauraCox, if those are your abs, then we should all be listening to your advice. It's just that scientifically, well... you are technically incorrect, but your second answer was so much better than your first one. Drink coconut water, or don't, as you wish, but one cup of coconut water (240 grams) contains about 6 g sugar, 3 g dietary fiber, 2 g of protein, and has a glycemic load of 3 (on a scale of 0 to 250, again, lower than that of peas, reference the link below). It is an amazing source of potassium that is much more bioavailable than the potassium in supplements, and yes, I drink one cup or less per day. It's a godsend for eliminating nocturnal muscle cramping.

    I'm wondering whether you advocate more of a low carb, than a slow carb approach to eating. Do you ingest carbs once a week or do you find that counterproductive? Best, E


  • roboMarco commented Jun 2nd 2011:

    @elquent, I like you, you hold your side of argument fairly, sounds like we are all right :)

    Reason why I went coconut water crazy is I know how good it is for you, if you get real coconut in whole food . O lala. tasty and healthy.

    On diet, I love Tim with all my heart, and he does good job of simplifying info and motivating people with great marketing. But this is Paleo (caveman diet) - (fruits replaced by beans), until you get thin and then Atkins (rebranded as last mile) + that cold shover my grandpa used to do (for pure marketing - almost nobody does that russian in ice swimming - sorry east europe macho dudes).

    My profesor used to say if you take from one, it is stealing if you take from 5 it is called research. Great research. Want more:

    Sex stuff came from here: http://www.whitetigertantra.com/

    Sleep thingy from this guys: http://www.dustincurtis.com/sleep.html (maybe idea for hacking body title too) etc.

    I could keep going, but dont want to turn on groupies rage :D

  • elquent commented Jun 10th 2011:

    Hi roboMarco - interesting observation. I'm more familiar with Protein Power than paleo, but is that a cyclical diet as well? I like the idea - intellectually anyway - that you can trick your body out of lowering its caloric needs in response to diet change by taking a day off. I think I would prefer to be low carb than slow carb during the week (many more food options) but this is working so well for me I don't want to mess with it. So do you stay paleo 24/7? Best. E

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One serving of coconut water contains 15g of sugar, comprised of simple sugars sucrose, glucose, and fructose. Simple sugars aren't allowed on the slow carb diet, remember 'don't drink calories'.



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