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Women, it's true: wait 4-5 weeks

I arrived at day 30 today and I feel amazing. I have lost 8 lbs. (5 being the past week, finally) and 6.75 inches: 1 off both thighs, 1/4 off both arms, 2.75 off waist, and 1.5 off hips.

I have adjusted the diet to fit me a little better over the past 30 days. I cut way back on the beans, and I only eat them at one meal a day. I upped the vegetable intake to make up for it, and I allow myself either an apple or a banana every day. I feel like I have pretty successfully beaten my craving for bread and processed food (chemicals) and since adding in the fruit I haven't gone insane on cheat day.

It has been progressively getting easier each week, and saw the most results in this past week. So for all the women who are beginning this and feeling frustrated, hang in there!

(I have also learned that eating about 4 bags of romaine a week keeps me "regular" which was also causing me some frustration at the beginning.)

I am going to keep at it because it doesn't even feel like a diet anymore, I feel like I have finally found the way to make a permanent lifestyle change. Thank you Tim Ferriss!

  • dpeterson commented May 13th 2011:
    My fiancée has been frustrated with her lack of results, she's only 2 weeks in. I'll be passing along your post for some encouragement. Thanks!


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That's great!

My progress has been steady, maybe not like 5+ pounds a week, but to give you an idea....I started at 247lbs, quite a hefty bit I know. I am assuming most of the women who answered are needing to lose WAY LESS perhaps why it is taking a bit for the results....but I'm cool with losing 3-4 lbs a week as long as it is constant. :) I'm willing to give this diet a chance before I just toss it up.

Me: Female, 5'2" - 42 yrs old

Starting Weight: 247.0

4/24/11 - Weight: 243.6 (after cheat day weigh-in: 246.6 (+4lbs)) 1/2" Loss - TI: 185.5"

4/30/11 - Weight: 241.2 (after cheat day weigh-in: 243.0 (+2lbs)) 1" Loss - TI: 184.5"

5/8/11 - Weight: 238.0 (after cheat day weigh-in: (+3 lbs) 5" Loss - TI: 179.5"

Total Loss: 9 lbs as of 5/8/11 and 6 1/2"

Husband: Male, 5'7" - 46 yrs old

Starting Weight: 237.6

4/24/11 - Weight: 231.6 (after cheat day weigh-in: 234.6 (+3lbs)) 3 1/2" Loss - TI: 159.5"

4/30/11 - Weight: 230.0 (after cheat day weigh-in: 232 (+2lbs )) 160.5" Gain - TI: 1"

5/8/11 - Weight: 227.2 (after cheat day weigh-in: (+3 lbs)) 159.5" Loss - TI: 2"

Total Loss: 10.4 lbs as of 5/8/11 and 4 1/2"

And my next cheat day starts today. First week, I used refried beans for all my meals, no exercise as we(my husband and I) were learning the gist of the SCD. Second Week, Changed to steamed lentils. Included 2-15minute elliptical workouts, just to get some exercise in. Third Week, Continued with Lentils, and included fish filet(wild salmon), also found out that we needed to get "as close to 20g" of protein for Lunch and Dinner, SO, dialed back on the protein amount for lunch and dinner. Continued with the 2-15 minute workouts for that week(but only managed 1 for me since that week was monthly visitor week start(thursday), which means the 2nd Week was my pre-visitor week. So essentially I was not suppose to lose much of anything the past two weeks. So, yay for me! :) Week 4 looks promising as it is the end of the monthly visitor. We'll see what happens. :)

It's all about experimentation. Don't wait until you are at week 4 or 6 to ask questions on why it isn't working. Do it after the FIRST week. I made sure to ask LOTS Of questions and research SCD before I started so I wouldn't be frustrated with results. Now, I know what to look for....so, it helps.

Big Tips I've noticed that repeat itself:

1. Eating within 30 minutes of WAKING(like you are conscious of being awake) *NOT* RISING(getting out of bed).

2. Drinking that ice cold water/tea before breakfast.

3. Drinking enough water, but not too much.

4. Making sure you have legumes for breakfast and lunch (at the minimum!) Omit from dinner since you don't really need it.

5. Measure your arms/legs/waist/hips AT THE BEGINNING and continue to do so each week.

6. If you don't have a measuring tape or scale, gauge how you feel and how your clothes fit....are they looser? Do you feel lighter?

7. Do not be a "slave to the scale". Weigh-in ONCE (or twice if you include the after cheat day weigh-in) each week. Doing it everyday will just frustrate you if you don't lose a pound or something that day.

8. Don't think of this as a DIET...think of it as a lifestyle change and way of life. Because once you get to your goal, you will eat very similar to this when you go back to eating white carbs and dairy.

9. Use that cheat day....do the damage control as much as you can.

10. Scrutinize the ingredient labels, no dairy, no sugar, no wheat products.

Good Luck all! :)

  • lskdjf lksdjf commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    Hi Akane, you say "Drinking enough water, but not too much." - about how much do you drink per day? What would be too much? Thanks for your help :)

  • Maria Rider commented Oct 3rd 2012:

    I drink 4L of water a day and about 32oz of black coffee. BUT I mean "too much is too much" meaning AT ONE TIME. So like don't go downing 3L within 30-45minutes. Spread it out during the day. Give your body time to flush it out. That's all I am saying. :)

  • lskdjf lksdjf commented Oct 4th 2012:

    Ohhh Okay I see what you're saying. Thanks!! :)

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Thanks for posting! I have been doing the SCD since mid March. I think I might have cut myself short by starting it 2 weeks before my "friend".... In any case, it's been 2 months and I lost 15lbs and 15 inches. I could have gotten off track MANY times by seeing other's results, however, many of those who drop big number have more to lose. I am 5'2, was 180lbs, now 165 (as of today!) and my goal is 5 more by mid June for my 36th bday. I think it's REALLY important to stick with it especially when you want to throw in the towel, that's the real opportunity to prove you mean it this time!

I much prefer the measuring tape to the scale!

Damage control is very important in not only controlling the damage, but keeping yourself on track as well.

I find my magic H2O number is 2.5 liters a day, a bit more when I exercise.

You eat fruit once a day?! Hmmmmmmmmmmm - maybe I'll save that for a tweak after my bday!


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Awesome, thanks for the encouragement. I'm 1.5 weeks in and feeling good but desperate to see a big change in my shape, I know it could take a few more weeks.

A few of the guys at work who don't know anything about 4HB are skeptical & think I'm on some insane fad diet, so I can't bloody wait to prove them wrong...

  • pdx4hbHolly commented May 13th 2011:
    You go, girl, prove those boys wrong!
  • supersqu commented May 13th 2011:
    Keep at it! Just getting myself off of all processed foods and sugar has made me a more grounded and happy person too. The key I think is to listen to your body and tweak the diet to what feels right for you.


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I am so glad you shared that because I was getting a little worried. (3 weeks in, 4 pounds lost) I agree with the tweaking too. I do have cream in my coffee--2 tablespoons and cinammon--tried to break the cream habit, but coffee isn't the same for me without it. I haven't measured myself since starting but I can feel the difference in my clothes. Looking forward to seeing some lbs drop soon. Thanks again!


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thank you for the insight! i'm on week 2 (day before 2nd cheat day) and have only lost 1lb (though i only have about 10lbs to lose) but i'm definitely feeling thinner and more muscular--which is strange because i used to life weights, run, do yoga every day and i had to stop all that b/c of a back injury.

Anyways, thank you for posting. I do have one question... did you do the PAGG? and if so, at what point did you start it?

(i just got all the pills, but i'm a little nervous about taking supplements just because a book recommended them).



  • supersqu commented May 13th 2011:
    No I have not done the PAGG, nor did I read much about it. I take Rainbow Light Women's One Multi with probiotics, Food-Based Calcium, and Advanced Enzyme System, and Source Naturals Ultra-Mag.
  • supersqu commented May 13th 2011:
    I get skeptical about weight loss supplements because I get really easily cracked out and I don't like that feeling.
  • formerRawVegan commented May 14th 2011:
    Gotcha. Yeah I bought them but have been nervous to start takin them ...especially now that I realized I buggy 750mg green tea instead of 325mg :( I'm on 2nd cheat dy and have maybe lost 1pm in the past 13 days... Hopeful


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Way to go! Love your Avatar too :)! It took me about that long to see results too. I've been on it since Jan 1. It's become a lifestyle for me. Gone from 18-20% bf to below 12%! Like you, I tweaked until I found what works best for me. I constantly have to retweak too but that makes it interesting at least! Thanks for sharing and inspiring others!

  • supersqu commented May 13th 2011:
    Yes, I also enjoy the variation of tweaking the diet. I feel more in tune with what I really need. I just ordered a caliper, I am going to start measuring BF% next week. Thanks for the response!


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Permanent lifestyle change is right!! I feel like I could keep up this routine for the rest of my life!! This is my fourth cheat day, which means tomorrow will be the start of my 5th week. I've seen a total loss of 10bs, dropped body fat and inches, I'm hoping by week six to start PAGG and start doing kettlebell workouts more often.

Thanks for the encouragement!!

  • Maria Rider commented May 14th 2011:
    How much more do you have to lose? I'm on the 4th cheat day too! I just got back from a semi-high sugar-filled meal(had a really dense red velvet cake ball, and a can of regular ginger ale...those two sugary thing alone are like making my stomach go UGH


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Thanks forr the words of encouragement ladies! reading each of your blog have made me realize that I need to be patient in my progress. I am into my 4th week also and have lost approximatelyt 6-7lbs fluctuating. Tomorrow will be my weigh in and measuring date and I am constantly fighting the urge to check every day. I am feeling dissapointed because I was hoping to lose atleast 10lbs by new years but I`m afraid this is not going to happen. It`s ok I will continue on and keep at it because I know with patience and perserverance it will happen. I am 5'2, 118lbs so far from the 125 at starting. I am not too big to start with but my biggest problem is my legs, it is out of proportion to my size 28 waist so I am hoping that all this will get rid of it once and for good! Wish me luck! You ladies are awesome and I enjoy reading your blog for encouragement!

Thank You!

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 20th 2011:

    Aim, that is AWESOME progress considering how you are pretty much in your "ideal weight" range. I am suspected that it will take you a a bit longer than others who may have a lot to lose. Losing 6-7 lbs in 4 weeks is awesome for someone already small getting smaller. I am ALSO 5'2", but I have a considerable amount of weight to lose (132 lbs) I started at 247 lbs and now I am at 166 lbs and that's in 8 months. Just be patient, it WILL come off. I am so happy you are able to lose that 6-7 lbs in 4 weeks with SCD because that means that I could conceivably get to my goal of 115 with SCD only and not have to switch to TLM. Keep it up! Good Luck!

  • mizeriqua commented Dec 20th 2011:

    @Akane: WOW - 81 lbs in 8 months? That's crazy awesome. I feel so inspired by reading everyone's posts on here!

  • Maria Rider commented Dec 20th 2011:

    Miz, Thanks! It's roughly about 2-3 lbs a week, sometimes 1 lb a week taking into account the monthly visitor. Otherwise, it's pretty steady weight loss. I'm all for doing SCD 100% if it means regular weight loss.....inch loss....and body fat loss. :)


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Thanks for this thread! Am only ten days into it and was wondering if I'm doing something wrong, even though I'm following the routines religiously. Needed that reassurance!! Way to go, ladies!

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