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My strategy for defeating cheat day gains ASAP

Background info: I am ~12% body fat, and my current diet is modified slow-carb to only include 1-2 meals/day with legumes or occasionally brown rice. The reason I have liked this diet so much is because of the cheat day. I don't want to have to restrict this to just a cheat meal in order to maintain what I have accomplished or continue to progress, so I set out to make sure this wasn't the case. My past weekend has been my best success so far, and below I will walk you through my day's eating the best I can recall.

Saturday (cheat day):

9:30AM weigh in: 157.2 lbs

9:35AM Supplements taken: 2400mg CQ, AGG

~10AM Breakfast: 4 eggs, handful of spinach, and ~3/4 cup of leftover taco yum cooked in

11AM-4PM: pulled the head off a car engine I am rebuilding, other various putzing around and playing with my dog, shopping for food for a cook out

4PM Supplements taken: 2400mg CQ, AGG

4:30PM "cookout starts": 12 oz grass fed sirloin steak

4:45PM-9PM "grazing": 1 cup broccoli salad (incl. sugar, raisins, shredded cheddar, mayo - i.e. the "yum" version of broccoli), handful of pistachios, 1/2 cup fresh pineapple, 2x margarita, shot of jameson, lots of sun chips with "ranch" dip (which upon inspection was mostly dairy), cookie bar, a couple pints of water here and there, and probably some other snacks I don't recall

9:15PM walk ~1/2 mile to bar 1.

9:30PM-10:30PM: 2x double gin&tonics

10:30PM walk 1/5 mile to bar 2.

10:30PM-1:30AM: 3x Guinness; 1 slice of pepperoni NY style pizza

1:30AM: trip to store for snacks

1:45AM-2:15AM: wrist deep in a 2 lb bag of peanut M&M's and 1lb bag of lifesavers gummies. Unsure on quantity eaten, since there were a couple others enjoying them as well, but I definitely ate a huge share.

2:30AM supplements taken: PAGG

2:30AM pre-bed weigh in: 165 lbs

Sunday strategy (intermittent fasting-like plan):

(sorry didn't have time for morning weigh-in - mom's day running late)

9AM supplements taken: AGG, 2400mg CQ (took CQ this morning since I didn't get to evening dose Saturday due to not being home)

9AM Breakfast: 1 cup each of califlower/broccoli (no meat)

9:15AM-12PM: Mom's day family gathering - throughout the morning, I ate 1 small sausage patty and a small handful worth of cooked mushrooms.

4PM supplements taken: AGG

4:30PM early dinner: made more taco yum with lettuce wraps

5PM-11PM: 2 glasses of red wine, handful of pistachios, handful of peanuts

12AM supplements taken: PAGG

Monday I went back on my normal version of slow-carb diet until next Saturday.

Monday weigh in was 159.2 lbs.

Tuesday (this morning) weigh in: 157.2 lbs. Booyeah

  • Slipperystar commented May 10th 2011:
    Yep I was up 11 pounds after cheat day but by Tuesday night was down a pound from my lowest weight Saturday morning. woot.


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I'd suggest trying IF before cheat day as Tim describes in the book. It's also recommended by leangains.com to do it before.

I've done both before and after. But I found my bf% reacts better with IF before cheat day. While I have lost lean body weight if I do IF after cheat day. But it probably doesn't apply since you're kind of starting the evening of the day after cheat day and you're having a late snack and drinks.

One factor may have been because I workout Fridays and not Sundays. (when cheat day falls on Saturday).

  • mfargasch commented May 11th 2011:
    I read and own The 4 Hour Body book by Tim... but must have missed that page?? I confess I only read the chapters about the diet and weight loss and some of the exercises... nothing on the Occam's Protocol yet etc... What page is the IF on? Or Chapter?
  • mfargasch commented May 11th 2011:
    found it pages 458 - 460! :)
  • Agent.Luv commented May 11th 2011:
    Thanks, Justin, for the tip about doing IF before vs. after cheat day. Noted.
  • s joshua commented May 11th 2011:
    Thanks for the tip - I will give this a shot too!
  • Katyslaughter commented May 11th 2011:
    um not finding it! :(
  • Sam Green commented Jan 25th 2012:

    I'm doing this on Saturday, seeing if it helps now that I'm working on maintaining! :)

  • lisa_a commented Jan 25th 2012:

    Has anyone else tried IF day before cheat day? and do you eat all your usual days worth of food in a shortened time by doing this?

  • justin commented May 12th 2011:
    @katyslaughter page 464-466 in the physical copy. There's a fat burning "mission" on this site. If you join it - there is a brief explanation of 1 variation of IF.
  • justin commented May 11th 2011:
    yep @mfargasch it's hidden well. :) also pg 175 just briefly.
  • Minnesota commented May 11th 2011:
    This is interesting! Can someone briefly explain how IF works? I can't find the page where it's all explained. ;o I'd like to try it this weekend ;).

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This is awesome. I came up with a similar strategy of semi-fasting on the day following cheat day, definitely no breakfast, lots of coffee, lots of water, flush it out!! It's validating to see that you are doing the same thing. Your posts in particular are always on point and informative.

  • s joshua commented May 11th 2011:
    Thanks :) Try out the veggies for breakfast the morning after. The fiber is helpful and helps get me through to dinner
  • Katyslaughter commented May 11th 2011:
    It just makes sense to be the most accurate with sun because of what he eat saturdays! and it def helps drop the bloat faster!!!


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thats awesome! You and I should have a Cheat Day Eating Battle..lol

I just started the SCD diet from the Ketosis and my weight is coming off soo much faster after my cheat day.... Keep up the good work. :)

  • s joshua commented May 11th 2011:
    Haha, you are on! Bring it :) Picture message battle? That would actually be pretty cool...
  • Katyslaughter commented May 11th 2011:
    Yes that would too fun:) Im going to Oregon tomorrow and dont want to be sic the entire time(so def gunna have fun but no buffet for me) so when I get back and have my normal cheat day....your on!!!!
  • Suzanne Roberts commented May 24th 2011:

    Picture message battle?!?! ME TOO! PICK ME!!! Find me on facebook...I posted photos of everything I ate on my first cheat day =) Everyone knows I've been eating healthy and working out for the past year and a half so they went BANANAS over the things I was eating. It was phenomenal. How I felt goint tobed that not wasn't...

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