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South FL BMI testing?

Hi, in the WPB area, and haven't had much luck finding affordable, effective BMI testing as Tim describes. Anyone know of a place where I can get reasonably priced BodPod or DEXA scan? I waited a month for an appt. with a GP, only to be told that the DEXA would cost over $300 and wouldn't be covered by insurance. Started the program anyway, but would still love to do the scan if anyone can refer me to a good local resource.

  • MamaCooks commented Jun 11th 2011:

    UPDATE- I contacted the makers of the bodpod, they are updating thier website. they gave me the following info for testing sites: Aesthetic Science Institute (Sactuary Plastic Surgery) in Boca Phone # is 561-886-0970. The correct # to try at FAU is 561-297-2938. Because I didn't have the number earlier for FAU, I went the luxury route and had the scan at the Breakers spa. $48 including hotel gratuity, includes validated valet parking as long as you remember to have your slip stamped at the spa. 1-888-BREAKERS (273-2537).

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FYI: BMI = body mass index, which is calculated based solely on your height and weight (and age for children I believe), and is a very unreliable metric.

You are referring to body fat % testing, or BF%.

I did not have much luck finding testing in my area either, but to save yourself some money, just look into getting some good calipers and check out the "Fat Burner" section of this site for instructions on how to use them (even recommends a couple styles of calipers). Get there by hovering over the "welcome" options in the top right of the browser window.

Your main goal for measuring BF% is to see a downward trend, so even if the tool you use isn't completely accurate, as long as you are using the same tool each time then you will still be able to track the progress through the consistent measuring method. So, if your caliper read says you start at 20%BF and arrive at 15%BF over time, then you can see that you are losing body fat. Whether or not the 20% was an accurate starting measurement is irrelevant, since the trend is all that is important - you can see a loss is occurring.

The only reason to really have your BF% checked by DEXA, Bod Pod, etc. would be if you wanted to compare to the accuracy of your other testing method, or needed to know for some reason other than curiosity.

  • MamaCooks commented May 12th 2011:
    Thanks, I'll check that out.


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FAU, they have a bodpod and will do it for $25. Contact them and setup an appt.

  • MamaCooks commented Jun 9th 2011:

    Thanks, I tried calling the number on the bodpod site and didn't get anywhere. Do you have any idea what phone # or dept.?


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Hi, we just opened up a DEXAFIT location in Boca Raton on 2499 Glades Rd. Ste. 201 on St. Andrews & Glades. We are NOW OPEN! Feel free to book online at www.dexafit.com or call 561 923 8833.

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