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anyone doing cheat meals instead of cheat days?

I'm curious since I find myself spending all of saturday in a food coma or thinking about what I should eat as my next meal to get my money's worth out of cheat day. Usually I'll have some tacos or pizza for lunch, then icecream, and follow up with some fast food for dinner and possibly some more for late night food. I'm thinking if it would be better to move it to a couple of cheat meals during the week and icecream once a week. Any thoughts?


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You will see better fat loss success if you keep all your cheating to one day/week. The reason for this is, each time you have any cheat food it takes your body a certain amount of time to recover from eating the non-slow carb items If packed into one day, there is also a limit to the "bad" that your body will be able to absorb. If you are doing this staggered throughout the week instead of just in one day, you are making it harder for your body to mitigate the damage from the cheat day/meal, and get back into fat burning mode. This is the same reason why Tim Ferriss recommends eating slow-carb for 5 days before your first cheat day, and minimally 5 days between each subsequent cheat day if you ever want to adjust where your cheat day falls.

The only way to find out if you can get away with spreading out your cheating would be trying it for yourself though :) If you really wanted to give it a shot, I would suggest trying it for 2 weeks and comparing the resulting weight loss from that time period with the two weeks prior where you only cheated in one day's time. Or, even if the results aren't as good, but you are still pleased with them, then have at it :)

Some people are doing a cheat meal instead of cheat days, but they aren't spreading multiple meals out over the course of the week but instead just cheating for the one meal/week instead of the full day. This approach seems to be more helpful for those who are closer to the "last mile" of their weight loss (5-10 more lbs to lose) and have seen their losses stalling.

  • formerRawVegan commented May 5th 2011:
    i have a quesiton about this... i have work this week on my FIRST scheduled cheat day, so i won't be able to have a big meal for like ... 6 hours at one point. is it better to allot a FULL 12-24hours for this? rather than snacking during that time
  • Litfuel commented May 4th 2011:
    thanks, thats what i thought
  • shane commented May 5th 2011:
    @formerRawVegan You can totally move your cheat day over a day or two to accommodate your schedule, or you can snack during that time. Its a cheat day, go nuts :P

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